Will Smith’s I Am Legend Workout

Check out Will Smith’s workout routine that he used to get in shape for his role in I Am Legend.


Will Smith’s I Am Legend Workout was an intense program that he used for the film of the same name. It featured a great amount of weight training, bodyweight exercises, and running. This was a great program for any individual looking to increase strength, lose fat, and to get into shape.

The workout can be divided into three sections: resistance training with weights and machines, cardio intervals, and bodyweight exercises. Each section is important in order to improve overall fitness-related goals. The weightlifting sections focus on gaining muscle mass and increasing strength while the high-intensity cardio intervals are designed to keep your heart rate up and help you shed unwanted fat. Lastly, the bodyweight drills help increase flexibility as well as tone your muscles.

By combining these methods together in one program it is possible to improve overall fitness levels while also ensuring that you have fun doing it! So whether you’re looking to get into shape or are simply interested in trying something new this workout could be just what you need!


When the sci-fi movie “I Am Legend” was released in 2007, Will Smith’s workout for the movie created quite a stir. His trainer, Darrell Foster, had him on a rigorous program that combined bodybuilding, boxing, and martial arts. Will Smith’s workout was designed to get him in incredible shape and to prepare him for the physically demanding role. Let’s take a deeper look into the workout and what made it so effective.

Smith’s preparation for the role

In preparing for the role of Robert Neville in I Am Legend, Will Smith embarked on a rigorous training schedule. Smith gained over 20 pounds of muscle for the role and endured a diet and workout regimen that featured five-day-a-week workouts. This began with an hour and a half of cardio that increased to an hour and 45 minutes.

In terms of weightlifting, Smith combined different exercises during each workout, focusing on his core muscles as well as his legs and arms. Each session typically consisted of chest presses with lighter weights combined with 15 pullups followed by box squats—Smith utilized this exercise to build up strength in his quads – along with dumbbell curls and lunges. He utilized military press machine to burn fat off his shoulders in addition to cotton bar curl ups which allowed him greater range of motion while also increasing strength. On days when he wasn’t lifting weights, he performed intense HIIT/circuit training programs targeting all muscle groups, complete with sit ups, tricep dips pull ups, leg raises hand walks, chin ups , sled pushes , jump squats , dips and lateral bear crawls .

The combination of proper nutrition (eating clean foods such as lean proteins like chicken breast, brown rice , oatmeal veggies etc) , intense weightlifting sessions three times per week plus two days of high intensity interval training per week allowed Smith to quickly build strength and increase endurance for the grueling work required by his role in I Am Legend .

Overview of the workout

The I Am Legend workout is a comprehensive exercise regimen developed and employed by Will Smith for his role in the 2007 film of the same name. This rigorous and extreme program was designed to increase Smith’s overall strength, muscle mass, and conditioning while enhancing his physical ability to portray a survivor of a viral outbreak in a world left in ruins.

The program entailed Smith incorporating various types of training sessions throughout the week, plus additional stretching sessions post-workout. The exercises included a combination of cardio, weight training, circuit training as well as agility drills. Each session focused on different objectives and elements to ensure an overall increase in functional strength while creating symmetry in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Smith’s routine was tailored to meet the specific needs of his character – providing strength gains that correlated with his onscreen persona – but can still be used today with minor modifications for those looking for a challenging and unique workout style similar to that found during intense bootcamps or CrossFit sessions.

Workout Details

Will Smith’s I Am Legend workout was a strength-focused program that lasted for over 6 months. The routine was created specifically for him to prepare him for the role of Dr. Robert Neville in the movie I am Legend. It was a push, pull, legs-style program with a focus on building maximum strength, power and lean muscle. Let’s take a look at the details of this workout.


Cardio is an important component of any workout plan, and Will Smith’s I Am Legend workout was no exception. This program incorporated a combination of high and low intensity cardiovascular exercises to maximize the effectiveness of the training. High intensity exercises such as running or jump rope were used to increase the burning of calories, while low intensity activities such as jogging or biking provided a less intense way to ensure sufficient overall cardio exercise. Smith also integrated some swim sets into his program, although he typically limited this activity to one day a week due to its taxing nature on the body.

Cardiovascular activities served an array of purposes throughout Smith’s training program. Not only did all forms of cardio work together to develop endurance and reduce fat, but they also helped break up monotony by providing diversity from other forms workouts. Moreover, incorporating various cardiovascular exercises into one program also allowed for modifications that allowed for recovery and help prevent boredom. Lastly, components such as running contributed heavily towards enhanced performance on the physical test portions that comprised the majority of I Am Legend’s workout plan.

Strength Training

Strength training is an important part of any athlete’s workout routine, and it was no different when Will Smith was training to become an action hero. He used a combination of body weight exercises, many of which have become staples in his routines. These exercises included push-ups, pull ups, dips, squats, leg raises and crunches.

To keep up his strength while on set, Smith would incorporate these exercises into his workout routine multiple times per week. Most workouts were done with 3 sets of 10 reps each; however he would increase the intensity with occasional higher rep sets to keep it interesting. Will Smith aims for timed sets rather than counting reps for a bigger challenge.

In addition to strength training and cardio activities like running, Will Smith also likes to focus on form and balance. To stay conditioned for demanding fight scenes he does Pilates workouts as well as yoga poses that can help improve his flexibility and body awareness so that he can move gracefully on screen when fighting off zombies in I Am Legend!

Core Training

Core training is a very important part of any athlete’s strength and conditioning regimen. For Will Smith in I Am Legend, core training focused on developing strength, power and coordination for his movements. Core training also helps to stop injury by recruiting the core muscles early, allowing them to resist rotation or become active stabilizers for larger muscle groups.

Core exercises involve multiple joints and involve both pushing and pulling motions with various levels of stability challenge. Exercises such as the lunge, plank variations, mountain climbers, side planking and squats are all excellent for building a solid foundation in Will Smith’s day-to-day activities. Additional core exercises included medicine ball slams and throws, agility drills with cones and lateral bounds that help build explosiveness as well as stability.

Will also performed core-specific abdominal exercises such as hanging leg raises, crunches and cable wood chops to strengthen his midsection while maintaining good posture throughout his workout series. This type of fitness program allowed well rounded development with his workouts that translated over into his actual performance on set!

Benefits of the Workout

The I Am Legend workout is a popular exercise plan created by Will Smith for his role in the movie of the same name. This workout involves a combination of high-intensity cardio, weight training, and martial arts. The end result is a lean, muscular physique. In this article, we’ll discuss the various benefits of doing the I Am Legend workout.

Improved Strength

A major benefit of the Will Smith I Am Legend Workout is improved strength. This can be seen by the fact that Smith was able to maintain the same level of physical fitness throughout the filming, despite having a demanding schedule. This intense workout routine will help improve both your stamina and endurance in order to become stronger than ever before. It focuses on using compound exercises to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, which will result in significant gains in overall strength. With this program, you can expect to see an increase in your performance abilities, as well as improvements in everyday activities. Additionally, this type of training has been proven to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Thus, not only will you be stronger but you will also look more toned than ever before!

Increased Muscle Mass

One of the primary benefits of the workout plan from Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” is an increase in muscle mass. This is achieved by combining basic strength training exercises and calisthenics to build a lean, muscular physique. The workout consists of three full body workouts per week, with each one focusing on different muscle groups. Typical exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, dips and sit-ups, performed in sets and reps that gradually increase as your body adjusts to the added stress.

Cardio is also incorporated in between weights sets to burn additional calories while improving overall endurance. In addition to exercise, a high protein diet with emphasis on nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits is essential for building muscle. With dedication and commitment over time you can expect an overall increase in muscle mass which provides a solid foundation for any future fitness goals you may set.

Improved Endurance

The I Am Legend Workout, popularized by actor Will Smith, is an intense workout routine devised to achieve athletic supremacy. The demands of this extreme training offer a range of physical and mental benefits that are highly beneficial to anyone who pursues them. One major benefit of the I Am Legend Workout is improved endurance.

The intensity of the workout provides a great platform for developing greater endurance for any athlete or gym enthusiast, pushing you to drive yourself further in all other activities such as running, biking and other cardio exercises. Through systematic progressions from static to dynamic routines on each day, it becomes easier to push your boundaries and embrace tougher challenges.

Regularly engaging in intense dynamic exercises such as bodyweight squats, burpees and pull-ups in quick succession helps further enhance muscular endurance by helping you meet higher levels of physical demands without suffering from fatigue too quickly. The slow progression from lighter drills also encourages steady muscle strengthening without risking strain or injury after repeated use or when attempting to keep up with a longer duration routine.

This type of program will help arm you with improved breath control and muscle power that can benefit you even in non-fitness related tasks such as manual labor or outdoor chores. With these benefits, it’s clear why the I am Legend Workout Program has gained popularity among athletes looking for an edge when it comes to meeting new physical goals!


Overall, the I Am Legend Workout was one of the most intense workouts ever created. It will push even the most experienced athletes to their limits and lead to tremendous results. It takes an incredible amount of discipline and dedication to complete this workout regimen, but the results make it worth every minute. Let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways from this intense workout program.

Summary of the Workout

Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” workout involved a combination of both fitness and strength training routines in order to create an as close to possible character adaptation of the “perfect man.” Working out 5 times a week and with no more than 2 consecutive days off, Smith focused on varying exercises that conditioned his cardiovascular muscles and entire body rather than building them up. The routine consisted of 30 minutes of intense cardio like running or swimming, 15 minutes for flexibility exercises such as yoga, stretching and mobility drills and round out with a few sets of various compound strength training moves.

The aim was to complete this program approximately 4-6 weeks prior to shooting the movie. With consistency, dedication, proper nutrition and supplementation incorporated throughout his program, Will Smith was able to prep adequately for shooting I Am Legend – making it one noteworthy and inspirational routine for any true fitness enthusiast.

Advantages of the Workout

An added benefit of using Will Smith’s I Am Legend workout program is that it can be utilized for both men and women. For male users, this workout can help to build a muscular physique with large amounts of lean muscle mass quickly and efficiently. For female users, the exercise routine will work to create the desired toned figure while avoiding the need to build too much bulky muscle. Furthermore, the adaptability of this program makes it ideal for a wide range of fitness levels since amounts of repetitions and weights can be adjusted based on one’s own goals.

In addition, another advantage of using this workout is that there will be variety in the exercises performed on different days. This will prevent boredom from doing the same routine each day and it also helps ensure that each muscle group gets an appropriate amount of attention in order to meet one’s fitness goals. Lastly, users receive detailed nutrition information specifically tailored towards maintaining their strength and size throughout this program. Taking proper nutrition is essential for achieving any goals as it helps feed muscles with what they need in order to grow.

Tips for Success

The keys to Will Smith’s success in I Am Legend were both intensive physical and mental preparation. In order to achieve body transformation like that depicted on screen, it is crucial to have dedication and a well-structured plan in place. Here are some tips to get the most out of your training program:

-Set a goal and assess your fitness level. Decide on an achievable but challenging goal and set milestones along the way to keep you motivated. Understand where you currently stand in terms of fitness so that you can adjust your routine according to your capabilities
-Listen to your body. Avoid overtraining by tuning into your body’s responses and recognizing when it’s time for rest or recovery. Common signs you are overtraining include fatigue, difficulty sleeping, decreased performance, increased injury risk, irritability, frequent colds, and gastrointestinal issues
-Mix it up with different forms of exercise. When it comes to conditioning the body for a movie role like Will Smith did for I Am Legend, engage in workout sessions with weights as well as cardiovascular exercises like running using HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuits involving anaerobic movements
-Seek expert advice from a trainer or coach if necessary. If you need additional support or guidance to help progress you towards achieving your goals faster then reach out for professional help
-Include nutrition as part of the overall plan because 80% of successful results are attributed to diet so make sure that what you eat is consistent with achieving desired outcomes
Following these tips can help make training more enjoyable while taking strides towards adapting a Will Smith-like physique!

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