Why Does Workout Pause on Apple Watch?

Ever wonder why your workout pauses on your Apple Watch? Here’s a quick explanation of why and how to fix it.


With the Apple Watch, you can easily track your fitness activity and physical health. Apple’s Workout app allows you to set workout goals, record activity data over time, and get real-time feedback while exercising. One of the most useful features of the Workout app is its ability to automatically pause when you take a break from your workout. This allows you to rest and recover without having to manually hit a pause button on the watch’s screen.

In this article, we’ll discuss why does Workout pause on your Apple Watch and how it works. We’ll also talk about any additional tips or methods for optimizing its performance during exercise sessions. Finally, we’ll explain why this feature may not be working correctly for some users and suggest troubleshooting steps to try if needed.

What Causes Workout Pause?

The Apple Watch is a great tool to track your workouts and monitor your progress, however, from time to time the Workout app can pause or lock up due to different reasons. In this article, we will discuss what causes Workout pause on the Apple Watch and how you can avoid it. Let’s get started!

Poor Bluetooth Connection

A common reason why the Apple Watch may pause or temporarily stop your workout is a poor Bluetooth connection. This could occur when the watch is out of range from your phone or other trusted device, preventing it from receiving the necessary information to collect your data and voice commands. Additionally, Bluetooth interference from other devices in close proximity may prevent reliable operation.

In order to avoid poor connection, ensure that you keep your Apple Watch and trusted device within Bluetooth range. This can vary depending on exact models and configuration, but a general rule of thumb is to keep them within 10-15 metres (32-50 feet) of each other in an unobstructed environment with few competing signals.

If you find that the watch pauses occasionally or frequently when you’re near a specific location (e.g. a store), consider disabling Bluetooth on unrelated devices like Wi-Fi printers or external keyboards until after your workout for added reliability. To maximize connectivity performance during more demanding activities like swimming or running outdoors, switch cellular mode ON using the Apple Watch app if it’s available to you.

Low Battery Power

It is possible for your Apple Watch to pause a workout if the battery power is low. When the battery power is low, the watch will dim its screen and reduce performance to preserve as much of its remaining battery charge as possible. This can cause loud sounds and haptics for alerts to be lowered or paused completely, including during a workout.

If you notice that your watch has suddenly stopped providing audio notifications or tracked data during a workout, check the current battery level on your watch face. If it’s lower than 10 percent, it is likely time to recharge your Apple Watch. When connected to its charger, the watch should automatically resume tracking your workout when the battery life resumes.

It is important to keep an eye on your watch’s remaining power when engaging in physical activity that requires a lot of processing power and/or tracking over long distances – such as running with GPS tracking enabled – as it can result in decreased battery levels during exercise. Several steps can be taken prior to beginning a workout that require more computations from an Apple Watch – such as making sure it has been recently charged and disabling certain features like Automatic Workout Detection or Heart Rate alerts – so that workouts are not interrupted due to low battery power issues.

Wrist Detection

One potential cause for the pause in your workout session is wrist detection. The Apple Watch has a unique feature that uses motion and heart rate sensors to recognize when the user is inactive and pauses the Workout app after a time of inactivity. This feature is designed to save battery life, as well as track active calories burned versus sedentary calories. In order for this feature to be enabled during your workout sessions, it must first be enabled on the Apple Watch itself by navigating to Workouts > Workout View > Wrist Detection. Here you can toggle the feature on or off. When not enabled, it will remain off during all activities and workouts, regardless of settings in the Activity app on your iPhone/iPad.

How to Fix Workout Pause?

Apple Watch is designed to capture your every movement, but occasionally it may experience a momentary hiccup and pause your workout. This can be annoying and thwart your progress, especially if you’re tracking your activity for health and performance. If you find that your Apple Watch is pausing your workout, the good news is that there are steps you can take to fix the issue. Let’s look at how to fix this annoyance and get your workouts going again.

Improve Bluetooth Connection

The most common reason the workout pause occurs is due to a weak Bluetooth connection between your Apple Watch and phone. There are some simple steps you can take to improve the connection:

1. Keep your devices close together – The Bluetooth signal may be stronger when your Apple Watch and phone are close together, such as sitting on the same table or in your pocket and bag.
2. Turn off other Bluetooth devices – If you have several other Bluetooth devices nearby, such as headphones or speakers, turn them off to make sure they don’t interfere with the connection between your watch and phone.
3. Make sure both devices have enough battery life – Low batteries can weaken the connection strength so make sure both of them have enough battery life for the workout session.
4. Restart both devices – A complete power cycle of both devices can help clear any settings that could potentially be interfering with their connection strength so restart both phones and watches before your next workout session.
5. Check for software updates – Outdated software can cause compatibility issues which might be causing the problem too so check if there are any available updates for both Apple Watch and iPhone before starting next time round!

Increase Battery Power

To resolve this issue, the beginning of your troubleshooting should be to increase the battery power on your Apple Watch. If the battery power was low, it is likely that your watch will pause during activity. To increase the battery power, try these steps:

-Charge it for at least an hour before using it and make sure to keep it charged throughout your workout session.
-Lower light settings (brightness/sight).
-Uninstall or disable apps that are currently not in use.
-Turn off Wifi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb mode while exercising.
-Reduce notifications by turning off the App Store download and system sounds in System Preferences > Sounds & Haptics > System Haptics on your iPhone: Make sure to restart both devices after making any adjustments.
By following these tips, you should be able to ensure that your watch has enough battery power and prevent itself from pausing during workouts.

Enable Wrist Detection

Enabling Wrist Detection can help to fix a Workout pause on Apple Watch. Wrist Detection is a feature that uses sensors to detect when the user puts their Apple Watch on or takes it off. When this feature is enabled, it will prevent the workout from pausing when your wrist is not in an active position. To enable this feature:

1. Open Settings and choose the General tab
2. Scroll down and Select Wrist Detection
3. Toggle on Enable Wrist Detection

Once enabled, your watch will now recognize whether you’ve put your watch near your wrist throughout workouts. This ensures that your workouts are not paused accidentally because of an inactive wrist position or because you’ve taken off the smartwatch while in a workout session. Additionally, with Wrist Detection enabled, you can also quickly resume tracking of walking, running and other exercises from where you left off after replacing the watch onto your wrist – no additional setup needed!


In conclusion, the Apple Watch is an incredibly valuable device for tracking exercise activity and helping users to reach their fitness goals. It’s powerful enough to automatically detect pauses in exercise and alert the user to break periods. While this can be inconvenient at times, it is designed to keep users from over-training or over-reaching when exercising. Additionally, users can select specific activities that will not pause even if there is a lengthy break, such as walking or running in a marathon. Ultimately, understanding why the Apple Watch pauses workouts can help you achieve your desired results and make sure that you get the most out of your fitness routine.

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