Why Do Workout Shorts Have Built-In Underwear?

Have you ever wondered why your workout shorts have built-in underwear? It’s not just for added support – there’s a practical reason for it. Read on to find out why.


Workout shorts are usually designed with built-in underwear for a reason – to keep you comfortable and dry during your workout. Built-in underwear eliminates the need for you to wear extra layers of fabric, and it also helps keep sweat away from your skin. Let’s take a look at the different types of workout shorts with built-in underwear and how they can help you stay comfortable and dry during your workout.

What are workout shorts?

Workout shorts are a type of athletic clothing typically made out of lightweight, breathable fabric with an interior or exterior drawstring at the waistband for easy adjustment. They come in a variety of colors and styles to suit different activities and preferences.

Workout shorts may have a basic construction that includes elastic waistbands and pockets. For extra support and comfort, specialized features have been added over time, such as built-in underwear. The underwear is often attached to the main body of the shorts, either by sewing or with drawstrings, so that it cannot be removed from the shorts. This helps to ensure more support during intense physical activities by reducing unwanted movement and chafing.

In addition to comfort benefits, many workout short designs also offer enhanced functionality such as extra ventilation zones in strategic places for added breathability or pockets designed specifically for carrying items like water bottles, audio players and other small items while working out.

Ultimately, choosing workout shorts that fit best and offer desired features is down to personal preference for many athletes – but knowing what options available can help make decisions easier each time.

What are the benefits of built-in underwear?

Having built-in underwear in your workout shorts provides a number of benefits, whether you are engaging in sports activities or just running errands. This type of apparel offers more than just convenience.

When you wear workout shorts with built-in underwear, the garment helps to keep everything secure and in place — ideal if you are engaged in an activity with lots of movement or stretching. The underwear helps to wick away moisture and keep your skin dry, avoiding chafing and potential skin irritations. Additionally, the added layer prevents against bacteria build-up and the growth of yeast infections due to sweat retention.

Finally, workout shorts with built-in underwear are often more affordable than having to purchase both separate items separately — perfect for those on a tight budget yet looking for better comfort and control.


The concept of workout shorts with built-in underwear dates back to the late 19th century. Originally, these were two separate items, a pair of shorts plus a separate pair of drawers or underpants. Over time, they were combined into a single garment, creating the modern workout short. Let’s explore the history of workout shorts with built-in underwear to understand why they exist.

The origin of workout shorts

The origin of workout shorts dates back to the 1970s, when professional athletes began experimenting with what would become the first pair of modern-day workout shorts. With the help of Olympic star Edwin Moses, a groundbreaking piece of activewear was designed that featured built-in underwear and elastic waistbands. The concept quickly caught on and soon became popular among athletes in all sports disciplines, from running to basketball and even golf.

The evolution of the exercise short continued through the 1980s and 1990s, as new fabrics were developed that offered more flexibility, moisture-wicking capabilities, and greater durability. Brands such as Nike spearheaded this innovation by incorporating features like breathable panels and adjustable waistbands for added comfort. This allowed athletes to take their workouts to a whole other level without sacrificing comfort or style – enabling them to focus less on worrying about their clothes and more on their performance.

Today’s workout shorts come in various styles that incorporate modern technology for improved fit, maximum mobility ,and advanced cushioning for extra support during rigorous physical activity such as squats or burpees. Some even come equipped with pockets in case your phone needs a listening break from the playlist blasting out your earphones! Now you can enjoy an unrestricted range of motion while pushing yourself through any demanding task with ease!

Built-in underwear has been a part of workout shorts for as long as people have been wearing them. It started in the early 1920s when the first athletic shorts were made from cotton knit fabric. These loose-fitting shorts provided a measure of comfort compared to traditional sweaty, wool athletic bottoms. In order to provide further comfort, some manufacturers added a built-in pair of lightweight cotton briefs made from lightweight material to the construction of the short leg openings in order to give additional support and coverage during physical activity.

The style originally caught on among swimmers, who needed an extra layer under their baggy swim trunks. Soon after, runners adopted the innovation and adopted it into their wardrobe as well. Eventually fitness enthusiasts everywhere embraced this style as an easy way to look sporty and stylish while also providing enhanced mobility and range of movement during exercises or sporting activities. A 2012 survey found that 79 percent of athletes and 73 percent of non-athletes prefer built-in underwear for its convenience versus using separate garments for coverage. Fortunately, modern workout shorts offer a range of styles that combine performance fabrics with built-in briefs for a comfortable fit without the need for bulky gymwear fabrics like those used in traditional swimming trunks or running shorts from days gone by.


Many athletes choose workout shorts with built-in underwear because of the design decisions behind the construction of these garments. The built-in underwear usually consists of a layer of mesh fabric that is breathable and moisture-wicking, allowing athletes to stay cool and comfortable during physical activities. As part of the design process, many brands have chosen to include a waistband that allows the shorts to stay in place and provide additional support during more rigorous activities.

Types of built-in underwear

Workout shorts, athleisure and all kinds of sporting garments are now designed with built-in underwear for comfort, convenience and modesty. These products often include an inner mesh lining that serves as the underwear and an outer layer of fabric providing a protective covering. There are two main types of built-in underwear: boxer briefs and briefs.

Boxer briefs are the most common type of built-in underwear found in sportswear today, but they can also be made with a number of different fabrics. These garments often feature an elastic waistband to keep them secure in place, flat seams to prevent irritation, and a compression fit that allows maximum movement without bunching or riding up. Boxer briefs provide the best combination of support and flexibility, making them ideal for athletes who need both during their performance.

Briefs provide more coverage overall than boxer briefs but less flexibility due to their higher rise on the leg. They are typically made from stretch fabric such as spandex or nylon for improved support and movement control. This type of garment helps hold everything in place during physical activity by reducing chafing around the thighs, waistline, and groin area for added comfort. Briefs are usually preferred among those with larger thighs or those involved in more intense exercise activities like running or cycling.

The importance of fit

The importance of fit when it comes to workout shorts is paramount, and most athletic apparel makers understand that. In order to provide the perfect fit, many exercise shorts come with built-in underwear. This helps provide a snug fit and eliminates the need to wear separate undergarments, or try to layer two pairs of shorts over each other. Instead, athletes can slip on their shorts, pull them snugly around their hips, and be assured that they’ll stay put during any activity.

In addition, having built-in underwear helps keep sweat from weighing down the fabric on your legs as you work out. The moisture is quickly drawn away from your skin by the fabric underneath so that it can evaporate easily instead of making your outer layer of clothing damp and uncomfortable. Moreover, it provides an extra layer between thick fabrics like denim or velvet which could cause chafing during activities like running.

Finally, the presence of built-in underwear ensures that there won’t be any bunching or wrinkling when you move around in workout shorts; having this extra lining against your skin eliminates bunching up which would otherwise occur — this keeps athletes cooler thanks to maximum breathability and free range of motion!

How to choose the right pair of workout shorts

Workout shorts should fit well and be comfortable while still allowing you to move freely and support your regular activities. When selecting a pair, consider the following factors:

Length – Consider the length of the shorts you will be wearing; some may be too short or too long for certain activities. Look for styles that provide enough coverage to prevent chaffing during intensive workouts while allowing full range of motion when lifting weights or performing other exercises.

Material – Choose workout shorts that are made from breathable materials such as nylon or spandex blends. This will help keep your body cool and comfortable and wick away sweat from the skin. For extra ventilation, look for pairs with built-in vents or zippered pockets on the sides or back.

Fit – Proper fit is important for both comfort and safety, so it’s important to select a pair that fit correctly around the waist, hips, and legs without being too tight or too loose. Look for pairs with adjustable drawstrings at the waist to further adjust the fit of your workout shorts.

Pockets – Many types of athletic shorts have pockets to carry items such as a phone, keys, wallet, or other items during exercise sessions. Make sure pockets are deep enough (at least four inches) so your items don’t fall out when running and jumping around the gym!

Underwear – Some styles come with mesh briefs attached beneath the surface of fabric for added support during strenuous physical activities; these are known as built-in underwear (or boxer brief) style workout shorts, which can increase comfort when bouncing around during high intense workouts or running on longer distances.


Workout shorts with built-in underwear have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. The main advantage of having built-in underwear is that the shorts provide better coverage and support for your lower body, helping to reduce chafing and preventing any wardrobe mishaps during intense physical activities. In addition, these shorts often come with extra features such as breathability, quick-drying technology, and moisture wicking. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of workout shorts with built-in underwear.

Comfort and support

Workout shorts with a built-in underwear component provide increased comfort and support compared to standard shorts. The thin material of the inner garment fits more snugly against the skin than a more traditional, layered approach. This keeps everything in place during physical activity, preventing your workout shorts from riding up or shifting while you exercise. Additionally, this offers an extra layer of support and cushioning to help reduce chafing that can be caused by certain fabrics or materials rubbing against your skin. This enables you to move freely without feeling any kind of restriction, helping you focus on your training with comfort and confidence.

Improved performance

When you’re working out, it helps to have clothing that is lightweight and breathable so you can focus on your performance. Built-in underwear shorts help to optimize athletic performance by providing maximum support without adding bulk. The snug fit improves mobility and reduces the risk of distractions from loose-fitting fabric or chafing from seams rubbing on delicate skin. It keeps sweat off your body and lets you move freely without concern for undergarments riding or bunching up, allowing your focus to stay on your fitness goals.

In addition, traditional underwear materials can absorb moisture, feel heavy when wet, and get uncomfortable as temperatures rise. Built-in workout shorts are designed with fabrics that reduce your skin’s contact with sweat, wick away moisture more quickly, and hold up better during extended wear. They also let air pass more freely through the fabric than regular cotton pants or shorts allow, making them ideal during high intensity workouts such as running marathons in hot climates.

Increased hygiene

One of the key benefits of wearing workout shorts with built-in underwear is an increased level of hygiene. By having an extra layer between your body and your workout shorts, there’s a greater level of protection from sweat and bacteria. This is especially important when considering areas such as the groin area which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Having this separation helps to ensure that you don’t experience any rashes or infections or otherwise uncomfortable reactions occurring due to any possible build-up. Furthermore, it also feels much better to have this layer of support when you’re doing any sort of physical activity. The underwear integrated into your shorts also helps to give some extra padding which can make running or cycling more comfortable in the long-term.


In conclusion, workout shorts with built-in underwear are a great choice for people who are active and need specialized clothing for their workouts. This type of clothing is designed to be comfortable, breathable and supportive, and it helps to reduce friction and chafing that can occur during exercise. The flexibility of the fabric and the added support can also help to enhance performance during workouts. Furthermore, the built-in underwear can help to keep everything in place during rigorous physical activity.

Summary of the benefits of built-in underwear

Workout shorts with built-in underwear offer numerous benefits to wearers. The design of the shorts eliminates the need for a separate pair of underwear while still providing comfort and security. These shorts also keep wearers cool and dry by wicking moisture away from the skin. Additionally, their durability and lightweight breathability ensure that they can be worn in a variety of activities, from running to weightlifting. Finally, the integrated design of workout shorts with built-in underwear prevents shifting or bunching during rigorous physical activity. The result is an enhanced workout experience that provides freedom of movement without sacrificing comfort or security.

Tips for choosing the right pair of workout shorts

When shopping for workout shorts, you should look for ones that offer a comfortable fit and perspiration-wicking fabric. You’ll also want to make sure that the shorts provide adequate coverage and support, and are made with durable materials. Additionally, consider choosing shorts with built-in underwear — these can help reduce irritation from the fabric rubbing against your skin during activities like running or jumping motions. Lastly, some workout shorts feature pockets or even compression panels for further arch support — keep these features in mind if you’re looking for additional protection during your workouts.

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