Where to Do Your Weekly Workout in 2020

Looking for a new place to get your sweat on in 2020? Check out our list of the best places to workout in the new year!

Outdoor Workouts

The beauty of outdoor workouts is that you can work out virtually anywhere – your local park, the beach, or even your own backyard. Outdoor workouts provide a great change of scenery and allow you to take advantage of the fresh air while you get fit. There are also plenty of other benefits associated with outdoor workouts, such as improved cardiovascular health, improved posture, and increased mental clarity. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to do your weekly workout outdoors.

Parks & Nature Trails

Parks and nature trails are plentiful, especially if you live in a more rural or suburban area. These outdoor spaces provide fresh air, a change of scenery, and plenty of options for exercise as well. Depending on the size of the park and what type of terrain it offers, there are a variety of activities to choose from including running, jogging, walking trails, bike paths, play fields for sports such as soccer or frisbee golf, and hiking trails along with benches and other amenities available by the park.

When weather permits (such as early in the morning or later at night) some parks offer outdoor gyms with equipment like pull-up bars and weight benches; these parks often have walking tracks lined with lights for low light/night time use which also allows visitors to take advantage of lengthier workouts due to improved visibility during darker times – after all safety is paramount when working out outdoors! If a park has rivers or lakes through it you can even fit kayaking into your weekly workout routine too!

Remember that some parks require an entrance fee to be paid before entry so make sure you plan accordingly. Additionally always bear in mind that the majority of parks close at night so remember to plan ahead for this too if you do choose this option for your weekly workout!

Beach Workouts

If you’re looking for one of the most scenic places to do your weekly workout, the beach is a great choice! Although there are some things you should be aware of and prepare for when taking your workout to the sand.

The salty and humid environment can be both enjoyable and challenging, providing an extra dose of resistance as you push yourself to the limit! There are several ways to use the beach for an effective workout that targets all areas of the body:

Lower body focus: Beach workouts can help you tone your entire lower half. Squat jumps, lunges, backward jogs, and sprinting in deeper sand are all good exercises to add into your routine. Make sure to start off with a warm-up consisting of dynamic stretches such as leg swings and high-knees before beginning your exercise set.

Upper body focus: Push-ups, tricep dips and planks are a few examples of upper body-focused exercises that work well in a beach environment. If you’re looking for more intensity, try using sand bags or medicine balls that increase strength resistance training via added weight.

Core focus: There is no better place than the beach for core work! The instability created by the shifting surface makes it difficult even for beginner exercisers. Try burpee mountain climbers or move from side-plank to front plank with alternating leg lifts in order to engage all muscles throughout the midsection.

Safety Tips: Whenever performing outdoor workouts on a sandy surface make sure that you bring along plenty of water (2 liters per hour). Additionally sunscreen is key as UV Rays can be very strong at beaches due in part to reflection on certain parts sand. Also bring along footwear—running shoes or sandals depending on what kind activity going do —as different type surfaces across shoreline create potential trip hazards which could increase risk injuries.

Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor gyms offer a great place to get a variety of different exercises done without having to pay for a gym membership or buy an expensive piece of equipment. Outdoor gyms are equipped with specific exercise apparatus and can often be found in parks and other public places. These gyms are generally free to use and do require minimal upkeep.

Popular outdoor gym equipment includes barbells for weight training, pull-up bars for upper body strength and agility drills, aerobic workouts such as step-ups and box jumps, cardio machines like treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and rowing machines. Many of these pieces of equipment can also be used for stretching, balance exercises, core work and plyometrics (jump training). In addition to the typical gym pieces some locations may also have specialised space for sports such as basketball hoops or volleyball nets.

If you’re looking to incorporate more outdoor exercising into your weekly routine, the local park is a great place to start. Outdoor gyms can provide a fun and challenging way to stay active without the added expense of multiple gym trips per week. And they are not only great venues for exercise but can also be fantastic places to socialise with friends while getting fit!

Indoor Workouts

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us indoors, finding places to exercise can be a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of indoor exercises you can do to stay active and in shape during these times. This section will provide some tips and ideas on how to do an effective and safe indoor workout.

Home Workouts

Home workouts are convenient, affordable, and safe during the ongoing pandemic. You can build your own home gym with basic equipment like weights, jump ropes, and an exercise mat, or do higher-intensity training with a platform like Peloton or Mirror that streams live classes right to your TV.

Many of the exercises done in a home gym can be modified for any level of fitness. Beginner exercises include planks, squats and lunges, push-ups and burpees; more advanced exercises can include jumping jacks and abdominal twists. With online access to instructional videos, you’ll be able to learn new routines under the guidance of certified fitness teachers.

For those with limited space or on a budget, bodyweight exercises can provide an effective workout without any expensive equipment. Simply use chairs or stairs to perform tricep dips and step-ups for an intense total body workout. You could also download apps such as Sworkit that provide detailed video instructions for different exercises that you can do in your own home.

If you’re looking for variety outside (or inside) of your usual routine, look no further than online streaming services such as Alo Moves that offer everything from strength training to yoga classes at prices that won’t break the bank. With short free trials available through most streaming services, it pays to shop around!

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness centers offer a variety of equipment to help improve your strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Whether you’re looking for free weights, machines or cardio machines, most gyms will have nearly every type of workout you need. Some even offer group classes that are fun and beneficial for people who want to work out with friends or instructors who can provide personalized attention.

The downside to gyms is that depending on the policy at the particular location you frequent, there may be monthly membership fees associated with use of their equipment. Additionally, the environment may sometimes be noisy and crowded which can become a distraction from your workout. Be sure to thoughtfully research different gym memberships that suit your health goals before signing up.

Virtual Workouts

With gyms and physical exercise classes being shut down due to the ongoing pandemic in 2020, it is a great time to explore the options for virtual workouts. Whether you are looking for an at-home workout or an online option, there are plenty of options available.

For home workouts, take advantage of workout apps on Apple and Android devices that offer guided workouts via audio or video. These range from basic bodyweight exercises to more complex HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) programs. Alternatively, there are also DVDs or streaming services offering access to a range of exercise classes including Yoga, Pilates and Cardio formats.

Virtual workouts also offer live classes with professional instructors offering real-time coaching and support as part of the class. Platforms such as Zoom and Skype offer opportunities to join online classes such as Barre Method, Zumba or Circuit Training with good quality audio/video streaming so that you can get the same level of personal instruction without having to leave your home.

No matter your fitness goal or personal preference there is sure to be a virtual workout that fits your needs in the current climate so why not give one a try today?

Budget-Friendly Options

Many people opt to go to the gym or get a gym membership to do their weekly workouts. But, there are a number of ways to get your exercise in without breaking the bank. From home workouts to investing in a few pieces of equipment to joining a budget-friendly class, there are plenty of options available. Let’s break down the different budget-friendly options available to you for your weekly workouts.

Free Online Resources

If your budget doesn’t allow for a gym membership or personal training, there are still plenty of ways you can get a great workout in. With the right resources, exercising can be done anywhere – beach, park, home or even your office. Finding the right routine and staying motivated is key to achieving fitness goals without breaking the bank.

Free online resources are excellent tools for finding guidance that fits any fitness level and style. Whether you’re looking to add aerobics, strength trainingor yoga into your routine – or just hoping to have some fun with it – there’s an online work out plan for everyone:

Sample YouTube Channels:
-Fitness Blender (Includes cardio and strength training videos)
-Popsugar Fitness (Easy at-home workouts for everyone)
-DoYogaWithMe (A wide range of yoga classes of varying difficulties)

Social Media Resources:
-Instagram – There are countless free fitness inspiration accounts you can follow. Look up #Fitness #FitLife #WorkoutMotivation etc..to discover what’s out there!
-Twitter – Hashtags such as ‘#WorkoutWednesday’ offer weekly challenges something new to try every week!

Websites with Workout Videos:
-YogaDownload (Free podcasts featuring basic classes on their website include vinyasa, restorative and gentle Flow)
-Cosmopolitan Fitness (They offer hundreds of no charge workout resources on their website with everything from dance workouts to HIIT circuits)

Knowing what tools works best depending on preference and time constraints is just as important as finding them in the first place! Different types of exercises require different levels of commitment– so find something you like and that fits into your schedule. There is no strict recipe for success; regular check-ins with yourself keep everyone accountable so don’t forget to stay focused, consistent and reach those goals!

Local Community Centers

Local community centers are excellent budget-friendly options for getting active. These facilities typically offer a variety of activities and amenities for adults, families and youth to enjoy at an affordable cost. Many offer discounted rates for seniors, members, students and veterans. They are generally well equipped with a wide range of exercise equipment and class offerings. These can include not only the staples such as cardio equipment, weights, yoga classes and aerobic classes but also much more like swimming pools in the summer months or strolling in nearby parks in warmer weather. And don’t forget about the use of local sports fields – soccer fields, courts or running tracks which are often offered by smaller cities or towns. Community centers provide a fun way to get active with friends while staying within your budget!

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to add variety to your weekly exercise routine without breaking the bank. Whether you join a studio or go to a virtual class, you can expect to get an intense workout from the encouragement of the instructor and classmates. Group classes are typically programmed with different levels of intensity, enabling people of all abilities and fitness goals to join in and feel challenged.

There are many options available for group classes – some gyms offer specialized training programmes, aerial arts schools provide sessions for adults and teens, yoga studios provide a more gentle and calming atmosphere, boot camps use military-style fitness training, cycling classes are also popular as they give great cardiovascular workouts combined with weight training manoeuvres. You can also find different types of barre or HIIT classes which focus on full body strength training while also targeting core muscles. Whatever your budget and preference – there is bound to be something that works for you!

Other Considerations

Your location for a workout doesn’t have to be limited to a gym or a traditional workout space. There are many other considerations to make when deciding where to work out. For example, you might want to look into joining a virtual fitness class, using your own home as a gym, or even buying some exercise equipment to use in your own backyard or living room. Let’s explore some of these other options for your weekly workout.


The accessibility of a weekly workout is a key consideration when you’re choosing a location. You need to be able to get to a place where you can exercise in comfort, without relying on complex timed public transportation schedules or having to battle long queues for parking spots. Where physical disability is an issue, it is also important that the gym or other facility caters for their needs and offers ramps or lifts where necessary.

Accessibility should also apply to those activities which require extra equipment. Swimming requires access to a pool, and so the cost implications of paying for membership at an indoor pool facility can be prohibitive. Similarly, sports such as golf and tennis may require memberships at designated clubs which could render them too expensive for some.

Fortunately, with the growth of outdoor workouts and health and wellness apps tailored towards specific goals and needs, more flexible access has opened up weekly workout options even further in 2020!


In addition to finding a place that allows you to work out safely, you should also be aware of the cleanliness of the gym as well. Good gyms are typically well-maintained and regularly cleaned. Additionally, make sure to check any additional measures taken by the gym itself in order to protect users from potential exposure to corona viruses, such as providing hand sanitizer and air filters frequently changed.

It is also important to be mindful of other people’s safety when working out at a new location. This means practicing social distancing as much as possible, wiping down surfaces with sanitation materials after use, and washing your hands often during your workout session. To further ensure safety for all users, most gyms have implemented virtual classes or machines with built-in virus guards. Taking advantage of these types of options helps make sure everyone is respecting each other’s personal space while still getting in shape!

Variety & Fun

When considering where to do your weekly workout, it is important to factor in the potential for variety and fun. Your regular exercise routine should not become a boring task that you dread checking off each week. To ensure that your workouts remain enjoyable, change up your routine by switching the location or committing to a type of exercise you have never done before.

A great way to add variety and fun to your routine is by taking classes at your local gym or joining an outdoor workout group or activity. Many gyms offer various types of classes such as spin, yoga, Zumba, kickboxing and more; some classes are released month-by-month with new themes or topics so that you have something fresh and exciting to look forward to each month. Additionally, attending outdoor activities such as running clubs, hikes or boot camps provides plenty of opportunities for socializing—all while helping you reach your fitness goals!

To keep things challenging yet achievable, plan a workout schedule that includes multiple motions and varying intensities (or years of experience). For example — attend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes every other day while alternating with more low-intensity activities like Yoga on the days in between. Alongside this mix of both high and low intensity exercises be sure to take a break every few days — this will allow enough time for customizing your workouts and introducing new exercises into the mix!Furthermore, being aware of what type of exercises are most beneficial for optimal health outcomes can help create a balanced routine for yourself—for instance: strong muscles lead to better posture & energy levels; consistent cardio leads towards healthy circulation & improved heart health; regularly stretching leads towards increased flexibility & improved joint movement. No matter what type of activity you choose from— biking, swimming , running , weight-lifting etc.—every type helps improve overall well being in meaningful ways!

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