Can’t Find Joe Wicks Workout? Try These Places!

If you’re looking for a great workout but can’t seem to find Joe Wicks anywhere, don’t worry! There are plenty of other great places to get your fitness on. Here are some of our top picks.


Are you looking for ways to get fit but don’t know where to start? Look no further! Joe Wicks’ workouts are perfect for people who want to get in shape quickly and safely. With a range of different styles and levels, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we will look at some of the best places to find Joe Wicks’ workouts so that you can get started on your journey to becoming healthier and more active.

Overview of Joe Wicks Workouts

Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, is a UK-based personal trainer and fitness coach who has rocketed to fame thanks to his high-energy workouts. After hosting his own fitness segment on the Channel 4 show This Morning, Joe was able to offer his signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) program – the 90 Day SSS Plan – which helps people achieve their desired body goals in just three months with three intense workouts a week.

Joe’s workouts range from circuits to strengthening and toning sessions to non-stop cardio moves, making them suitable for all levels of ability. He also shares tips and tricks on what you need in order to complete some of his more complicated exercises. He has multiple channels online including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more.

The good news if you’re looking for Joe Wicks’ workouts is that he can be found across multiple platforms for free! You can find full length workouts on his YouTube channel , quick five minute wake ups on Instagram and mini-workouts that have been tailored towards something specific such as a holiday or New Year’s resolution. His channel also features a range of free nutrition advice from calorie counts to meal plans which helps you feel energised and full when dieting .


YouTube is one of the most popular places to find Joe Wicks’ workouts. You’ll find a variety of different workouts from Joe Wicks, from HIIT workouts to bodyweight workouts, and everything in between. Joe Wicks provides videos for free on his YouTube channel for those who want to get a quick workout in. He also provides paid content as well as live streamed workouts. Let’s explore further and see what else YouTube has to offer in terms of Joe Wicks’ workouts.

Subscribing to Joe Wicks YouTube Channel

Subscribing to Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel is a great way to get access to his workouts as soon as they come out. His YouTube channel includes home exercise workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. You can also join in with Joe for live workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When you subscribe to the Youtube channel, you’ll get notifications of when any new workout is available, so you never miss out on the latest post or an upcoming Live Stream. Additionally, subscribing gives you easy access to his full library of videos since they are listed in the sidebar. You’ll also have access to all of Joe’s best tips and tricks on proper technique, warm-up activities and exercises that help you reach your goals faster.

It’s also free and simple to subscribe – all it takes is a few clicks and there’s no need for a membership or further payments – just hit the subscribe button when it appears on the user page!

Finding Joe Wicks Workouts on YouTube

Joe Wicks, also known as “The Body Coach,” has gained immense popularity in recent years for his innovative home workout videos designed to help people stay fit. Many of Joe’s workouts can be found on YouTube, but finding them can be surprisingly difficult with the sheer volume of content available. To make things easier, here are some recommended places to find Joe Wicks’ workouts on YouTube.

1. The Body Coach TV: Joe Wicks’ official channel is the best place to find his longer, 15-minute and 30-minute workouts which you can use to get a more intense exercise experience.
2. TRL – Trends & Challenges: This channel uploads full-length videos of popular trends and challenges taking place around the world, including ones born from Joe’s witty and creative HIIT workout series such as ‘The Up Down Challenge’ or ‘The Push Up Challenge’.
3. POPSUGAR Fitness UK: This channel is the official source for many of Joe’s fitness programs and contains a wide range of content – from HIIT routines to strength training sessions that can easily be done at home.
4. Good Morning Britain: If you don’t have time for 15 or 30 minutes full video from The Body Coach TV or other channels then Good Morning Britain’s one-minute routine by Joe is perfect for when life gets busy!
5. Zoom Active: Zoom has partnered with Joe to give exclusive access to full 30 minutes Hiit Workouts online through their website and app! All you need is a Zoom account on any device and you will have unlimited access to all free pre-recorded sessions as well as real-time live classes hosted by professional body coach instructors!

Finding the right workout regime can sometimes be tough, especially if you don’t have much time on your hands or do not want to spend much money getting access to them – however with these helpful tips in mind you should now be able to find all the best cycling training programs on YouTube without too much trouble!


Instagram is a great place to find Joe Wicks’ workout videos. The fitness expert has a popular Instagram account with over 5 million followers. He frequently posts his workouts, as well as other health and wellness-related content, which makes it easy to stay up to date with his workouts. In addition, Instagram has many other fitness accounts that post Joe Wicks’ videos and provide alternative workout routines.

Following Joe Wicks on Instagram

If you’re looking for Joe Wicks workouts, following him on Instagram is a great way to stay up to date with his releases. Posts from @thebodycoach (his official Instagram account) can give you quick and easy access to his latest diet and exercise plans as well as inspirational messages.

By following Joe Wicks on Instagram, you will be more likely to keep up-to-date with the latest fi tness trends. You can also use this platform to join the #HIITcluband other workout challenges, where Joe shares daily posts of his correct Foodalogue recipes and workouts. In addition, he regularly posts stories featuring sneak peeks of upcoming workouts so people can get excited about joining in his latest challenge.

Joe consistently shares motivational messages that promote healthy living, so by following along with him on Instagram and taking part in the #HIITclubchallenges you are sure to learn some new tips for keeping fit and staying entertained from home.

Finding Joe Wicks Workouts on Instagram

Joe Wicks, the fitness guru, is one of the most popular Instagram stars, and it’s easy to see why. Thousands of his followers take part in his daily workouts, which he often posts on his page. With such a wide variety of exercise videos and workout reposts available across Instagram, how can you make sure you’re seeing Joe Wicks’ workouts and not missing out?

Fortunately, there are several places you can look. For up-to-date information on Joe’s latest workouts including new and upcoming releases, follow him directly on @thebodycoach. He regularly posts motivational photos and updates that include details about those upcoming workouts as well several accompanying demo videos.

Outside of Joe’s profile page, there are some other great options for finding his workouts on Instagram. Popular accounts like @workouts_with_WB or @pjfitnessuk have made it their mission to collect as many of Joe’s best workout routines for everyone to follow along with! Additionally, searching for the #thebodycoach hashtag will open you up to a wealth of inspiring results from other devotees in the community who love sharing Joe’s signature routines with their own followers.

Whether you’re looking for 15 or 45 minute HIIT routines that range from beginners to advanced interval training – no matter what your needs – you’re sure to discover some great content when trying these different sources!


Podcasts are a great place to find Joe Wicks workout sessions. There are a few podcasts specifically dedicated to Joe Wicks workouts that you can subscribe to. These podcasts provide you with a wide selection of workouts and also include bonus content such as interviews, health advice, and nutrition tips. In addition, podcasts are easily accessible on your phone, tablet, or computer, so you are always connected wherever you go! Let’s look at the different podcasts you can find Joe Wicks workouts.

Subscribing to Joe Wicks Podcasts

If you’re looking for Joe Wicks workouts, podcasts are a great way to access his exercise advice on the go. Thankfully, subscribing to an audio podcast is easy — all you need is access to the internet and a podcast client like Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any other popular app.

When you subscribe to a podcast, new episodes will automatically download to your library as they become available — saving you time searching for them. You can select which episode you want to listen to and when.

By subscribing to Joe Wicks’ podcast feeds, including The Body Coach TV Podcast on Apple Podcasts and The Joe Wicks Podcast on Spotify, you’ll have access not only to his workouts but also his weekly Q&A’s and health insight. He also has an array of inspiring guests from elite athletes and nutritionists. It’s worth noting that he produces both video podcasts that can be watched if preferred or listened too – make sure your chosen podcasting app is compatible with this type of content before starting.

So if you’re looking for easy access to Joe Wicks workouts wherever you are in the world, why not give his free podcasts a try? Subscribing couldn’t be easier — just search for “The Body Coach TV Podcast” in your app store.

Finding Joe Wicks Workouts on Podcasts

Finding fitness workouts on podcasts can be a great way to stay active and reach your fitness goals. If you’re looking for Joe Wicks workout routines, there are several places where you can find them.

The Joe Wicks podcast (known as the Fat Loss Revolution) is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other listening platforms and is full of inspiring motivational stories, work-outs with fun moves, and healthy eating advice.

Alternatively, many of the Joe Wicks Workouts are available online on various websites such as YouTube and Instagram as well as his own website. There are also several other podcasts dedicated to health and wellness that feature Joe Wicks-style exercises. For example, The Fitness Podcast with Craig Johns offers in depth interviews with experts in the fitness industry with a focus on determination and motivation to help listeners reach their goals.

Finding a reliable workout podcast can be tricky but with careful research it can be easy to locate podcasts that will help you improve your overall wellbeing through making changes in exercise routines and lifestyle habits. Through podcasts featuring popular trainers such as Joe Wicks, you have access to professional advice from people who have achieved success in the same world that interests you; giving invaluable inspiration for anyone looking for ways to get fit or stay fit.

Other Resources

Joe Wicks’ HIIT workouts are becoming increasingly popular and it can be difficult to find all of the resources you need. Luckily, there are plenty of other websites, apps, and services out there that offer similar workout videos and programs. In this section, we’ll look at some of these other resources that you can use for your own workouts.

Subscribing to Joe Wicks Newsletter

Subscribing to Joe Wicks’ newsletter is one of the best ways of staying up-to-date with his latest workouts and other fitness related articles. Amongst all the weekly emails, you will find new arrivals of Joe Wicks workout including HIIT, Cardio and Stretch workouts, as well as nutrition advice, meal plan tips and more. Additionally, subscribing will also allow you to stay informed on any upcoming events or conferences that he may attend. All these can make for a great source of motivation in your daily fitness journey!

Finding Joe Wicks Workouts on Other Resources

If you’re looking for Joe Wicks workouts and can’t seem to find them in the usual places, there are other sources of great at-home workout videos from ‘The Body Coach’. Aside from the popular YouTube channel and Instagram page, you can also find Joe Wicks workouts on:

-Prime Video. Joe Wicks runs the series called “Joe Wicks: The Body Coach Workouts” where he offers high intensive home training sessions to his fan base. Here you will find handy links with advice on physical activities and exercise offered by Joe Wicks. This is especially helpful if you’re a NHS worker who needs support during this difficult time of pandemic recovery and are unable to go to your local gym or fitness centre.

-Myfitnesspal App, This app allows users access to any of Joe Wick’s programmes including the ’90 Day Plan’ where users can work through a 12-week high intensity interval training program developed specifically for home workouts!

These resources offer some alternatives for those wanting regular high intensity sessions with The Body Coach at home, but if you’re in need of some more tailored plans, then consider an online coaching programme provided by Joe himself as a more thorough solution that fits your lifestyle for long-term fitness goals!


There you have it – now you know some of the best places to find Joe Wicks’ workouts. From YouTube to Instagram and even his own website and app, there are plenty of options for watching his videos and joining in with his workouts. Remember, staying active during the pandemic is important not only for physical health but also mental health. So don’t miss out on the chance to join in with Joe Wicks’ popular workouts!

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