Joe Wicks’ PE Workout: Where Is It?

Looking for the Joe Wicks PE workout? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll show you where to find it and how to get started.


Have you been looking for an innovative and exciting way to keep your children active during the pandemic? Look no further than Joe Wicks’ PE Workout! The UK-based personal trainer and health guru Joe Wicks has designed a free interactive daily workout, available on YouTube, that is specifically designed for children of all ages.

Joe Wicks has been dubbed “The Body Coach” thanks to his successful E-books, workbooks, app and social media presence. His daily PE (Physical Education) workouts bring fun activities to kids so they can stay fit and healthy right at home. Wicks’s structured workouts are created with the purpose of getting kids excited about physical exercise while teaching them how to use proper form and technique.

Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks’ videos feature exercises that channel childhood favorite activities like hopping around the garden like a bunny or doing star jumps in the hallway! His enthusiasm will be sure to get even the most reluctant members of your household off the couch and out of their rut. In addition, quickly following up exercises with several questions about what was done makes it easier for kids—and adults—to understand how their bodies react during activity. It’s not only entertaining; it also encourages cognitive development in young learners!

What Is Joe Wicks’ PE Workout?

Joe Wicks’ PE with Joe daily YouTube workout sessions became incredibly popular during the COVID-19 global quarantine. These fun, simple and dynamic hot productions are designed to help kids stay active when stuck indoors.

Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, is a British fitness coach and best-selling author of cookbooks and nutrition guides. His PE with Joe workouts create an enjoyable and varied 30 minute session perfect for completing in your living room or backyard. His commitment to physical activity aims to give children the tools they need to continue living an active lifestyle — even during the pandemic lockdowns.

The mainstays of the workouts are simple exercises like burpees and star jumps that can all be modified based on age or ability — such as reducing repetitions or doing them seated on a chair instead of standing. Joe offers reward incentives as well for each workout completed, with a sense of accomplishment built into every session; plus who doesn’t love having their own personal cheerleader?

Joe Wicks’ PE Workout can be found on his YouTube channel “The Body Coach TV” where he posts new classes every day Monday – Fridays at 9am GMT (BST in UK). He also offers other resources like printable PDFs and other guidance materials that are tailored towards creating further support and accountability when working out with him virtually.

Where Can You Access Joe Wicks’ PE Workout?

Joe Wicks’ PE Workout is a free exercise program offered by Joe Wicks, a UK based fitness trainer. It is available on multiple streaming platforms and YouTube, so you have plenty of options in terms of where you can access it. Joe Wicks’ PE Workout is suitable for everyone, from children to adults. Through this workout, you will get a full-body workout that helps you build strength and improve your cardio. Let’s take a closer look at where you can access Joe Wicks’ PE Workout.


YouTube is the most popular and readily accessible place to engage in Joe Wicks’ PE workout. Joe uses YouTube as his primary platform to connect with his followers, which offers a free and easy way of following the workouts. Along with providing guidance, motivation, and entertainment through its videos, YouTube also allows some people to participate worldwide.

Joe’s PE workouts are designed for school-aged children but can be accessed by anyone wanting to stay active during this period of self-isolation. On his channel, you can find over 500 videos ranging from 10 minutes to one hour in length — all dealing with general fitness for all ages and abilities. These videos allow you to both physically exercise at home and have fun doing it; challenges keep viewers on their toes! Specific exercises focus on improving speed and agility, strengthening muscles using bodyweight only exercises or using light weights / household items such as books or jugs of water as well as giving guidance in how to cool down after an exercise session.

The free workouts by Joe Wicks also provide educational advice throughout each video on nutrition and healthy eating habits that young children should be adopting along side the physical exertion that is being completed each day of the week – there is something available for everyone!


Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach has recently released a PE workout to help out kids who may not have access to physical education or gym classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The workout is available for free on Joe Wicks’ official website, Through this website, users can access the workouts by clicking on the “PE with Joe” banner and link included. Additionally, all 9 of the prerecorded 20 minute workouts are also available under the same banner and link. Once there, users can choose which specific workout that they want to watch and follow along with Joe himself!

Apart from accessing workouts via their website, Joe Wicks has also made his PE with Joe playlist available on Youtube. The channel can be found at where users can access all 9 videos that have been prerecorded without needing to visit his official webpage first!

Social Media

Joe Wicks is offering his PE with Joe daily workout venture every weekday morning at 9am (UK time) via his YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page. This 30 minute workout provides a great way to maintain physical activity, exercise with the family and enjoy some much needed fun.

The YouTube videos can be accessed directly from Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel – ‘The Body Coach TV’ and he also posts each work out separately to his Instagram stories starting at 9am sharp every day (UK time). He will remind fans that his ‘PE with Joe’ session is coming up later in the day on his Twitter feed too. For a more permanent and structured series of workouts you can also find ‘PE with Joe’ on his Facebook page where all nine minutes are grouped together for those who have difficulty retaining content from stories.

The challenge helps kids structure their day and learn basic exercises all while having fun. He states, “I’m here to spread positivity, encourage movement and get people outside doing what they love doing!” This challenge is made possible by The National Lottery Community Fund who stated that “we’re proud to be investing National Lottery funding into boosting physical activity across the UK during this challenging period. Our investment in Global Race initiative will specifically help young people stay active at home by providing free virtual events they can join in while having loads of fun.”

Benefits of Joe Wicks’ PE Workout

Joe Wicks’ PE Workouts are 30-minute online classes that can be watched for free on YouTube. These workouts are designed for children aged between five and 16, helping them to stay active, build strength and develop healthy habits from a young age.

Joe Wicks’ workouts offer several benefits to both children and adults alike. One of the key advantages that users of this programme can experience is having the opportunity to exercise without leaving the house. This allows children to stay safe while using their imagination to try new exercises from the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, the programme encourages learning by ensuring users gain knowledge about anatomy in a fun way through educational messages and activities such as warm-ups and stretches. All exercises are tailored according to an individual’s age group, making it easier for everyone involved to choose appropriate moves that best suit them.

The combination of mostly bodyweight exercises makes Joe Wicks’ PE Workouts an ideal exercise regimen that helps improve a participant’s overall physical health and fitness levels, as well as sharpening their concentration ability during workouts in comparison to traditional physical education classes. Not only this, but Joe Wicks’ constant encouragement throughout his videos help motivate everyone watching him work out, providing encouragement they need while they aim towards reaching their goals.


It’s easy to find Joe Wicks’ PE Workout online or on social media platforms. YouTube and Instagram are the most likely places to look for the workouts. While his main account is on YouTube, he also has additional accounts where he posts special workouts. Many of these workouts are available on his own app, so downloading the app may be a good choice for those interested in following Joe Wicks and experiencing his effective HIIT routines. Additionally, because many of his videos are available outside of subscription platforms, they are accessible even without an account or subscription plan.

In summary, anyone looking to exercise with Joe Wicks can do so by searching through YouTube and Instagram or by downloading the appropriate app. Not only will this provide access to more specialized content created by Joe Wicks himself but also a greater range of additional instructions as provided via targeted video streams. By keeping up with Joe’s ever-evolving approach to physical fitness, it’s possible to maximize its potential benefits and availability throughout the body and mind.

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