Where Does Kendall Jenner Workout?

Kendall Jenner is one of the most popular models and celebrities in the world.
While she is certainly blessed with great genes, she also works hard to maintain her figure.
So, where does Kendall Jenner workout?


Kendall Jenner, top model and member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, is well known for her toned body and work ethic. It has been reported that she works out for up to two hours a day, six days a week, with an intense and focused approach to fitness. So where does this stunning beauty go to keep her body in peak condition? Here, we’ll take a look at the gyms and trainers that keep Kendall Jenner looking chic.

Kendall has previously been seen entering several high-end Los Angeles area gyms such as Equinox and The Dogpound. Both have luxurious amenities that provide an array of classes from spinning to Pilates as well as up-to-date equipment to get Kendall’s heart pumping. She also follows specific routines by attending private training sessions with elite specialist trainers like Simone De La Rue who revamps workouts constantly to challenge the body in new ways. In addition, she’s also known for her love of yoga which she practices regularly when on-the-go or while travelling abroad.

In conclusion, Kendall Jenner keeps an intense workout routine by visiting many different gyms and working with her personal trainers while also adding some calming yoga into her workout repertoire. Her attention to fitness is one of the factors that make Kendall Jenner shine on the runway or red carpet!

Overview of Kendall Jenner’s Fitness Regimen

Kendall Jenner is known for her fantastic physique and enviable fashion sense. While she may have good genes, her body is the result of hard work. In order to get the body she has, she follows an amazing fitness regimen that she frequently shares with her fans. Let’s dive into what Kendall Jenner does to stay in shape and how you can incorporate some of her habits into your own life.

Her Diet

Kendall Jenner is known to follow a balanced and healthy approach to diet. She admits that her weakness is carbs and indulges in sweet treats occasionally. With that being said, she follows an 80-20 rule and eats clean the majority of the day – whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats. She says that incorporating green smoothies into her mornings helps to start the day off on the right foot.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar she stated, “I want to look good, feel good, sleep well—you know, just have a healthier life.” To ensure this, Kendall keeps a watch over what she eats as well as controlling portions to keep her energy levels up for long photoshoots or for marathon runway shows during fashion week. A typical meal for Jenner can include greens with grilled fish or chicken along with a satisfying and large salad. She admitted in an interview that for convenience, sometimes she grabs protein bars or shakes if needed when on-the-go.

Her Exercise Routine

Kendall Jenner has become an overnight success story with her striking beauty and carefully-crafted physique. While it’s no secret that the famous Kardashian/Jenner clan has a team of professionals to help keep them in shape, Kendall works hard for her figure year-round.

Kendall’s exercise routine varies from day-to-day depending on how she’s feeling, what her body needs, and the amount of time she has available. She reportedly splits her workouts between cardio, strength training and ballet barre— giving her body a balanced routine that keeps things interesting and fun.

When it comes to cardio days, Kendall likes to run on the treadmill or take long power walks around her neighborhood which she pairs with physical activities like basketball or soccer. She also uses the elliptical and stair stepper at times to get an extra kick in her workouts. On strength training days, Kendall loves using resistance bands to tone up certain muscle groups as well as doing sit ups and abdominal exercises for a flat stomach. Her routine also includes ballet barre exercises with leg lifts, planks and even Pilates for stretching muscles throughout her whole body. Because Kendall is often on-the-go for press junkets and fashion shows, she packs light stretch bands when traveling so that she can squeeze in some fitness anytime between work commitments!

Where Does Kendall Jenner Workout?

Fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are often curious about the health and fitness habits of the famous family. In particular, people often wonder where supermodel Kendall Jenner stays in shape. Luckily, the answer is not too hard to come by, as Kendall has made her gym routine public for all to see. In this article, we will explore where Kendall does her workouts, and how she stays in such great shape.


One of the spots most frequented by Kendall Jenner is the Equinox gym located in West Hollywood. Founded in 1991, Equinox has become one of the largest and most well-known luxury fitness chains in the world. With memberships ranging from general access to ‘The Source’ membership that includes transportation, additional benefits, and more, Equinox combines a sophisticated atmosphere with high levels of service for its clientele. Many of its gyms include amenities such as Olympic-sized swimming pools, saunas and cedar closets, as well as spin rooms, tennis courts, basketball courts, VR gaming areas and more to provide an unparalleled fitness experience. The Los Angeles-based chain also offers Strength & Cardio classes such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), TRX Suspension Training and Kettlebell training that appeal to Jenner’s fitness needs. Whether it’s yoga flows or strengthening workouts with her personal trainer Doug Swenson , Kendall has been known to frequent Equinox when on the West Coast pursuing her fitness goals.


SoulCycle is widely recognized as one of the best places for Kendall Jenner to get in a great workout. SoulCycle combines cardio exercise with choreographed body weight movements to deliver intense, full-body workouts. It offers challenging classes that are focused on building strength and improving balance and endurance while also leaving you feeling invigorated. SoulCycle has locations all over the U.S., so if there’s a location near you, you can try out the same workout that Kendall does. Classes are tailored to different levels of fitness and include instructor-led warmups and cool downs, along with music that helps power you through an hour long class. Whether your goal is toning up or gaining strength, SoulCycle has classes for it all! It’s no wonder why Kendall chooses SoulCycle as her go-to spot to get her heart rate up and exercise off any stress from her hectic schedule

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is a workout routine that has become increasingly popular over the years, particularly within the celebrity circle. It is a full-body exercise regimen designed to maximize energy and promote weight loss. Many prefer Barry’s Bootcamp due to its variety of classes combined with both strength and HIIT moves. It is an intense workout routine ensuring each class creates a different experience for participants.

Kendall Jenner appears to have embraced Barry’s Bootcamp as one of her favorites for pursuing her workout goals. She has been seen multiple times visiting the studio in West Hollywood, California, as well as other locations around the world. Some even recognize her as a regular at various pop-up markets, bootcamps and events. Through Kendall’s posts on social media, it is clear she finds great motivation in Barry’s to stay in shape while keeping it fun and challenging at the same time!


Kendall Jenner is known for her amazing figure and commitment to health and fitness. The model often shares her workout routine on her Instagram stories, inspiring many to get moving. One of the main locations where Jenner works out is at Dogpound, an exclusive private gym in West Hollywood. This location not only offers intense strength training classes, but celeb-favorite HIIT training as well.

The location is well-known in the entertainment industry and has seen quite a few celebrities, athletes and models pass through its doors. In addition to Kendall Jenner, other famous faces who have visited Dogpound include Dustin Johnson, Jaime Foxx, Justin Bieber and WWE wrestler John Cena.

This top-of-the-line fitness facility specializes in transformations both physical and mental with personalized attention from experienced trainers. Members benefit from small group classes lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour at a time. It’s important to note that Dogpound memberships are invite-only, so getting in will require some strategy — or maybe a celebrity connection! If you’re serious about taking your workout game up a notch like Kendall Jenner has done for herself then Dogpound may be the place for you!


In conclusion, Kendall Jenner has been able to maintain such an impressive physique through hard work and dedication. Her workouts are a mixture of cardio, intense strength training, yoga, and pilates. She also makes it a point to stay away from fad diets and hangs out with friends and family as her form of relieving stress.

Kendall Jenner loves working out in the gym where she does weightlifting sessions with her trainer Gunnar Peterson and has also been spotted at Barry’s Bootcamp in Beverly Hills. Outside the gym, she runs along the beach in Malibu or hikes at Griffith Park. She also enjoys Pilates reformer classes at Plumbline Pilates in Los Angeles.

It is clear that keeping healthy is important to Kendall Jenner and she has found positive ways to make sure that she can still enjoy life while doing so. Her fitness routine is attainable for everyone regardless of their fitness levels or goals, making her our go-to example for motivation when it comes to staying fit!

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