What Workout Programs Are on Beachbody?

Are you looking for a workout program to help you get in shape? Check out our list of Beachbody’s most popular workout programs.


The Beachbody Company is an established leader in providing effective and efficient workout programs that help people reach their fitness goals in a fun and energizing way. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve strength or just increase overall fitness, there’s a Beachbody program right for you. With varied options that range from dance-based cardio workouts to total body strength training systems, there’s something for everyone at Beachbody.

Some of the most popular programs offered by the Beachbody Company include P90X, Insanity and 21 Day Fix. Each program offers something unique and can be tailored to fit your individual needs. You can read below for more information about what each of these workout programs offers.

P90X: This is a comprehensive system designed to transform your body in 90 days through intense cardio workouts, strength training exercise equipment and innovative nutrition plans designed to fuel peak performance. It features twelve different workout routines split into three phases over the 90 days — plus nutrition guidance to help you understand how you should be eating to get maximum results in minimal time. It’s ideal for those who are looking for extreme physical transformation with some extra variety thrown in.

Insanity: This is an intense cardio-based program that includes over 20 challenging plyometric exercises designed to keep your heart rate elevated while working different muscle groups simultaneously. This program lasts 60 days — two months dedicated to working out as hard as possible with each session lasting up to an hour per day — so it’s definitely not for beginners or those with lower levels of exercise routine intensity experience! It also includes nutrition pointers so you understand how best to fuel your body pre- and post-workout periods.

21 Day Fix: Perfect center point between P90X and Insanity if beginner have some gym experience (but not too much!). This quick beginners focused focuses on circuit training with thirty minute sessions combining cardiovascular exercise with resistance training — making sure you get a full range of both varying intensity workouts as well as daily muscle sculpting sessions that maximize results while being time-efficient! Also includes full nutrition meal plan including portion controlled containers -to make sure diet supports all hard work done at gym!

Workout Programs

Beachbody offers a variety of workout programs for all fitness levels. Whether you’re looking for a high intensity program like P90X or an easy-to-follow plan like 21 Day Fix, there’s a Beachbody program that’s right for you. In this article, we’ll discuss the different workout programs that Beachbody offers, so you can make an informed decision.


P90X is a revolutionary in-home workout system created by Beachbody that consists of 13 high-intensity workouts designed to help you transform your body in 90 days. The program includes some of the most popular and effective workouts such as P90X Chest & Back, P90X Plyometrics and P90X Ab Ripper X.

Unlike many other fitness programs, each P90X workout has been uniquely designed to maximize fat loss and muscle gains while only requiring three to four days per week of intense exercise. Along with challenging and dynamic cardio exercises, the program includes plenty of resistance-exercises which focus on each major muscle group for a fuller, more sculpted physique, as well as total-body functional movements. All these elements are combined into a multifunctional combination of strength training, cardio conditioning, ab work and flexibility training designed to create an effective whole-body workout.

In addition to its effective physical training, P90X also provides an entire nutrition plan – designed both for maximizing energy during workouts as well as providing all the essential nutrition for meeting your personal goals – along with positive mental reinforcement via motivation videos and tracking options for keeping yourself motivated throughout the process. With all these components combined together, this program offers everything you need for achieving safe yet dramatic physical results in 90 days or less.


Insanity is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program created by fitness expert Shaun T. It is designed to challenge you physically and mentally and could be considered one of the toughest workouts you will ever do. The concept behind Insanity is to push yourself to the highest intensity level for short bursts of time and then take active breaks or rest periods when needed to maintain your peak performance throughout the entire workout. While working out, you’ll combine intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training while using your own body weight as well as weighted balls and bands. Because the program is so intense, it’s recommended that anyone looking to do Insanity should have at least some prior fitness experience since it may be too hard for someone starting at a beginner level.

21 Day Fix

For those looking for a shorter yet intense fitness program, the 21 Day Fix is a great option. This program from Beachbody provides a balanced fitness and nutrition plan designed to get results in just three weeks. Each workout features a variety of trainers so that you can mix up your routine and stay motivated during the entire 21 days. There is even an accompanying nutrition plan that uses portion control containers to help you get consistent results. With workouts ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, this program has something for every skill level and fitness goal.

Core de Force

Developed by Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews and inspired by martial arts, Core de Force is a total body workout for people of all levels. This program focuses on strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and power—all designed to get you ripped from head to toe in just 30 days. You’ll mix the power of boxing and the flow of kickboxing with Bodyweight exercises to carve Core Strength. Core de Force keeps your Workout Fun – changing every 3 minutes so you Put maximum intensity into every Move without ever getting bored doing the same old routine.

Core de Force includes 9 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)-inspired workouts:
-Core de Force: 14 Rounds of Boxing/Kickboxing
-Dynamic Core: Sweat & Scorch Degree
-Ground & Pound: Unleash Explosive Power
-Power Sculpt: Torch Fat & Chisel Lean Muscle
-Extreme Cardio Conditioning + 4 bonus workouts (6 total)

Body Beast

Body Beast is a workout program from Beachbody that focuses on building extreme amounts of muscle mass. It’s designed for everyone – men and women, athletes and non-athletes – who want to look and feel their best. Body Beast consists of 12 rigorous workouts that are designed to rapidly cause muscle growth by focusing on progressive overload. Workouts include a combination of exercises such as squats, pushups, lunges, pull-ups, curls with dumbbells and weighted plates.

Body Beast also includes powerful nutritional support to ensure maximum muscular gains in the shortest amount of time. The program incorporates a “3 Phase” nutrition plan that uses precise timing and specific macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fat) to give your body exactly what it needs when it needs it. Body Beast users have seen exceptional results ranging from increased muscle tone to reduced body fat levels in as little as 90 days.


PiYo is a low-impact, high-intensity workout program created by celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson. The program is designed to help you sculpt your body and burn fat without putting extra strain on your joints. PiYo combines Pilates and yoga poses as well as strengthening moves from multiple disciplines (including dance and martial arts) and integrates them into a set of core-focused workouts that can be adapted for any fitness level. With PiYo you can experience all the benefits of yoga, Pilates, stretching and toning without worrying about getting too bulky or straining your joints. The complete PiYo workout includes strength workouts with weights or resistance bands, flexibility training with yoga or Pilates poses, balance work using traditional exercises and dynamic moves taken from dynamic sports like martial arts or dance, as well as cardio sessions to get your heart rate up quickly and burn calories. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle tone, improve flexibility or just enhance overall wellness, the intense yet low-impact movement in each of the eight PiYo workouts will help you reach your goals with ease!


Cize is a dance-based workout program from Beachbody. Developed by Shaun T — the same expert behind the popular Insanity and T25 programs — it combines high-energy moves set to top 40 music hits. The choreographed routines will have you sweating, burning calories, and having fun at the same time.

The eight complete half-hour Cize workouts are designed to help you perfect your dance moves and give you an amazing workout in just 4 weeks. The low impact routine helps reduce your risk of injury while still challenging your cardiovascular endurance, strength and agility. As you progress during this program, you’ll also see improvements in balance, coordination and body tone.

To maximize results, Cize comes with a nutrition plan filled with lean proteins and balanced meals that will help fuel your body while taking your workouts to the next level. In addition to nutrition advice, this program also includes access to exclusive online support tools so you can track your fitness progress and stay motivated throughout the whole routine.

Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift from Beachbody®, created by top Brazilian trainer Leandro Carvalho, is a unique and fun workout program specifically tailored for shaping, sculpting and lifting the glutes. This high-energy workout routine combines cardio with specific exercises focused on the buttocks to help you get that firm and shapely booty you’ve always wanted without taking hours in the gym. The workouts are designed to be done in your own home — no need for expensive equipment or gym memberships.

The Brazil Butt Lift program consists of four DVDs, each focusing on different problem areas: Maximum Results Workouts, Round & Firm Workouts, Cardio Ax Workouts and Supermodel Sculpt Workouts. The Maximum Results workout provides an intense 45-minute blend of interval training, toning exercises and sports drills to target your glute muscles from multiple angles to create maximum results. The Round & Firm workout targets the shapeliest spots often missed when working out with traditional methods; it includes 24 minutes of muscle-sculpting sculpts your butt muscles into shape fast. The Cardio Ax workout builds on the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for optimal fat burning at a rapid pace. Finally, the Supermodel Sculpt workout includes 55 minutes of explosive moves that tone every inch of your body while helping to optimize definition in glutes, abs and legs in record time.

In addition to cardio exercise that burns extra calories, Brazil Butt Lift also focuses on nutrition with its signature eating plan designed by nutritionist Marcos Borges. The goal is to teach healthy eating habits while providing an enjoyable way to lose weight without having to count calories or starve yourself; users learn how easy it is to work nutritious meals into their busy lifestyles through recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks throughout the day; meal plans are also available for vegetarians.


TurboFire is a high-intensity interval training exercise program developed by fitness expert Chalene Johnson. This program incorporates a blend of kickboxing, pilates, aerobic and dance movements designed to help you get fit fast. It features options for all fitness levels, with workouts ranging in duration from 20 minutes to 55 minutes. With TurboFire, you will challenge your body with intervals of intense and moderate-paced exercises for maximum effectiveness with minimum time commitment. To keep you motivated, Johnson provides personalized instruction throughout the duration of the program. You can also make use of the online tracker and journal to monitor your progress as you build endurance and work towards your fitness goals.

Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs is a popular workout program created by fitness guru Shaun T. It focuses on abdominal muscles, but also incorporates cardio and strength exercises for a full body workout. The program uses repetitive moves such as side hops, ab kicks, the “straddle taps”, and the “Tilt-n-Scoop”. The program also utilizes Shaun T’s patented resistance band system that targets both muscle groups at once. Additionally, there are multiple levels of progression so users can continue to challenge themselves as they improve their fitness level. Besides the exercise routines, Hip Hop Abs also offers nutrition advice and lifestyle coaching to help users journey to a healthier life.

Shaun T Dance Workouts

Shaun T Dance Workouts are a popular and effective way to improve your physical fitness. Developed by celebrity coach Shaun T, the high-intensity interval exercise programs combine elements of dance and strength training – all with a fun, emotional soundtrack! Fitness goals vary from program to program but common results include weight loss, improved endurance, toned muscles and heightened energy levels.

Some of the Shaun T Dance Workouts include:
-Hip Hop Abs
-Rockin’ Body
-CIZE End of Trimester Dance Series
-Dance Power Workout
Each workout alters the exercises to match different genre of music like hip hop or rock from the 30s and 40s. Different workout sessions can take from 20 minutes to an hour each day, allowing flexible scheduling for those with busy lives. Popular among celebrities and athletes alike, these workouts are sure to light up any party or get together!

Nutrition Programs

In addition to its extensive range of workouts, Beachbody also offers nutrition programs that are designed to give you the healthiest, body-friendly eating habits. The optimal diet is key for achieving optimal performance and results. The nutrition programs focus on calorie restriction, balanced macronutrient meals, healthy whole foods and robust meal plans.

One of the most popular nutrition programs is 21 Day Fix®, designed by Autumn Calabrese and featuring pre-portioned containers. The program involves consistent portion control, removing processed food complete with a day-by-day eating plan so that you don’t have to think about it and can focus on other things in life while still meeting your weight loss goals.

Then there’s 2B Mindset®, which uses food psychology techniques to reclaim control over cravings and meal planning. Developed by Ilana Muhlstein, this simple but strategic program is based on Intermittent Fasting (IF) with no calorie counting required! Start off with their “Eating Guide” which includes three easy carbohydrate strategies: Macro-friendly Meals & Snacks; Completing Targeted Macronutrient ratios; as well as Strategic Carb Cycling if desired/needed. With tons of recipes (including vegan options!), a custom journal for tracking meals and progress plus tons of free tips from Ilana each week this program will prove invaluable for anyone looking for success in terms of smart nutrition coupled with proven strategies for long lasting results!


To sum it up, Beachbody offers a wide variety of workout programs for anyone who wants to improve their physical health. There are programs designed to benefit people of all ages and fitness goals. Depending on your goal, time frame and budget, there’s sure to be something that will work for you. Whether you’re looking for intense bodybuilding or are just starting to get active again, Beachbody has something to fit your needs.

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