What Workout Clothes are Made in the USA?

If you’re looking for workout clothes that are made in the USA, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best brands that are producing high-quality workout clothes right here in the USA.


As the popularity of exercise has increased, so has the demand for workout clothing and gear. Many consumers are now looking for apparel that is made in the USA. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find fashionable and functional workout clothes that have been made domestically. This guide is designed to provide an overview of various brands offering US-made apparel and gear specifically designed with fitness in mind. Whether you’re looking for performance-driven activewear or casual fitness styles, there’s something out there to meet all needs--and all budgets! From popular sporting good stores to boutique entrepreneurs, we’ll explore what companies are offering when it comes to American-made fitness apparel.

This guide will also discuss the advantages of exercising in garments manufactured in the USA, such as improved quality control standards, increased safety assurance during production processes, and better environmental stewardship attributed to domestic makers than those found in broader global markets. Ultimately, this guide should help you understand more about US-made workout clothes so that you can make an informed decision when you’re shopping for items this season.

Benefits of Wearing USA-made Workout Clothes

When you’re hitting the gym or pounding the pavement, you need to make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. But what if you could do more than just look good and feel comfortable — what if doing so also benefited your country? Exercise apparel that is made in the USA has a number of advantages and benefits worth considering.

For starters, supporting USA-made apparel means that your money is going to keep jobs in the United States instead of being sent overseas. The purchase of US-made clothing helps maintain high standards for wages, workplace safety and environmental regulations. It also helps boost our economy by improving domestic production numbers, requiring fewer imports from other countries.

In addition, garments made domestically mean more consistent sizing and better control over quality control. Because they are produced closer to home, there is less shipping time which results in lessened environmental impact due to reduced air pollution from overseas transportation methods like trucks or airplanes. Local production eliminates any potential problems with importing foreign garment materials as well as ensuring better working conditions for those producing them here at home.

Finally, workout apparel that is produced within our borders provides unbeatable customer service and added convenience when it comes to returns or repairs because manufacturers can be reached quickly if needed — something that isn’t always an option with garments imported from other countries. Investing in these types of clothes also helps show your commitment to reducing textile waste since domestic makers tend to have more stringent recyclable packaging guidelines than foreign importers often do.

In conclusion, wearing exercise clothing created within America provides a number of positive benefits both economically as well as environmentally which can make all the difference when deciding what type of garments you choose for your next fitness undertaking!

Workout clothes made in the USA are becoming increasingly popular. They are well-crafted with high quality materials and often come with a lifetime guarantee. There are many brands out there that make their clothes in the USA. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.


Lululemon is one of the most popular and recognizable fitness clothing brands in the world. Founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1998, Lululemon now has a presence in dozens of countries all over the globe. While much of their production takes place overseas, they still produce some of their most popular products right here in the United States.

Lululemon offers an array of USA-made products for men, women and children. Their product line includes yoga pants, running shorts and tanks; sports bras; form-fitting tights; base layers; coats, jackets and sweaters; loungewear including shorts and sweatpants; swimwear for men and women; accessories such as hats and socks; plus a full range of apparel for kids. These items are made from high quality performance fabrics that are designed to wick moisture away from the skin during workouts or extended periods of activity.

Lululemon goods come with performance guarantees so you can purchase with confidence knowing that if your item doesn’t perform to your expectations within the first year of purchase due to fabric or construction defects, it can be replaced free of charge with something similar or be returned for a full refund.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is an activewear brand that is active in fashion-forward design and style choices for the modern-day athlete. All of their clothing is made in the USA and employs locally sourced fabrics. They offer a comprehensive selection of performance apparel for running, training, and other activities. Outdoor Voice garments are crafted with care and attention to detail, offering a unique blend of comfort, flexibility, and durability to meet the rigorous demands of any activity or exercise regimen. Their products also feature tech fabrics that regulate temperature while wick moisture away from the skin in order to keep athletes cool and dry during workouts. In addition to these features, Outdoor Voices utilizes UPF (ultra-violet protection factor) fabric technology designed to protect athletes against harmful UV rays often associated with outdoor activities like running or skiing. Whether you’re looking for tank tops or tights designed specifically for athletics or something more casual such as tees or hoodies, Outdoor Voices has you covered with thoughtfully designed apparel created locally here in the USA.


Vuori is a USA made clothing brand based in sunny San Diego, California. The company specializes in athletic wear, including workout apparel, casualwear and lifestyle items. They create products that are made to last and that focus on performance, fit and comfort. Their mission is to “Create a life-long connection between their customers and the coastal lifestyle.” Vuori offers product for men, women, and children’s activewear as well as shapewear for all sizes and ages. With products designed for the studio, gym or the beach, Vuori creates movement friendly garments with high-performance fabrics. Products include performance shorts and pants, sports bras, tanks tops and tees in a variety of colors to choose from. All product materials are sourced locally; so any item you purchase will be made right in the USA! While their products may not be the least expensive compared to those imported from overseas manufacturers, it is worth it knowing that you are buying quality made items crafted with attention to detail with local materials!

Shopping Tips for Buying USA-made Workout Clothes

Shopping for workout clothes made in the USA can be a great way to support local businesses and U.S. manufacturing. Knowing what to look for when shopping around is important to ensure that you are getting the best quality apparel and accessories. In this article, we’ll discuss shopping tips for buying USA-made workout clothes.

Check the label

When you’re in the market for new workout clothes, checking the label is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re buying American made products. Look for the “Made in USA” label on all clothing items, or research online to find specific brands that specialize in producing clothing made with American fabric and labor. If you can’t find an exact match for what you are looking for, be sure to look for items with a high percentage of domestically sourced materials. Choosing American-made products not only supports domestic job growth, but also helps keep your money in circulation within our country and economy. Additionally, many of these companies have higher labor standards than overseas manufacturers. Common practices like paying living wages and protecting human rights help make these brands better equipped to handle ethical consumer demand than their foreign counterparts. When researching which companies produce the best quality USA-made clothing, be sure to check out customer reviews, product specifications, fabric sources and production locations before making a purchase.

Read the product description

When shopping for clothing made in the USA, always start by reading the product descriptions carefully to get an idea of what materials are used and any details like whether the pieces are assembled or crafted in the USA. Even if something has “Made in USA” prominently featured on its label, it could very well be made from imported fabrics and components. So look for any additional details that indicate how much of a product was actually made in the US, such as “cut and sewn” or “assembled entirely in the USA.”

The same goes for looking at fabric content labels, which will usually still include a breakdown of where each material was sourced. Many companies that produce workout gear also specify on their websites whether certain pieces of clothing are 100 percent American-made — you just have to seek out that detail! To ensure you’re getting an authentic product that supports local makers—you’ll want to pay attention to these details.

Look for certifications

When looking for workout clothing made in the USA, look for certifications on labels to verify that the clothing is indeed American-made. The most common certifications are:
-Made in USA Certified – This certification requires that a product must be 100% made in the USA from start to finish, using only US produced components and US labor. This certification also requires that any finished goods used by foreign manufacturers must be tested and inspected prior to distribution.
-Fair Trade Certified – Fair Trade Certified products must meet certain global standards of fair labor, trade and transparency. These standards include paying fair wages and allowing workers to unionize.
-Organic Content Standard – The Organic Content Standard requires that products be made with certified organic materials (but not necessarily organic production methods). Products with this certification should have labels clearly stating where the fabric was grown, milled, and dyed (in the USA).
-Global Organic Textile Standard – This standard is similar to the Organic Content Standard but applies only to textile products (i.e., apparel). It requires traceability at all stages of production—from farmer and factory through material processes like bleaching, dyeing, and finishing—and must comply with strict rules on environmental impact and social responsibility.


At this point, it is clear that there are some options for those looking for workout clothes made in the USA. From large brands like Patagonia to smaller companies like American Giant, there’s something for everyone. Regardless of which option you choose, you can feel confident in knowing that your purchases are supporting American-based businesses and the people who work hard to make it all possible. In addition, shopping U.S.-made goods also helps to ensure quality products, as well as supporting local communities through job creation and tax contributions.

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