What Muscles to Workout on What Days

It’s important to target different muscle groups on different days to give those muscle groups time to recover. Here’s a guide on what muscles to work out on what days!


Monday is a great day to start your fitness journey, as it sets the tone for the rest of the week. Working out on Monday can help you get into a good routine and it’s a great way to boost your mental and physical wellbeing. When working out on a Monday, it’s a good idea to focus on the core muscles, such as the abdominal, back, and chest muscles, as they are essential for posture, balance and stability. Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises and workouts to do on a Monday.


Monday is an ideal day to focus on exercises that will help target and strengthen the chest muscles. Exercises should be combined with cardio and stretching to maximize results.

Chest exercises can vary depending on the individual’s goals and the amount of weight they are comfortable lifting. Some recommended chest exercises include: push-ups, bench presses, inclined presses, pec flys, cable crossovers, chest dips and decline press.

It can also help to do a combination of free weights, machines and bodyweight exercises in order to fully target all areas of the chest. When lifting weights, it is important to use proper form as incorrect form can lead to injury or even strain your back muscles instead of your chest muscles.

After completing a workout for your chest muscle group, it is important to do some cool down stretches such as cobras or pectorals stretches – this helps avoid any possible strains or injuries in the future and assist with muscle recovery by improving flexibility. Additionally, it is also beneficial for individuals to consume a meal that contains protein shortly after completing their workout routine in order for their body to recover quickly and efficiently.


The triceps, smaller muscle located at the back of the upper arm, are best worked on Mondays, when all muscles should ideally be trained. Training your triceps two to three times a week is ideal for developing size and strength, as long as you give them proper time to rest between workouts. For example, you can hit your triceps on Monday and then again on Thursday or Friday.

When working out your triceps, incorporate exercises such as dumbbell kickbacks, close-grip bench presses and triceps dips. Choose weights challenging enough that you can only perform 10–12 repetitions to ensure that you are working within the hypertrophy (muscle growth) range. To ensure maximum effectiveness from each exercise session it is important to choose one or two activities for the targeted muscle group and commit to performing at least three full sets of repetitions for each exercise. When either adding weight or increasing your number of sets and reps always make sure you warm up prior with a light set or two and also cool down with some lighter stretches once you’ve finished training your arms.


Tuesdays are a great day to focus on strengthening your core muscles. Targeting your core can help you develop stability, balance and posture, as well as improve your overall performance. A strong core will also allow you to lift heavier weights, as well as perform a variety of exercises with increased endurance. Let’s explore some of the best exercises for targeting your core on a Tuesday.


On Tuesdays, you will focus on working the muscles in your back. A strong and muscular back helps with posture and balance, is integral to any good strength training program and helps other areas of your body look balanced and strong. There are a variety of exercises for back muscle groups that you can include in your routine.

Lat Pulldowns: This exercise involves a bar that has weights attached by a cable pulling the bar down to chest level. It involves the latissimus dorsi, commonly known as “lats” which is responsible for bending and extending your arms out.

Barbell Rows: Barbell rows involve standing upright while holding a barbell against one’s chest with an overhand grip and then rowing the weight up towards ones upper abdomen. This exercise engages your entire back muscles such as lats, rhomboids, traps, and rear deltoids.

Dumbbell Rows: This motion starts from hips stable position while holding one dumbbell in each hand then bending forward until your torso reaches a 45 degree angle from floor. You will then retrace the movement rowing both dumbbells next to each other shoulder level at end of the repetition. It mainly works on those hard-to-reach muscles within middle to lower portions of lats area along trapezius muscle areas for comprehensive overall strengthening treatment


When it comes to exercising certain parts of the body, Tuesday can be a great day to target the biceps, since it is considered a two-muscle day. This means that in addition to biceps, you can also work out other muscle groups within the same session.

There are several methods for working out the biceps, such as using dumbbells, body weight exercises like chin-ups and pull-ups and by utilizing resistance bands. If you’re new to bicep training, it is important to start slow and be mindful of form when performing reps or sets. Additionally, use a spotter when possible if necessary.

For beginners, some great exercises for bicep workout include: curls – standing dumbbell and barbell or preacher curls on a bench; Hammer curls with dumbbells; Close Grip Chin Ups/Lat Pulldowns; Incline Dumbbell Curls; Cable Curls; Bent-Over Row with a Barbell/Dumbbell and Upright Rows with Dumbbells (or resistance bands). To maximize your workouts, ‘supersets’ – training two back-to-back exercises without rest – are recommended and give you better gains in less time. So plan ahead and make sure Tuesday is geared toward hitting those biceps!


Wednesday is a great day to add variety to your workout routine by targeting different muscles than usual. With the right exercises, your workouts can be intense and effective without having to spend long hours in the gym. Different muscle groups can be targeted on Wednesday, such as your chest, back, arms and abs. In this article, we will look into the best exercises to target each muscle group on Wednesday.


Training your shoulders is an important part of overall body strength and stability. Working out your shoulders on Wednesdays helps you create a balanced weekly exercise routine (which can also be beneficial to other parts of the body), and allows you to focus on getting the best results from this particular exercise. Working different muscle groups throughout the week can also give time between exercises for appropriate muscle recovery before resuming your training plan on subsequent days. Here are some exercises that should be included when looking to tone and build shoulder strength:

• Standing Shoulder Press – involves both primary and secondary muscles in the shoulder to help improve strength.
• Upright Row – an effective routine for developing upright posture, with a range of motion through the deltoids and upper back muscles for better form stabilization.
• Lateral Raises – targets shoulder blades and upper back muscles which helps with shoulder joint stability and mobility.
• Bent-Over Rows – works on postural alignment, helping build strength into the trapezius muscles in both overhead movements, as well as strengthening lower back muscles.

These exercises will target different muscle fibers in the shoulders, giving you more rounded development throughout the week with recovery built into your program allowing you to gain maximum benefit from your workouts over time!


The core is the central part of your body, and it’s important to keep it strong and toned to help you stay balanced during your workouts. Working out your core muscles can help you improve overall body strength and balance as well as reduce risk for injury. When it comes to building a stronger core, Wednesday is the day of the week you should dedicate some time to strengthen these essential muscles.

Core exercises can target multiple muscle groups such as the gluteus maximus (buttocks), rectus abdominus (abs), transverse abdominus (bottom layer of abdominal muscles), erector spinae (lower back), and internal/external obliques (waistline). Many times, one move can hit several of these areas at once for a more efficient workout.

So what types of exercises are best for focusing on the core? Amongst them are planks, crunches, flutter kicks, Russian twists, side bends and leg-lifts. Perform three sets each day consisting of 15-20 reps per exercise or increase repetitions if you feel comfortable with higher intensity exercises.

Make sure to take adequate rest between each set so that your core has enough time to recover before moving onto the next set. This type of full-body routine can help create a stronger foundation for other types of workouts that involve total body movement like running or HIIT training. Working on the core three days a week will help you strengthen the muscles in your abdomen in order to further challenge your fitness level — now that’s something worth jumping out of bed for on Wednesdays!


Thursday is a great time for a workout – and for targeting some specific muscle groups. On Thursdays, it’s important to focus on legs and core muscles. This is the perfect time to get some squats, lunges, and other lower body exercises in. Your core muscles are also important, so be sure to do some planks, crunches, and other core-strengthening exercises.


Leg muscles should be trained at least twice a week, as these are the largest muscles groups in the body. They contain three distinct main muscle groups which should all be worked on different days to adequately rest and recover.

Monday: Quadriceps
The four main muscles in this group include the rectus femoris (front of your thigh), vastus lateralis (outside part of your thigh), vastus intermedius (sitting between the two previous muscles) and vastus medialis (inner thigh). Try exercises such as squats, leg press and lunges to target these muscles.

Wednesday: Hamstrings
These are the three major muscles located on the back of your thighs. This includes the biceps femoris, semimembranosus and semitendinosus. Popular exercises for this group would be leg curls (lying or standing), Romanian lift and hip bridges.

Friday: Calves
This muscle group involves two distinct major muscles which are named gastrocnemius and soleus. To effectively target them you can do heel raises on a step, seated calf raises or calf presses on a machine.


The gluteal muscles, or glutes for short, are the muscles located in your bottom. They are necessary for a wide range of athletic and everyday activities such as walking, running, and jumping. To ensure that these muscles stay strong and healthy, it is important to incorporate exercises that target them into an exercise routine. On Thursdays, it wise to concentrate on glute-strengthening exercises to improve fitness performance.

To work out your glutes on Thursdays, there are several drills you can do as part of a circuit or with longer sets. Examples include squats, lunges (forward and reverse), front-foot-elevated split squats combined with lateral hops. Each exercise should be done for approximately 8-12 reps per set before progressing to the next move for a total of three sets of each exercise. It’s important to complete both pushing (squat variations) and pulling (lunge variations) movements when stretching and toning the muscle group. Other options are side-lying hip abduction/adduction, bird dogs dog leg kicks off a bench or stepdown boxes for added intensity). Be sure to stretch properly before any workout and use light weights if necessary) throughout your routine.


Fridays are an excellent day to target your core muscles, largely because your core muscles are the key to balance and stability. Friday workouts should also focus on large compound movements and more isolated exercises. Compound exercises work more than one muscle at a time, resulting in a more efficient workout. Isolated exercises, on the other hand, target and strengthen individual muscles. Let’s take a look at what muscles to target on Fridays.


If you’re looking to build a strong and defined chest, you should include some form of chest exercises in your weekly workout routine. When organizing your exercises, it is important to understand that it is not necessary to work your chest every day. It can be beneficial however to have them as one of the more frequent muscle groups worked in your training program.

The most common recommendation for chest workouts is twice a week (Monday and Thursday, for example). But depending on the intensity of your workout sessions, it may be possible to exercise your chest more frequently (3 times a week). Ideally, on Chest Day (Monday), you should perform a higher volume session which will include exercises 8-12 reps per set designed primarily for muscular hypertrophy. On Thursday, you would want to do an intense strength training session focusing on compound movements such as heavy bench presses with fewer reps (4-6) per set.

You can combine these two workouts within the same session if desired and do some heavy sets with low reps followed by moderate-volume sets with higher reps in the same session. You may also want to add some accessory exercises such as cable flyes either directly before or after the main lifts for additional intensity or endurance work.


Triceps are commonly known as the three-headed muscle group stretching from the elbow joint to the torso and play an active role during activities such as pushing, locking the elbow and extending your arms. To ensure that you are targeting all heads of the triceps adequately, incorporate both pushing exercises like tricep dips as well as pulling exercises like cable pushdowns into your routine. Below are some of the recommended exercises for triceps workouts:

-Tricep Pushdowns
-Bench Dips
-Overhead Tricep Extensions
-Tricep Kickbacks or Cable Kickbacks
-Close Grip Bench Presses


Saturday is a good day to focus on the chest and triceps muscles. Working these muscles, along with the shoulders and back, will help you build strength, power and muscle size. If you have time, you can also focus on your abs and legs. We’ll go over specific exercises and workouts that you can do on Saturday to target these muscles and build muscle size and strength.


Back workouts are important for you to maintain your posture, improve spinal mobility and stability and strengthen your core muscles. It’s never too late to start. Here are some great back exercises that you can add to your schedule on Saturdays (or any other day of the week):

– pull-ups: Great for building strength in the upper back, arms, shoulders and core
– bent-over rows: Use a barbell to target the middle and lower back muscles
– Lifeline USA Power Wheel: Use this piece of exercise equipment for exercises such as pulldowns, power wheel pushups and bodyweight rows
– dumbbells: try different weights from light to heavy for various resistance training moves like rolls, shrugs and back extensions
– cable machine: use cables with different resistance settings – with lat pulldowns you can work more muscle fiber than with other weight machines
– Spiderman pushup: use this unique version of a pushup variation to target the lats, rear delts and glutes in one move.

These are just some examples of effective back exercises that you can add into your workout routine on any given day of the week; however, many people like doing their back workouts on Saturdays as it gives them an opportunity to get extra recovery time over the weekend.


Saturday is a great day to work out your biceps. Working out your biceps will help strengthen them and make them more toned. Biceps exercises can help contribute to overall upper body strength development.

The best way to target the biceps is with isolation exercises, such as curls and hammer curls. These exercises engage a single muscle or muscle group with each rep, which helps isolate the bicep while creating focus and precision on your exercise technique. Other great exercises for targeting the biceps include chin ups, pull ups, vertical row variations and lat pulldowns.

Be sure to select a weight you are comfortable lifting, then do 6-10 repetitions of each exercise in succession for three sets to build strength and endurance in your arms. Rest for 30-60 seconds between each set of exercises for best results.

Always remember to warm up before you do any type of exercise by stretching or walking around for 5-10 minutes. This will help prepare your muscles for the workout and reduce any risk of injury during strenuous activity like curls or pull-ups. Make sure you cool down after the workout as well by stretching again or walking around until your heart rate has returned back to its normal level.


Sunday is the perfect day to take a break and rest for the upcoming week. You can still focus on working out certain muscles on your rest day to keep your body in good shape. Some exercises you can do are stretching, light weightlifting, and even some yoga. Let’s look into further exercises you can do on Sunday to work out specific muscles.

Rest Day

On a rest day, the body has a chance to heal itself and rebuild muscle tissue that was broken down by the activities of the past week. During this time, you can focus on stretching, foam rolling, or massage to aid in recovery. Doing anything is still beneficial on rest days as long as your body isn’t pushed beyond its limits. For example, light jogs or yoga can be performed on a rest day but only if it doesn’t interfere with your muscle recovery. Working out on Sundays is totally up to you and your level of fatigue. If you have been consistently lifting for the past few days and feel run down, taking a rest day is advised in order to avoid injury or overtraining

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