What is the Age to Workout at Planet Fitness?

If you’re wondering what the age limit is for working out at Planet Fitness, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you all the details on who can work out at Planet Fitness and how old they must be.

Age Requirements

Planet Fitness is a gym chain that offers a variety of fitness options for all ages. Depending on the laws in your region, the age to workout at Planet Fitness may vary. In the United States and Canada, the general age to work out at Planet Fitness is 16, although other age minimums may be in place. In this section, we will discuss the age requirements for working out at Planet Fitness.

Minimum age to join Planet Fitness

At Planet Fitness, members must be at least 13 years of age in order to access any of the gyms, which includes unaccompanied underage patrons. Any patrons under 18 years old must have their parent or guardian sign an assumption of risk and waiver form when joining and other additional forms as required by Planet Fitness and their home facility.

Children aged 12 and below are not allowed on the gym floor at any time; however, they are welcome in the Kid’s Club provided they meet the age requirements specified by their home facility. All under 18 year olds must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian while they are using Planet Fitness facilities. Supervision is defined as physical presence of the parent/guardian who is attending to the patron’s needs without socializing with other individuals or otherwise distracting member services staff.

Minors are permitted to use Planet Fitness facilities if their parent or legal guardian signs a membership agreement on their behalf. In some states, parental/guardian consent for minors may also be required for certain gym activities.

For members under 18 years of age, the minimum age requirement is 13 in most locations, but this varies by state and location. A parent or legal guardian must sign in at each visit, and the minor’s Photo ID will be taken. The parent/guardian understands that he/she is giving permission for the minor to use the gym and assumes all responsibility for their safety. It is important to verify age requirements at your local facility before signing up minors or engaging in any workout activities.

Parental/guardian consent requirements also apply to teens between the age of 13-16 (depending on location). Any teen under 18 requires an adult (parent/guardian) consent form prior to participating in a group fitness class, along with personal training sessions, tanning beds as well as access to hydro massage beds. Additionally, guardians must also stay present during classes and other supervised workout times that are open to those aged 13-17 years old.

Workout Facilities

Planet Fitness is a great place to get a comprehensive workout. It has a wide variety of machines and equipment, along with personal trainers and group classes. However, before you decide to join, it is important to know the guidelines for working out. In this article, we will discuss the age restrictions for working out at Planet Fitness.

Gym equipment available

At Planet Fitness, members are provided with access to the latest fitness equipment, including cardio and strength-training machines. This includes treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and a selection of free weights. Planet Fitness is also known for its resistance and selectorized machines, which allow members to perform specific exercises that target certain muscle groups. Additionally, many of their locations feature a range of virtual amenities such as interactive classes offered through their Health Solutions App as well as virtual tours of the facility. All locations offer a pizza night or unique deal in order to engage their members, creating opportunities for social activities within the gym.

Planet Fitness also provides several special amenities that make life easier while working out. Unlimited wifi is available at all locations and plenty of catering options are available throughout the day – snacks like protein bars and fruit as well as hydration stations with lemon-infused water and flavored coconut water. Furthermore, all gym equipment is maintained on a regular basis in order to make sure that they remain up-to-date with changes in technology or consumer feedback.

Access to personal trainers

Planet Fitness offers a range of services to help you reach your fitness goals. It’s important to note that while the average age at Planet Fitness is 18, the age will depend on which Planet Fitness location you are visiting. Many locations require members to be at least 16 years or older in order to use the equipment or take advantage of any of the gym’s services such as personal trainers, group exercise classes and nutrition consultations.

If you are looking for one-on-one help from a qualified personal trainer, most Planet Fitness locations offer this service for an additional cost. Personal trainers will create an individualized workout program tailored to meet your needs and goals. They can develop an action plan that includes your desired results, how often and long you should work out and what exercises to use with proper technique and form. Additionally, they provide personalized advice on your diet as well as on any areas where you may be struggling with progress in reaching your goals.

Group exercise classes

Planet Fitness offers a wide range of group exercise classes so that members have ample opportunities to stay fit and keep their muscles in shape. There are choices between high-intensity, cardio-based classes, strength and toning classes as well as flexibility and relaxation classes. Group exercises classes are available for members ages 14 and up, however individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Be sure to inquire at the front desk when signing up for any class as weight room privileges vary depending on age. At select locations Planet Fitness offers unique stability ball trainings specific to steadying and balancing exercises which are open to all ages.

Membership Options

Planet Fitness has a variety of membership options available for you to explore. Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose from a variety of plans. However, one of the most important things to consider when joining Planet Fitness is the age requirement. This article will discuss the age requirements for Planet Fitness and the available membership options.

Monthly memberships

Getting fit and staying in shape is a great way to stay healthy, look good and feel your best. Planet Fitness has several monthly membership options that allow those 18 years of age or older to take full advantage of their fitness centers. These membership plans offer 24/7 access, free WiFi and free fitness training.

The Black Card membership gives members the benefit of utilizing all Planet Fitness locations across the US and Puerto Rico, plus the option to bring one guest for free with each workout. Additionally this membership includes discounts on select beverages, food items, merchandise and tanning at participating locations.

The basic monthly plan allows members to use either the traditional or signature Planet Fitness clubs only – not valid at franchise locations – but also give access to new roll out benefits such as PF®TV Access and Group Fitness classes.

For those looking for a more economical approach, there is also an annual contract option with one low price that allows unlimited workouts that typically carry a higher rate than spending month-to-month fees. All plan fees vary based on location so be sure to check with your local center for complete details.

Annual memberships

Annual memberships with Planet Fitness include a low commitment and a wide range of benefits, ranging from access to all Planet Fitness locations for an entire year to special rewards and savings on fitness apparel, equipment and more. With our annual membership, you or your child can join at any age and enjoy unlimited gym access during staffed hours. Annual members also benefit from exclusive club upgrades based on local availability.

Membership options vary by location, but generally include basic monthly plans, annual plans that provide discounts off regular pricing, and payment options including paying in full or enrolling in a convenient monthly autopay plan. Annual membership plans also offer personal training sessions at a discount rate to help you get started on the right path towards health and wellness goals!

Student memberships

Planet Fitness provides exclusive discount student memberships for individuals age 18 and older. Students are eligible to receive a special membership rate that includes unlimited access to the club during staffed hours, and access to free fitness training. To qualify for this exclusive membership rate, students must present a valid college or university ID upon sign-up and may be asked to provide proof of enrollment when requested. With this discounted rate, student members can take advantage of everything the gym has to offer, from their modern cardio and strength equipment to classes such as Zumba or Yoga.

Safety Guidelines

Planet Fitness is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all of their customers. For that reason, they have a few safety guidelines in place when it comes to exercising. One important safety measure is that members must be at least 14 years old to use the gym’s equipment. This rule is in place to ensure that young people are properly instructed and are using the equipment properly. Let’s take a closer look at the safety guidelines for exercising at Planet Fitness.

Proper use of gym equipment

It is important to use gym equipment correctly and safely to avoid injury and strain. At Planet Fitness, gym members must be 14 years or older and accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 when visiting. It is also important to consider proper attire while exercising, as clothes that are too baggy can get caught in machinery, cause hesitation when exercising or limit range of motion. All gym members should wear appropriate athleisure clothing with closed-toe shoes to ensure comfort and safety during their workout session.

Additionally, it is best practice for gym members to familiarize themselves with the instruction placards next to each machine or piece of equipment before using it for the first time. Many machines have adjustable settings that can help reduce the risk of injury. Pay attention to guidelines for proper form when performing a strength or cardio exercise and utilize the spotting pins available on many machines as needed. Lastly, all gym members should avoid performing exercises which cause sharp pain or discomfort during a workout session; these activities can result in long-term health issues if continued nonetheless.

Wearing appropriate attire

When planning to work out at Planet Fitness, appropriate attire is expected from all members. In order to maintain a comfortable, hygienic, and safe workout environment for everyone, members should be dressed properly and appropriately. It is important for members to always make sure that their clothes cover their midriffs and intimate areas at all times. Members should also wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes that provide adequate protection against any potential hazards in the gym. Inappropriate attire includes (but is not limited to) gym clothing with profanity or offensive images/wordings; cut-off clothing; men’s shorts with an inseam of more than 4”; open-toed shoes; clothing with metal adornments or tears; hats and hoods (with the exception of Winter Classic hoodies); and torn, frayed or otherwise modified jeans that are flush with the ankle or below. It is also recommended that members bring a safe and effective way to store your personal belongings when working out, such as a rack or locker. Children 13 years of age or older may use the club if accompanied by an adult member 18 years of age or older who will remain in the club at all times during their visit.

Maintaining social distancing

In order to ensure the safety of all workout enthusiasts at Planet Fitness, it is important that members abide by social distancing protocols. Individuals should always remain six feet apart while using equipment and facilities. The gym has provided clear signs in appropriate places to remind customers of the recommended minimum distance between each person. Additionally, some high-traffic areas have been cordoned off in order to avoid physical contact during exercise.

In addition to maintaining socially distanced behaviors, all members must use designated workout times for their type of membership — Classic or PF Black Card — ensuring that the maximum amount of persons present at each location do not exceed our capacity limits and are adequately spaced apart from one another. Planet Fitness staff will be monitoring all areas throughout the day and any violations will be handled accordingly.

Finally, all participants who are under age 18 must purchase a PF Young Adult (18 & Under) membership and must always be accompanied by an adult with a current membership when using the gym. This rule is designed to ensure the safety of young individuals while they exercise using gym equipment and prevent accidental injuries due to improper methods or overloaded machines, among other issues. All minors should also adhere to social distancing guidelines while in the facility and refrain from engaging in physical contact with gymgoers they do not know personally.

Additional Benefits

Besides being able to use the gym facilities, signing up for a Planet Fitness membership comes with a variety of additional benefits. With a Planet Fitness membership, you get access to fitness classes, specialized equipment and much more. You also get to join their perks program, which can help you save money on fitness items and get discounts on other services. Let’s look at the age requirement of being able to use the gym, and the additional benefits of being a member.

Access to the HydroMassage beds

One of the additional benefits included when you join Planet Fitness is access to the HydroMassage beds. Located in the public areas of all club locations, these massage beds use warm water to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience. These adjustable massage beds are beneficial for relieving sore muscles, stress reduction, post-workout recovery, and even sleep enhancement—all at the touch of a button.

What makes the HydroMassage beds so beneficial for gym goers is their ease of use. All you need to do is check in with members services upon arrival and then you can select from several different massage options that range from invigorating deep-tissue pulse pressure massages to soothing wave motion. Most Planet Fitness locations also offer flexibility on when and how long you choose to use these massage machines—making them an ideal way to relax after your workout or take a break during your day.

The age requirements for using the HydroMassage beds vary by location but they generally range between 14 and 18 years old with parental permission depending on state regulations regarding juvenile age restrictions. This is just another great benefit Planet Fitness offers to help members reach their fitness goals!

Access to the tanning beds

At Planet Fitness, you will have access to the tanning beds when aged 16 and up. All workouts take place in a clean and comfortable environment designed for privacy and safety. With your membership, you can enjoy unlimited access to the massage chairs, tanning beds and Hydro-massage beds. Tanning beds are equipped with top-of-the-line features like LED glow panel, adjustable facial station and comfortable neck rest cushioning.

Planet Fitness also offers additional benefits such as:
– Workout kiosks with video instruction for some of the best exercises
– 24/7 access to staff members for any questions or concerns
– Strength classes at specific locations to teach proper form for different exercises
– Reward program for every 30th workout completed
– Access to GroupX classes like zumba or yoga

Access to the Planet Fitness app

In order to take advantage of the full range of benefits that membership at Planet Fitness provides, customers should explore the Planet Fitness app. It provides members with a convenient way to manage their individual fitness journeys. The app allows members to track and store workouts, view their account details, access motivating articles, chat with other members, and start virtual challenges – amongst many other features!

The app is designed to make your experience more convenient and intuitive while at the gym. Users can access classes offered by Planet Fitness Locations, book personal training sessions, find gyms in their area, and ask questions in an online forum. The goal is for users to be able to customize their workout experience to fit their individual needs and goals.

Planet Fitness also offers a rewards program that will allow you to earn points for each workout completed or class attended. These points can add up quickly and be redeemed for anything from discounted on-site services like tanning or massage therapy, exclusive deals from partners like Nike or local restaurants, or even cash rewards of up to $500! With all these great added benefits made available through the Planet Fitness App, it’s easy why it’s become such an essential tool for customers everywhere.

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