Makeup You Can Workout In: The Best Products to Sweat-Proof

We all know that feeling of wanting to look our best when we’re working out, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to put on a full face of makeup. So, what’s a girl to do?

Luckily, there are some great makeup products out there that are specifically designed to be sweat-proof, so you can look good and feel confident even when you’re working up a sweat.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of our


Primer is an essential step in your makeup routine if you want it to last through a workout. Primer creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup products, helping to keep your makeup in place and prevents it from smudging and transferring. Using a good primer will help your makeup stay put and make it much easier to remove after your workout.

Why use primer?

Primer is an important step in makeup application, as it helps to create a smooth base and prevents shine or patchiness throughout the day. Primers are also lightweight, so they sit comfortably on the skin without feeling heavy. An ideal primer should be oil- and fragrance-free, cruelty-free, vegan or hypoallergenic.

Using primer is especially important when you’re going to be incorporating exercise into your day — such as running errands after a gym session or attending a Zumba class right after work. A good primer will help your foundation stay in place and minimize smudging throughout the day with less touch-ups needed. It also fills in any fine lines and pores for an airbrushed finish, so you don’t have to worry about leaving lines of product on clothing or sweat collecting on your skin. Primers can also add a protective barrier between your makeup and perspiration that helps keep your skin clear by eliminating free radical damage from environmental pollution and UV rays.

When shopping for face primers there are several options: silicone based primers that give a more matte finish; water based formula that offer a hydrated canvas; mineral primers which help retain moisture while giving coverage; BB or CC creams which contain sun protection factor (SPF) while moisturizing; mousse which is best used during winter months as it provides lighter coverage; liquid foundation/tinted moisturizers provide additional coverage beyond what typical facial primers provide.

The right primer can make even the most basic makeup look flawless, long wearing and smudgeproof — making it perfect for workouts or days where you want your beauty look to last all day long!

The best primers for sweat-proof makeup

For hours-long workouts, you want to pick makeup that doesn’t get in the way. A good primer can help lay the groundwork for sweat-proof makeup that won’t budge no matter how hard your workout. That being said, there are some important factors to consider when finding the right primer.

Choose something that’s easy to blend and apply – if your primer doesn’t go on smoothly, it’ll make everything else difficult. Make sure it works with whatever type of foundation you’re using (your favorite formula might need a different primer than usual). And of course, choose something that is both non-allergenic and sweat-proof so it will stay on through your toughest workouts. Here are some tried and true favorites for keeping makeup in place during a workout:

1) Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Primer: This oil-free formula comes in 3 versions; Original, Hydrating, and Matte. It helps smooth skin out for an even surface and locks in moisture to prevent dryness which keeps foundation looking flawless.

2) Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: Whether you have oily or combination skin, this lightweight formula helps regulate sebum production so you don’t have an oily appearance all day long. Excessive sweating won’t be an issue!

3) Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer: This silky product instantly smooths over pores while making sure foundation stays put…even if you break a serious sweat during your workout!

4) Kose Sekkisei Emulsion Creamy Moisturizing Lotion: This lotion is a Japanese drugstore staple for creating a perfect canvas for makeup without having to worry about transferring or clinging due to excessive perspiration during workouts. The combination of humectants and emollients mean skin stays moisturized as oil production is regulated naturally.

These products are great choices for proven results when looking for primers that will last throughout even your toughest workouts!


Foundation is one of the most important products to consider when it comes to sweat-proof makeup. A good foundation can not only help you even out your skin tone, but also help you stay sweat-proof during a workout. There are many different types of foundation, from liquid to powder, so it’s important to find the right one that works best for your skin type and needs. Let’s look at the best foundations for sweat-proof makeup.

The best foundations for sweat-proof makeup

When it comes to foundation makeup, you need something that won’t melt away with the sweat of your workout. There are lots of formulas available these days, but the key is finding the foundation that stays put throughout your workout and beyond. Fortunately, there are a variety of base products out there that can help you achieve a look that will stay put and keep you looking your best. Let’s explore some of these:

Powder Foundations:
These foundations offer amazing coverage with a soft, matte finish and are easy to apply for an instant coverage boost. Powder foundations come in a variety of shades and can create an airbrushed look with just one application. They often contain minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which help deflect light which give them long-lasting wear without the need for touch-ups.

Tinted Moisturizers:
Tinted moisturizers are great if you want light coverage or need hydration due to dry skin caused by harsh workouts or environment. They often contain Vitamin E or Aloe Vera extract, which act as moisturizing agents helping keep skin fresh throughout the day while adding a wash of color to even out any blemishes or redness caused by exercise.

BB/CC Creams:
Beauty Balm (BB) creams and Color Correction (CC) creams are makeup must-haves for those who want lightweight yet buildable coverage options post workout – along with added skincare benefits like antioxidants and SPF protection from sun damage. Most BB & CC Creams offer excellent color matching capabilities so it’s easy for you to find one that perfectly complements your skin tone instead of masking it over with heavier formulas such as liquid foundation or powder formulations.

How to apply foundation for sweat-proof makeup

Foundation is arguably the base of any makeup look. But, it’s important that you pick a foundation that is right for your skin type and will last through your workout. Whether you wear light, dewy coverage or opt for a full coverage matte foundation, there are a few tips to follow to make sure your face looks flawless and won’t budge during your next workout.

Choose the best formula: When looking for a sweat-proof foundation, opt for long-wearing formulas with high levels of oils so they don’t slide off after you start to sweat. Stick with waterproof and oil-free options or look for those designed specifically to wear during exercise.

Start with the right kind of moisturizer: The first step when applying any makeup should be hydrating the skin by putting on moisturizer first. Choose an oil-free option specifically designed to hydrate without causing shine. This will help balance out the oiliness from the sweat-proof foundation so it looks natural monmnot shiny after application.

Apply setting powder: After applying foundation, dust a translucent setting powder over top using either a brush or beauty blender sponge and work it into the skin in circular motions until blended in completely. This will help set the foundation in place so it stays put throughout your workout routine without transferring onto clothing or equipment.

Apply finally touches: Once you applied your base layer of makeup, use concealer where needed and apply blush or bronzer to achieve your desired look while keeping it sweatproof! Finish off by brushing on a loose powder setting spray or finishing sprayfor an extra layer of protection that helps keep everything in place during all levels of activity!


When it comes to wearing makeup to the gym, one of the most important elements is a sweat-proof concealer. Concealer helps to mask any imperfections and dark circles, giving your skin a brighter, healthier look. It also helps to prevent your skin from looking shiny or greasy during your workout. There are different types of concealers out there, so it’s important to find one that is sweat-proof and will stay put throughout your workout. Here are some of the best options for sweat-proof concealer.

The best concealers for sweat-proof makeup

Concealers are an essential part of most makeup routines and they can be effective if you’re trying to sweat-proof your beauty look. When choosing a concealer, it’s important to find a product that is long-lasting and offers the right amount of coverage.

For extreme perspiration, heavy-duty concealers are available that provide maximum coverage with minimal smudging or transfer. These are usually waterproof or water resistant, and generally come in thicker formulations that can provide up to 24 hour coverage while also offering hydration benefits.

If you’re looking for a lighter option, opt for a medium-coverage concealer with light-weight texture, great blendability and full opacity.These lighter products often have additional ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E to hydrate your skin while you perspire throughout the day.

If you have dry skin or suffer from redness, opt for a formula with gentle ingredients like aloe vera that won’t irritate your complexion. As an added bonus, many of these formulas will add radiance to the area under the eyes making it appear younger looking while also concealing blemishes efficiently. Lastly if you are conscious about how your makeup might affect the environment opt for eco-friendly formulas made from natural ingredients such as vegetable oils.

How to apply concealer for sweat-proof makeup

Sweating is inevitable when you’re working out, but that shouldn’t stop you from striving to look your best! One of the best ways to ensure that your makeup stays in tact during an intense workout session is to choose sweat-proof products. Concealer is a great way to cover up any dark circles or blemishes while still being able to sweat it out. Here’s how to apply concealer properly and make sure it stays put:

Start off with a clean face. After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, wait five minutes before applying any makeup so that your skin has time to completely dry and absorb any moisturizer you may have used. When using concealer, it’s key that the area be entirely clean and dry so it will adhere properly.

Choose a sweat-proof concealer formula. The best type of concealer for workouts should be long wearing and contain ingredients such as silica or kaolin to keep it in place no matter how much you sweat! Look for formulas that are specifically labeled as “long-wear” or “sweat-proof” for maximum effectiveness.

Using a tiny brush or small sponge, dab on the concealer over any blemishes or dark circled areas of your face while blending away from natural lines and curves of your skin. Make sure not to use too much product (a little goes a long way) so that the areas look natural but still covered up nicely.

Set the concealer with lightweight powder—a quick swipe along each covered up area will help seal in the product and prevent smudging or smearing throughout your workout session! You can also use translucent powder instead if you want something even lighter in coverage.


When it comes to finding sweat-proof makeup for your workout, powder is one of the best choices. Powder formulas allow for quick and easy application and don’t require any additional blending. It also helps with shine control, giving you a natural look that lasts throughout your workout. Let’s talk about the best powder products to use for your sweat-proof makeup.

The best powders for sweat-proof makeup

Using a powder is an essential step in helping your makeup stay put throughout any activity or day-long heat. Applying a good layer of powder provides one extra layer of protection and can help set your makeup in place. Whether you want to reduce shine or ensure long-wear foundation and concealer, the use of a quality face powder is key.

When it comes to sweat-proofing your makeup, there are a few primary types of face powders that are well suited for the job. Loose powders are known to have the most coverage, but compact and translucent varieties should not be ignored either!

Loose Powder: Loose powders provide full coverage and help absorb any excess moisture for long lasting looks with minimal touch-ups. They also provide an overall brightening effect and can be extremely useful for baking (the time consuming process of patting and gently brushing away loose powder on top of areas where extra coverage is needed).

Compact Powders: Compact varieties offer convenience in packaging with similar effects as loose powders. Some come with a sponge applicator included while others require separate brushes or sponges for application methods that work best for subtle, uniform results.

Translucent Powder: A highly underrated type of facial powder, translucent formulas offer lightweight texture that blend easily into all skin tones. Ideal for reducing shine minus the matte finish many other products may provide, it’s especially great at preventing oil build up while providing minimal consequence with frequent reapplications if necessary.

When it comes to creating smudge-proof looks that last all day long, using powders is the key step! Look up customer reviews online from trusted retailers like Ulta Beauty & Sephora before investing in high quality products specifically created to withstand harsh environments like humid climates and daily physical activity!

How to apply powder for sweat-proof makeup

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make sure your makeup stays in place throughout your workout or all day, try applying a powder before and after foundation or concealer. This will help set the makeup and keep shine away that can be caused by sweat.

Powders are especially helpful if you have oily skin, as it will absorb oil and give the skin a matte finish. It is recommended to use a primer before applying any makeup, as this helps create an even canvas for powders to adhere to. It is important to note that although powdered makeup can help create a sweat-proof look, it may also clog up pores over time if used too often. As with any beauty routine, it is important to be aware of the products that best suit you and your skin type.

To get optimal results when using powder, follow these steps:
1) Choose the right shade – powders come in various colors ranging from opaque white to sheer colors with pink undertones perfect for covering blemishes. Pick one that closely matches your natural skin tone for best results.
2) Apply with either a brush or sponge – apply the powder lightly onto freshly cleansed skin with either a soft brush or damp cosmetic sponge, ensuring even coverage over the entire face area being covered; don’t forget about the cheeks!
3) Use blotting techniques – dabbing long strokes of tissue paper on certain areas can help reduce excess shine from forehead and chin areas where there tends to be more moisture buildup when exercising or sweating heavily.
4) Reapply throughout day – You may want to reapply powder during midday if you feel your face beginning to become shiny again due excessive sweat build-up; simply touch up with some powder using a brush or sponge without over-doing it so you don’t cake on too much product onto your skin!


Blush is an essential item in any makeup bag. When it comes to working out, having a good sweat-proof blush can help you stay looking your best even after a hard workout. There are many different options out there, from powder to cream blushes, so you can find one that meets your needs. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best blushes to help you stay looking beautiful while you break a sweat.

The best blushes for sweat-proof makeup

When it comes to sweat-proof makeup, blushes are an essential part of any look. Not only do they add a pop of color to your face, they also give you a natural, healthy glow. But not all blushes are sweat-proof, so you have to be careful when selecting one. The good news is there are plenty of blushes out there that have been specifically formulated to last during workouts and in humid environments.

Here are some of the best blushes for providing long-lasting coverage that won’t melt off no matter how much you perspire:

Melt Cosmetics Blushlite – This highly pigmented blush has ultrafine shimmer for an extra radiant finish, and its color is designed to stay true all day, whatever the activity. It has a lightweight whipped texture and is free from parabens and phthalates.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush – This blush gives your cheeks naturally flushed look with its sheer texture and buildable coverage. Its 8-hour formula ensures that it won’t fade or shift throughout the day – or your workout session!

Glossier Cloud Paint – A creamy liquid formula that applies smoothly and provides sheer natural color. Its unique mousse-like consistency is buildable as well as waterproof – perfect for hot summer days and active living!

Benefit Cheekleaders Blush Brigade Palette – This palette was designed with fitness buffs in mind! The sustainable packaging contains five versatile shades which provide just enough pigment to give you a natural looking flush without being overwhelming or fading away quickly during outdoor activities or sweaty workouts at the gym.

How to apply blush for sweat-proof makeup

Blush is the perfect way to add a flush of color to your makeup look and add dimension to your face. But when it comes to working out, no one wants a runny streak of pink down their cheeks! Applying blush correctly is key for sweat-proof makeup.

When choosing a blush, look for creams or gels with light reflecting properties which help keep you looking fresh while still delivering great staying power. You should also aim for an oil-free formula as these are less likely to smudge and leave behind any streaks or discoloration when you’re sweating.

When applying your blush, focus on blending and building color outward from the apples of your cheeks in small strokes towards the temple area rather than buffing it directly onto the apples of your cheeks with large circular motions which will lead to more product breakage when you start sweating. This gradual building technique will give you a natural, even flush that will last throughout any workout session! Finally, be sure to set the blush with powder either translucent or colored depending on your desired effect – but make sure it’s non-drying as this can cause your blush to cake over time while combating sweat!

Eye Makeup

If you’re going for a workout but still want to look put-together, then eye makeup is a great way to do it. The challenge is to find the right eye makeup that can stand up to sweat and humidity. From long-lasting mascaras to smudge-proof liners and waterproof eyeshadows, there are plenty of options that won’t come off during your sweat session. Let’s take a look at the best products to sweat-proof your eye makeup.

The best eye makeup for sweat-proof makeup

Achieving a sweat-proof makeup look can be daunting, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Some eye makeup products, like highly pigmented eyeshadows or waterproof mascara, tend to crease or smudge as the day wears on and your face heats up. It pays to invest in long-lasting and high-performing makeup products that will ensure your sweat won’t disrupt your overall look.

The best eye makeup for sweat-proof makeup should tick off a few key features — smudge and crease resistant, waterproof, oil control capable and easy to apply. Here are some recommended products you should consider picking up:

Product 1: Eyeshadow Primer – This product creates a blank canvas for the rest of your eye look and helps your eyeshadow stay put all day.

Product 2: Waterproof Mascara – A good waterproof mascara is able to hold up against perspiration while simultaneously enhancing lash length and volume.

Product 3: Eye Shadow in Matte Finish – As creamy eyeshadows have a tendency of creasing, opt for powder shadows with a matte finish instead — this will help keep the shadow from melting off or smearing around the eyelids due to sweating.

Product 4: Long Wearing Eyeliner – Long lasting liners can last several hours without crumbling or fading away even when you sweat. Look for liners that feature longwear properties such as ‘waterproof’ or ‘smudge proof’ on the packaging.

Product 5: Makeup Setting Spray – To secure all of the elements of your eye look in place, use a setting spray at the end of application . The weightless mist locks down powders, extends wear time and prevents any runny liquids from dripping down whilst you workout!

How to apply eye makeup for sweat-proof makeup

For those of us who enjoy an intense workout, having makeup run down our faces is no fun. But it’s not impossible to find makeup that won’t budge before, during, and after vigorous activity. Take eye makeup as an example; there are several steps to making sure you have sweat-proof eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara.

The first step in achieving a sweat-proof look is to use primer on your eyes. Primers create a barrier between makeup and skin which helps to lock in the colors and prevents them from getting muddled due to sweat or oils produced from sebaceous glands around the eye area. Additionally, primers help keep makeup from shifting when exposed to humidity or moisture including sweat—making them essential for long-lasting eye makeup looks all day long.

Once you have applied primer it’s time for eyeliner if desired. Applying liquid, gel and pencil liners is fairly easy; some people like a heavily lined look while others prefer a more subtle effect with just a line above the lash line for definition but either way liquid or gel liners are best bets for sweatproof looks as they generally have waterproof formulas and last longer than their traditional counterparts such as pencils.

For coverage at lid level you will want to consider using cream shadows because they stay put even through activity and also blend more easily than powder shadows; by using your fingers to apply this type of shadow it can help blend more seamlessly into the primer which keeps your eyeshadow bereft of fading away throughout the day/night of wear – be sure to set with a sealing powder afterwards for long lasting look that won’t move an inch when you start working up a sweat!

Mascara can be one of the biggest worries when exercising but don’t fret! When selecting mascaras it is important that they are labeled ‘waterproof’ or ‘sweat-resistant’ so that they will last whilst you exercise without smudging down your face – some good brands such as Maybelline offer popular mascaras like “Great Lash Waterproof” which come highly recommended fore sweating out in style with no running mascara guaranteed!

Lip Makeup

For those who like to work out while wearing makeup, finding the right lip makeup can be a challenge. Sweat can cause products to melt and smudge, leaving you with a mess. Fortunately, there are some products available that are sweat-proof and long-lasting, making them ideal for workouts. Here are some of the best sweat-proof lip makeup products to help you look your best while exercising.

The best lip makeup for sweat-proof makeup

When working up a sweat, the last thing you want is lip makeup smudging or running down your face. With the right lip products, however, you can create a look that won’t budge – no matter how rigorous your workout is! Keep reading to learn more about the best types of lip makeup for sweat-proof makeup that will keep you looking fresh and beautiful while exercising.

Lip Gloss: Lip gloss can add shine and moisture to the lips without being too heavy like a lipstick. Lip glosses come in both regular and water-resistant varieties, making them an ideal choice for those who need extra hydration while they work out.

Lip Stains: When it comes to staying power, nothing beats a lip stain. This type of product provides intense color payoff without having to worry about it coming off as you sweat. Just be sure to apply lightly and use even strokes for an even finish on your lips.

Matte Liquid Lipstick: For more coverage than lip stains offer, matte liquid lipstick is the perfect way to get all-day wear with a smooth matte finish. There are many formulations available that are water-resistant so they’ll stay put no matter how much you move and shake during your workout session.

Tinted Balm: For athletes who want minimal color payoff but maximum hydration, tinted balm is your best bet! The balm formula will keep your lips soft as it works to lock in color all day long – perfect for those low-key workouts!
Powder Lipstick: Another great option for staying power combined with hydration is powder lipstick. As its name implies, powder lipstick has a powdered texture that sets quickly but keeps lips moist thanks to its special blend of oils and waxes. With plenty of shades available in both sheers and mattes alike, this type of lip makeup won’t quit – even when you do!

How to apply lip makeup for sweat-proof makeup

Lips are one of the most prominent features in makeup—but regardless of whether or not you’re wearing other products, you still want your lips to maintain their form and color after hours of sweating. To ensure that your lip makeup doesn’t bleed during a workout, one must apply it correctly. Here is a guide to help secure that your luscious pout stays flawless throughout the day:

1. Start off with a clean and moisturized lip. Preparing your lips ensures best results when applying lip makeup allowing products to be absorbed more effectively.

2. If you’re wearing lipstick, use a lip liner that matches the shade closest to it. This will add definition while also making sure that no lipstick bleeds off while you’re sweating up a storm at the gym.

3. Use a matte lipstick or cream formula for long-lasting hold on your pout without feeling dry afterwards (lips have enough exposure from environmental stressors!). You can also opt for liquid Mattes for better coverage – these are some of the longest lasting formulas which require very little maintenance and look freshly applied for hours on end!

4. Make sure to blot any excess oils from your lips before applying product by dabbing with tissue paper or even blotting paper — this helps keep it from smudging away so easily later on!
5. Lastly, seal in your lips using either setting spray or powder and set foundation if necessary for extreme workout sessions- this will lock away moisture so product won’t budge no matter what kind of sweat sesh you get into!

Setting Spray

Setting spray is one of the best ways to make sure your makeup can stand up to sweating during a workout. These sprays are designed to create a barrier between your skin and makeup while also helping your makeup last longer. There are a variety of setting sprays on the market, each with its own unique features. Let’s take a look at some of the best setting sprays for sweat-proofing your makeup.

The best setting sprays for sweat-proof makeup

Setting your makeup to last through those long workouts takes more than just a hint of willpower: you need the right products, too. Enter setting sprays, an invaluable part of your makeup routine for keeping sweaty glares at bay. Setting sprays are formulated to lock in your look for hours and can even extend the life of that freshly-blended makeup palette. And if you’re like us, armed with the right waterproofing agents, you want to make sure breathing while exercising is still an option.

Different formulas come with various ingredients and can be tailored to each individual’s skin type or preferences. Here are some of the best setting sprays for sweat-proof makeup:

-Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray: A cult classic, this waterproof setting spray ensures maximum coverage through any workout. Formulated with invigorating green tea, aloe vera and cucumber extract, this quick-drying formula will keep you looking runway ready regardless of which miles you’re running.

-Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Setting Spray: This ultra fine mist is both light on your face and heavy at work providing a much needed pick me up for oily skin types too. With just a few spritzes it rapidly locks in moisture and pigment ensuring a flawless look although humidity or perspiration hits hard.

-TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Mist: Tatcha isn’t just about luxury skincare products but breathable eco-friendly beauty solutions as well – making this face mist an absolute must have! Its weightless texture results in an airy feel against the skin while still protecting it from temperature damage long after that high intensity spin class has finished up.

How to apply setting spray for sweat-proof makeup

Using a setting spray is one of the most effective ways to make sure your makeup stays fresh and intact while working out. To properly apply setting spray, start by shaking the bottle to mix the formula evenly. Hold the bottle 8-10 inches away from your face and spritz onto various areas of your face. Repeat until you’ve covered your entire face with a light mist. You don’t want to apply too much because it can make your skin feel tight, and this will cause fading or creasing. Let it dry for several seconds before continuing with makeup application or touching up other products.

For sweat-proof performance, it’s best to choose a long-lasting waterproof or water-resistant setting spray. These formulas are designed to stand up against excess moisture and humidity without running or dripping off of your skin, even during intense workouts or outdoor activities. When shopping for setting sprays, be sure to look for labels with words like “long-wear”, “waterproof”, “matte finish”, “24 hours wear” and so on.

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