How Much Does Workout Anytime Cost per Month?

How Much Does Workout Anytime Cost per Month?
Workout Anytime is a affordable gym with no long-term contracts.


Workout Anytime is a fitness center that offers its members access to a variety of gym and exercise equipment. The company offers different plans for their members, allowing them to choose their desired level of access and cost. This article will provide an overview of the different plans available, and what you can expect to pay for each plan per month. Let’s take a look at the different options.

What is Workout Anytime?

Workout Anytime is a gym and fitness center chain founded in 1999. It offers several membership options, each with different access levels and monthly fees. Depending on the membership option you choose, you could expect to pay anywhere from $10 to over $50 per month.

Workout Anytime helps its members get maximum value through affordable pricing and personalized programs that take the guesswork out of fitness. All clubs have 24-room facility locations, with emergency medical staff on call. The centers specialize in custom-fit workout plans, specialized health screenings, nutrition counseling, spinning classes and personal training sessions, with other add-ons such as saunas and hot tubs offered at many locations.

For those looking for more than just the basics like cardio equipment for weight loss solutions or strength training machines for muscle building — Workout Anytime also provides access to more advanced classes such as yoga, zumba and kickboxing that can help you grow stronger in your workouts over time. With wide-ranging services from beginner to expert level, Workout Anytime is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to break into fitness without breaking their bank balance!

Benefits of Working Out at Workout Anytime

Working out at Workout Anytime offers plenty of features that can benefit you no matter what your fitness goals are. Depending on the facility, amenities may include cardiovascular equipment, strength training equipment, free weights, personal training and classes such as yoga, Pilates and spinning. Additionally, many clubs offer a range of specialty services designed to help you meet your fitness goals such as fitness assessments, nutrition counseling and lifestyle programs. With access to these various amenities and services in one convenient location, getting a good workout only requires a few routine visits to Workout Anytime instead of purchasing individual memberships or multiple packages.

Aside from convenient access to full-service workout bars available 24 hours a day seven days a week in select locations, Workout Anytown also offers specialized “no initiation fees” monthly memberships with additional discounts for multiple passes or family supplementary memberships. These no initiation fees memberships make it even more affordable to stick to your fitness plans and benefit from an expansive range of trappings in combination with price savings. This makes it possible for individuals of every age group and budget to afford the work out plans with special attention being extended for students and seniors.

At certain locations there may be additional benefits available, including pool access or exclusive promotions providing discounted in-club services like massages or tanning packages. With industry-leading safety protocols that include modern air purification systems coupled with clear positioning about social distancing guidelines make it easy for anyone who wants to get into shape without worrying about exposing themselves – or others – to health risks associated with some gyms.

Membership Options

Workout Anytime is a gym with over 200 locations nationwide that offers a variety of membership options for customers. The membership options range from basic to all-inclusive, so there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll take a look at how much the memberships cost per month, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Standard Membership

Workout Anytime prides itself on having various membership levels to accommodate different types of customers. The Standard membership is the most basic form of monthly access at Workout Anytime and covers all gym amenities, such as strength and cardio equipment, free weights, personal training sessions, group classes and more. This type of subscription includes access to your local Workout Anytime facility 7 days a week during their hours of operation at no additional cost.

For those looking for an even more enhanced experience, they also offer Premium Membership options that provide members exclusive perks such as group classes with certified fitness trainers and a complimentary meal plan tailored to their fitness goals. The average cost per month for a Standard Membership is $30-$50 depending on the location and chosen plan. For more details on membership rates, please contact your local Workout Anytime for pricing information.

Elite Membership

Workout Anytime’s Elite membership provides fitness enthusiasts with exclusive access to some of the best amenities and services that the gym has to offer. With this level of membership, members have access to advanced resistance training equipment and receive guidance from personal trainers on proper form and technique. This type of membership is ideal for those who are interested in taking their fitness goals to the next level.

The monthly fee for this membership includes full access to all gyms, unlimited body fat testing and assessments, four free personal training sessions per year, free use of all group exercise classes, one free massage session per month, discounts on products and services in-store and online, exclusive access to special events such as seminars or discounted rates for guest passes for family or friends. Additionally, members also receive VIP treatment when visiting Workout Anytime gyms around the country. With benefits like these it’s easy to see why becoming an Elite member at Workout Anytime is a great value and a great way to ensure you reach your fitness goals.

Corporate Membership

Workout Anytime offers Corporate Membership options that can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization. Our Corporate Membership options provide flexible plans with premium perks and discounted rates for businesses that are looking for maximum savings. With corporate memberships, each corporate employee will receive an exclusive Workout Anytime card with their membership that can be used for global access to all of our workout centers. Corporate members also gain access to exclusive amenities like free guest passes, store discounts, and more. In addition, customized corporate wellness initiatives may include health screenings or nutrition counseling for employees. With our Corporate Memberships, you will discover unlimited ways to get fit and enjoy a healthier lifestyle in the workplace and beyond.


Workout Anytime offers several membership options to fit your workout needs and budget. From low monthly rates to prepaid yearly memberships, Workout Anytime caters to all types of budgets. In this section, we are going to look at the cost of membership per month to help you make an informed decision.

Standard Membership Pricing

Workout Anytime offers affordable memberships with options available to meet the needs and budgets of any individual. Our standard membership pricing is month-to-month, offering an all-inclusive access to all the amenities provided in any one club. This includes unlimited use of any Workout Anytime 24/7, state-of-the-art equipment with dedicated personal trainers available for a fee, and additional benefits such as nutritional counseling and group fitness classes.

Our standard monthly membership starts at $19.99 for a 12-month commitment, but may go up depending on your location and the amenities offered in each location. Our annual Platinum Membership gives you a 15% discount on all gym services such as personal training and nutrition consultations. All memberships come with two free guest passes per month so you can bring a friend or family member along to enjoy the great experience that Workout Anytime provides!

Elite Membership Pricing

Workout Anytime is a 24-hour affordable gym that offers a variety of monthly membership plans to suit every budget. The Elite Membership option is our most popular and includes unlimited visits, group classes and more. Elite Memberships are available at multiple price points depending on the duration of your commitment and the types of amenities you wish to enjoy.

Monthly Memberships with a one month commitment:
-Basic Elite Membership: $29.99/month
-Silver Elite Membership: $34.99/month
-Gold Elite Membership: $42.99/month

6 Month Memberships with a six month commitment:
-Basic Elite Membership: $24.99/month (savings of over 15%)
-Silver Elite Membership: $29.99/month (savings of over 14%)
-Gold Elite Membership: $37.99/month (savings over 10%)

All memberships include 24 hour access, access to certified personal trainers and the ability to take advantage of social clubs and fitness challenges, as well as access to unlimited group classes such as Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing and more included with our Silver & Gold plans for great value for your money!

Corporate Membership Pricing

For organizations looking to provide an employee-discounted gym membership, Workout Anytime offers our Corporate Membership Program. It’s an economical way for employers to offer 24/7 access to gyms for their employees. The Corporate Membership Program is totally customizable, with companies able to select the level of discount they provide and the length of time they would like the discount program to remain in effect. In addition, employers can choose whether or not they want to offer additional discounts on personal training or massage services.

Workout Anytime allows business owners interested in setting up a Corporate Membership plan for their employees access to its network of more than 319 fitness centers nationwide. Memberships include access to all Workout Anytime fitness centers within a certain area and discounts from 10% – 80% depending on volume. However, non-corporate memberships are also available with discounted rates per month when purchasing six months or yearly packages in advance.*

*Please note: Additional fees may apply when signing up at select locations.

Additional Fees

Working out at Workout Anytime can come at an additional cost. Beyond the monthly membership fee, there are a variety of other costs associated with workout facilities at Workout Anytime. These include enrollment fees, monthly processing fees, and various add-on services. Let’s take a look at the additional fees that may be associated with a Workout Anytime membership.

Joining Fees

When considering a membership to Workout Anytime, there are certain fees that may be applicable in addition to the monthly cost. Depending upon the membership plan you choose, a joining fee may be charged at the time of sign-up and is due in full on the first day of your enrollment. The joining fees for various plan options are listed below:

-Basic Monthly ($24.99): Joining fee from $49-$99.
-6-Month Plan ($19.99/mo): Joining fee from $89-$129.
-Annual Plan ($17.99/mo): Joining fee from $109-$159.
-Founder’s Yearly ($14.99/mo): Joining fee from $129-$179 or free with initial payment up front.*

These fees will vary by location and can change without prior notice; please speak with our team for more information and to learn about any specials or discounts we offer at our facility!

Cancellation Fees

When you sign up for a Workout Anytime membership, you have the freedom to cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel your membership, however, there will be billing and cancellation fees associated with the termination. Typically, these fees can range anywhere from $50-$100 (depending on your contract terms) and may differ in cost depending on which type of membership option you select.

These fees are meant to cover the administrative costs associated with processing a cancellation and updating your account information in our system. In addition to these fees, there may also be associated prorated billing costs if requested during the month that any services were received. Depending on when you decide to cancel your membership, these additional charges could apply as well as any originally agreed-upon monthly dues up until your last day of service.

It’s important to carefully read your contract agreement before signing up for any type of Workout Anytime membership so that there are no surprises or misunderstandings when it comes time to cancel or terminate services if necessary.

Additional Services Fees

While memberships to Workout Anytime do not include additional service fees, there are a few extra things that you should consider when it comes to how much your gym experience will really cost. For starters, many locations offer drop-in classes for an additional fee. Additionally, some locations may have charges for children’s programs or personal training sessions. It is important to review the offerings at each Workout Anytime location and ask about additional fees or services before joining or signing up for a membership.
The monthly membership also includes access to unique amenities such as sauna rooms, spas and hydro massage beds; however these services may come at an additional cost as well. It is important to read the fine print before signing up for anything in order to ensure that you understand all of the associated costs with joining your local Workout Anytime.


After careful consideration, it is clear that the cost of membership to Workout Anytime will depend on the plan and options chosen by the individual. The basic Platinum plan is extremely affordable, with rates as low as $14.95 per month plus a $19.95 enrollment fee. Those who choose to add additional options and upgrade their membership will pay more for their plan, but still remain in line with good value for money. Ultimately, the cost of a Workout Anytime membership will be determined by individual needs and preferences.

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