How Much Does It Cost to Workout at Dogpound?

How much does it cost to workout at Dogpound? We break down the costs of different membership options so you can make the best decision for your budget.

Overview of Dogpound

Dogpound is a fitness studio located in multiple cities across the United States. They specialize in high intensity interval training and strength training. They offer memberships and drop-in classes with discounts for students, veterans, and first responders. Let’s take a close look at the cost of working out at Dogpound.

What is Dogpound?

Dogpound is a premier fitness center located in major cities across the nation. It provides users with access to trainers, coaches and instructors, as well as a full array of state-of-the-art exercise machines. Dogpound also offers nutritional counseling and weekly bootcamps to help ensure that users reach their fitness goals in an efficient and effective manner.

Dogpound is designed to meet the needs of everyone from experienced athletes to beginners who are just starting out. Whether you’re looking for strength training, spicy HIIT classes or yoga, Dogpound has a variety of options. Every Dogpound’s membership also includes free on-demand workout videos to stream at any time or place – giving you the ultimate convenience no matter your fitness level. Additionally, members can take advantage of complimentary showers, locker rooms and member lounges for added comfort and convenience.

The cost of a membership at Dogpound depends on your chosen package but generally begins at around $49/month, making it accessible to most budgets. There are no contracts required, allowing members to cancel anytime without penalty or hassle. Other options include one time drop-in rates or class passes – allowing even more flexibility depending on your needs and budget. At Dogpound, success is within reach with access to world class coaches and expertise available every day!

Locations and amenities

Dogpound is among the world’s leading boutique fitness studios, with over 250 locations across the United States. Dogpound offers a variety of group classes and personal training options, and their memberships vary by gym location. At select locations, members have access to exclusive amenities such as cardio machines, group Pilates classes, studio cycling, a game room and virtual reality workouts. All locations have showers and changing rooms as well as convenient on-site parking.

Dogpound’s private sessions offer customized personal training plans with one-on-one guidance from certified professionals. The team can also create personalized programs for busy professionals who don’t have time for long sessions at the gym and help you establish fitness goals with achievable milestones in mind.

Whether you’re looking for high-intensity workouts or relaxed recreational activities, Dogpound has something to suit your needs. Memberships range from basic packages that include unlimited access to gym facilities and classes to advanced programs that provide nutrition coaching and personalized workout plans created by certified trainers. Membership fees vary depending on the dogpound location, but there are typically no enrollments or activation fees at any of their gyms nationwide.

Cost of Membership

Dogpound offers multiple levels of membership for working out, each with unique benefits and cost. Generally, the basic membership includes a monthly fee for access to the gym and other amenities. However, there are also packages that offer additional services, such as personal training, nutrition plans and more. In this section, we will take a look at all the different costs associated with working out at Dogpound.

Types of memberships

At Dogpound, we offer a range of membership plans to suit your needs. Our aim is to make sure you have an enjoyable and fulfilling workout experience. Whether you’re looking for a one-time class, or if you’re looking for long term access to our facilities, we want to make sure our memberships are tailored just for you. We offer single day passes, monthly plans and yearly plans for you to choose from so that it fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Single Day Pass: This is the perfect option if you are new to Dogpound and want a taste before committing yourself full-time. This allows access to use any class such as virtual reality training, personal training with our elite trainers, or the more traditional gym workouts that include boxing classes and cardio etc.

Monthly Plan: At Dogpound we offer dozens of different monthly plan options that give members access to daily classes at all three of our locations in Los Angeles. Prices start at $89 per month which gives members full access with no contracts or hidden fees.

Yearly Plan: For those serious about their commitment when it comes to physical fitness we have a yearly plan option that starts at $99 per month so members can experience maximum savings on their membership cost over the year with no hidden fees or contracts. This option allows complete use of all three locations with added benefits such as early-bird hours and discounts on retail items & snacks from the snack bar at each location!


Dogpound offers a variety of membership options to suit everyone’s fitness and budget needs. Our competitive pricing model gives members access to everything the Dogpound experience has to offer.

Individuals looking for a workout experience that is tailored specifically for them can opt for our Personal Training package, which provides weekly one-on-one sessions with the Dogpound Personal Trainers. Our group classes are perfect for those who want to be amongst like-minded fitness enthusiasts and our Yoga classes provide stretching and mindfulness opportunities in a safe and supportive space.

The cost of membership will vary depending on the type of package you choose and how long you intend to stay for. Dogs will always receive the best rate possible based on their chosen membership packages and current promotions. We also have monthly payment plans available so that members can spread their payments out over time if they choose. For an in-depth evaluation of membership packages, please visit our website or speak with one of our staff members at your local Dogpound location.

Cost of Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to make sure you are reaching your fitness goals in a safe, effective manner. Working out at Dogpound with a personal trainer can cost a variety of amounts, depending on your needs. In this article, we will discuss the different costs associated with personal training at Dogpound. We will go over factors that can affect the price, such as type of training and location.

Types of personal training

Personal trainers are highly knowledgeable professionals whose expertise can help you stay motivated and accountable to reach your fitness goals. Personal training sessions usually involve an assessment, guidance on exercise form and technique, personalized instruction, customized exercises and tailored feedback. Depending on the type of personal training service you are looking for, the cost is likely to vary. Some of the common types of personal training available include one-on-one private sessions, semi-private or group fitness classes, online fitness coaching or hybrid online/live training with a personal trainer.

One-on-One Private Sessions:
These individualized sessions provide customized instruction and close supervision by one trainer. This type of personal training is ideal if you’re looking for a high degree of accountability and individual attention with maximum results in a short amount of time.

Semi-Private Personal Training:
Small group classes typically consist of two to four people at a discounted rate from the traditional one-on-one private session rate. Group classes can provide similar benefits as private sessions at a reduced cost because participants share the responsibility for motivation, support and instruction with fellow class members under the watchful eye of a single coach or trainer.

Online Fitness Coaching:
This style of virtual coaching involves guided programming and instructions provided by your coach delivered remotely via video chat or email correspondence as desired by each client. Online fitness coaches provide support through messaging apps as well as video calls when feasible. Many online trainers offer packages that may include instructional videos personalized meal plans and suggested workouts tailored to an individual’s goals over time depending on program structure chosen.

Hybrid Online/Live Training:
Combining aspects from both traditional one-on-one coaching as well as online guidance, hybrid online/live personal training provides guided remote programming along with scheduled check ins with trainers who are able to offer live consultations in person when possible. Offers some clients an additional layer of accountability above simply subscribing to remote programs with no professional engagement or feedback provided virtually or in person depending on various offerings provided by each trainer organization or institution


At Dogpound, personal training sessions are priced to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for private 1-on-1 sessions, small group workouts, or specialized training, we offer a variety of price points that fit every budget.

Our private 1-on-1 sessions start at $85 per hour and can be tailored to your individual goals. We recommend meeting with one of our personal trainers to discuss all the options so that we can create a specialized plan just for you.

Small group workouts offer additional savings while providing the same caliber of personalized service as the 1-on-1 sessions. With 4 classes at $50 each, you’ll get top quality training in an expressive and motivating environment surrounded by others on the same journey as you!

We also offer customized programs and specialized training outside our regular classes. Pricing for these services vary according to your individual needs but all come with experienced trainers who specialize in getting people of any age in shape! Reach out today and let us know what we can do for you!

Cost of Classes

Dogpound has a variety of classes with different price points to fit a wide range of budgets. It can be difficult to know exactly how much a class at Dogpound costs as there are several factors such as class type and time length to consider. In this section, we will outline all the factors you need to consider when evaluating cost at Dogpound to help you make an informed choice.

Types of classes

Dogpound offers a variety of fitness classes to suit different skill levels and goals. Each class is designed to help you burn more calories and build more muscle, whether you’re new to exercise or are looking for a challenging workout. Prices vary depending on the type of class, duration and location, so please check the website for specific pricing information before enrolling.

Dogpound offers four categories of classes:

Strength Classes: These classes focus on strengthening your muscles using dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels, with the duration ranging from 30-90 minutes.

Cardio Classes: These classes use high-intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques to help you burn fat quickly while improving your cardiovascular fitness.Classes are suitable for all fitness levels with the duration ranging from 15-90 minutes.

Circuit Classes: These classes combine strength training movements with cardio intervals in order to maximize calorie burning potential in each session.Classes range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes long and require no previous experience or knowledge of fitness techniques.

Yoga Classes: This low-key style focuses on stretching, strengthening, toning and relaxation, helping boost circulation throughout your body while calming your mind and increasing flexibility.Yoga can be done alone or as part of a group class lasting 45 minutes – 1 hour per session.


At Dogpound, we offer flexible and affordable pricing for all of our classes. Depending on the type of class you choose, and your desired level of commitment, we provide a variety of pricing options to fit-in with everyone’s budget.

Group Class Pricing: Our group classes are the ideal way to get in shape quickly and affordably. We offer classes ranging from HIIT, boxing classes, cardio dance classes and strength training—all designed with the latest in fitness technology. Enjoy free access to equipment like water-rope bags, medicine balls and more! Prices range from $10–16 per class depending on the type of class you choose.

Semi-Private Training Packages: Do you prefer a more personalized experience? If so, our semi-private training packages may be right for you! With semi-private packages you can train alongside other gym members with supervision by one of our certified personal trainers. Our semi-private packages range in price from $25–280 depending on the number of sessions included in each package purchased.

Private Training Membership: For those looking for individualized attention and a tailored program based on their needs and goals—we also offer private training memberships. All private training members receive access to our state-of-the-art gym equipment along with customized workouts created by our expert team of personal trainers tailored just for them! Private training membership rates are priced at $50 – 120 per session depending on how many sessions are purchased each month.

Additional Fees

Working out at Dogpound can be a very rewarding experience, but it is important to be aware of all costs associated with the program. These costs may include additional fees such as registration fees, equipment rentals, and membership fees. Knowing the additional fees that may be associated with Dogpound can help you make an informed decision about whether or not this type of program is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at the various fees that may come with working out at Dogpound.

Initiation fees

Initiation fees are one-time costs that may apply when signing up for an exercise program, such as access to a fitness facility. Initiation fees are most common when joining a gym and can range from just a few dollars to several hundred depending on the quality and type of membership. They may include administrative fees, setup costs, or membership registration.

At Dogpound, initiation fees apply to new members and include access to our nationwide network of certified trainers, equipment rentals, and customization options. Our regular yearly initiation fee is $99. However, customers often opt for monthly installment plans which increase overall charges but decrease weekly down payment amounts.

Cancellation fees

When it comes to working out at Dogpound, it’s important to remember that there are additional fees you may incur if you decide to cancel or reschedule your workout. Depending on how late notice you give when canceling or rescheduling, there may be either a non-refundable cancellation fee or a partial refund of the booking fee.

If the cancellation takes place up to two full days (48 hours) before the scheduled session start time, then no cancellation fee will be charged. However, cancellations occurring within 48 hours of the scheduled start time are subject to a non-refundable cancellation fee set by Dogpound which is usually in the range of $20 (USD). Cancellations occurring within 12 hours prior to the scheduled session start time will result in no refund being given.

It’s possible to reschedule your session with an advance notice of at least one full day (24 hours) prior to the scheduled start time; however, a partial refund or “transfer” fee may apply. Again this fee is set by Dogpound usually between $5 and $10 (USD). In some cases, if more than 12 hours advanced notice is given for a reschedule request, then no transfer fee will apply.

To ensure that you understand exactly what you are signing up for and what fees apply when things change as they can sometimes do unexpectedly, it’s best practice to read over all policies before booking a session with Dogpound.

Late fees

One of the most important things to keep in mind when joining a Dogpound gym is any additional fees that may be associated with your membership. Late cancellations and no-shows are common reasons for extra fees being added to your monthly membership.

Late fees: All cancellations must be submitted 8 hours prior to the start of the class; otherwise, you will incur a late fee, which is equal to the full class fee plus an additional $20 fee. This will be billed directly to your credit card on file and refunds are not available unless authorized by our team.

No Show: If you do not show up for your scheduled class, you will automatically be charged for that session based on current rates at that time (a minimum fee of $20 applies).

Please remember to honor both yourself and other clients by canceling as soon as possible if something arises preventing you from attending a booked class. Failing to cancel or no showing at classes can lead these fees being applied, so please review all terms and conditions before booking classes with us.

Discounts and Promotions

Dogpound is a popular fitness center offering a variety of different workout options. While signing up for a membership may seem expensive, there are actually a variety of discounts and promotions available for those looking to join. From discounts for signing up for a year-long membership to promotions for bringing a friend, Dogpound has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll discuss the different discounts and promotions available to help you get the best value for your money.

Special offers

Dogpound offers many special offers and discounts to help you save on your gym membership.

Take advantage of our referral program and make working out more affordable by inviting friends to join Dogpound. For every person that signs up with your unique referral code, you will get 50% off of the regular monthly cost.

We also offer a discounted rate for veterans, students, and other select groups. Contact us for details about this special offer.

You may also be eligible for special promotions available through various partners like charities, sponsorships, or employers. Be sure to check our website or contact us to learn more about these promotions and discounts.

At Dogpound we believe in supporting community programs and healthy lifestyles which is why we have partnered up with several businesses, organizations and gyms in order to provide discounts for our members who wish to join other similar fitness programs or take part in group activities outside of the gym walls. So if you’re looking for ways to save on your Monthly Membership fee or just want to stay active during different seasons – this may be the promotional option perfect opportunity!

Referral programs

Referral programs are a great way to help promote the services of Dogpound and incentivize loyal customers to recommend their friends. All customers have access to our online referral program where they can earn credit for referring new members. Each successful referral will result in a credit amount applied to the referrer’s account that can be redeemed towards classes, products, or services at the discretion of Dogpound. Additionally, we may run other special promotions offering unique discounts or incentives that are only available to online referrals so it is beneficial for users to keep an eye out for them. Furthermore, if you refer more than three people in one month, you could also qualify for an exclusive reward from Dogpound.


Working out at Dogpound can be an easy and enjoyable way to get in shape and stay healthy. The cost of a membership to Dogpound will depend on the type of plan you choose, but overall their pricing is competitive with other gyms. In addition, Dogpound offers a variety of classes and training that can help you reach your fitness goals. We’ve gone through all the details about working out at Dogpound, and now we’ll wrap up with a conclusion.

Summary of Dogpound costs

Dogpound is a fitness company that specializes in HIIT, strength and conditioning, boxing, personal training, and nutrition. This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of the costs associated with working out at Dogpound.

The cost of joining Dogpound includes a one-time registration fee and access to workout classes as well as additional amenities like a private locker room. For monthly memberships, guests may also choose from basic or deluxe plan options which may vary based on their location. Memberships start at around $50 per month on the basic plan with access to unlimited classes or $150 per month on the deluxe plan for those who want additional services like small group personal training and nutrition counseling.

For those who prefer to drop in to classes without signing up for a membership, pricing will vary depending on where they go and which service they choose. Standard class drop ins can range from $20 – $35 while specialized programming like boxing can be slightly more expensive (up to $40 per drop in). Private training sessions are also available at an average rate of between $80-$120 per hour session.

Overall, Dogpound is an affordable way for anyone looking to reach their fitness goals as there are various membership and drop in packages available that fit any budget. The type of membership you sign up for also changes your overall experience as pricier plans will often include additional amenities such as private locker rooms or one-on-one nutrition counseling.

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