How Much Are Workout Mirrors?

If you’re wondering how much workout mirrors cost, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll break down the prices of different types of workout mirrors so you can make an informed decision.


Workout mirrors are growing in popularity as more people look to create their own home gyms. Mirrors are a great way to stay motivated, keep track of form, and observe progress when out of the public eye. But how much do they cost?
The cost of workout mirrors can vary greatly depending on the size and type you choose. Generally speaking, budget mirrors tend to cost between $50 and $300, while mid-range models range from about $300 – $600. For a top-of-the-line behavior mirror, you will likely pay anywhere from $600 up to several thousand dollars. This is slightly more expensive than a gym membership but worth it if you prefer your privacy or don’t have access to conventional commercial gyms.
In addition to their retail price tag, there is also installation costs that should be included in the total estimated cost of the mirror. If you are looking for advice on this type of installation then it may be best to consult a professional like a licensed contractor who is familiar with wall mounted items such as these mirrored panels. They should be able to give you an idea of what will work best with your space and your budget.

Factors Affecting Price

Workout mirrors come in a wide range of prices and the cost will depend on several factors. The size, material and features of the mirror can all have an impact on the cost. Additionally, if you purchase from a higher-end manufacturer, you can expect to pay more. Let’s look at the factors that can affect the price of a workout mirror.


The size of a workout mirror will certainly be a major factor in the price you pay. While budget choices may range from 24” x 36” to 30” x 60”, expect to pay more for larger mirrors, up 72″ and beyond. You can expect to add a few hundred dollars for each incremental increase in size over 48” x 72”.

The shape of the mirror will also influence cost – gyms often find that rectangular or oval mirrors create an illusion of greater space than square ones. While circular mirrors offer an interesting look they do not provide as much distortion-free viewing area as other shapes, so they tend to be slightly less costly than similarly sized non-circular variants.


The quality of the workout mirror has a large effect on the price. Quality mirrors have frames that are made from higher grade materials and have a field of view that is wide and distortion-free. High-end quality products also feature anti-glare, scratch resistant, and shatterproof glass. Other features such as multiple camera angles, streaming options, LED lights, built-in shelves and power outlets can increase the price. With premium features like auto dimming lighting adjustment modes and WaterProofing technology, you can expect to pay more for a workout mirror than what a basic model may cost initially. Customers should be aware that fluctuation in price may occur when purchasing larger electronic components as well as any substantial upgrades or modifications to their equipment.


When budgeting for your workout mirror, remember to factor in installation costs. Depending on the size and shape of the mirror you choose, you may need professional installation to hang it correctly and safely. For example, if you purchase a full-length mirror that needs to be mounted on your wall, this will require more labor than if you install a floor-to-ceiling model yourself with an adjustable support system. Professional installation typically comes with additional cost but can definitely be worth the investment if installing your own mirrorpresents unforeseen difficulties. Additionally, there are some mirrors that need to be connected to a power source for features such as heating or lighting; these also likely require professional wiring and installation services.

Everyone wants to know they’re making the right decision when buying a workout mirror. But with all the different mirror brands out there, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Knowing the price range and features of the most popular brands can help you decide which one is the best fit for you. In this article, we will take a look at the costs of the top workout mirrors on the market.

Full Length Mirrors

Full Length Mirrors are larger and offer a sleek design allowing for easier tracking of full body movements. These costly reflective surfaces have various sizes, weights, colors and features specific to each brand. Popular brands include Mirror, Reflex, Lockers, Arborly, FitFetch and StarTek.

Depending on the brand you select, dimensions can vary from 72-82 inches in height and 15-24 inches in width. Weight varies depending on frame materials and construction but can range anywhere from 45 to 200 pounds or more. Mirror prices start at $799 for basic Full Size models going up to $3449 for top-of-the line Full Size models. Prices are subject to change due to offers, deals and discounts available at any given time.

This interactive connected home gym mirror offers a wide variety of high quality HD audio/visual workouts led by experts starting at $1499 with passes ranging from $39 -$179 per month depending on what level of commitment you’re looking for with options of 1 month – 1 year available

The Reflex Mirror is the newest addition to the collection of home gym mirrors featuring a state of art camera that tracks your movements allowing you view yourself from all angles as well as analyze your posture giving correction instant feedback if needed. Prices range from $999-$2499 starting with basic model going up as features increase

The LOCKERS mirror is known for its sleek frame which allows it be hung on walls making it convenient when space saving is needed despite the larger size that most full length mirrors come in The LOCKERS are offered starting at 869 going up to 1249 depending which materials used and features included

This ultra slim full length shaped free standing mirror is made with best quality materials providing crystal clear reflection with only 2 inches of depth priced starting 1119 going up 1839 depending size frames chosen Core material : Aluminum alloy + Acrylic mirror Finish: Gold or bronze powder coating or chrome plated white paint Mirror Dimensions Width 24inch x Height 72inch x Thickness 0 63inch

FitFetch: Fitfetch reach mountain custom designed workout mirror is designed provide user maximum mobility when using their home gym setup This ulta slim full lenght shaped freestanding mirror also has abilty be hung wall starting cost 959 up 1499 This special desingn also offer extra slimmest design just 3 cm depth this core material aluminum alloy finish gold or bronze powder coating or chrome plated white paint

StarTek : StarTeks Signature Edition shadowless Full body supersized fitness mirror is one largest longer mirrors market 145x45x12in perfect complement homegym offering clear reflective surface made best Quality glass core material Aluminum powder coated steel frame finish silver painted Mirror dimention width 30inch height 82inch thicknese 1 inch Starting cost 1999

Wall Mirrors

If you’re looking to bring some exercise into your home, a wall mirror is a great option. Wall mirrors can provide you with a full-body view of yourself during workout activities and provide accurate feedback on your form and technique. You can find a range of sizes, shapes, and styles of wall mirrors that fit with any budget.

The most popular wall mirrors are made of glass or acrylic mirror materials. The glass option tends to be the more expensive choice but provides a clearer reflection with less blurring at the edges. The acrylic options are more affordable but may have distortion around the edges of the image.

You can also determine cost based on size and shape of the mirror you need for your space. Rectangular and circular wall mirrors both offer great reflection capability, but circles may be pricier due to their shape and size requirements for larger rooms or spaces.

For an entry-level price point, many stores offer full-length door hanging wall mirrors for an affordable rate around $50 – $100 USD ($65 – 130 CAD). Mid-level priced frames typically come in standard sizes such as 4’ x 6’ (1.2m x 1.8m) & 8’ x 8’ (2.4m x 2.4m), run anywhere from $200 USD – $900 USD ($260 – 1170 CAD). For those willing to spend more money, decorative frames that are customized to fit in any setting usually range from $800 USD – upward ($1040 CAD & beyond). Depending on frame material selection, installation availability & labor costs within your area, these prices vary greatly per person/location/mirror size selected..

Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are a popular item in home gyms or exercise spaces. They provide a full-length view of the body during a yoga, stretching, or dance routine, and can help with spotting during strength exercises. Their larger size often makes them more expensive than traditional wall mirrors, and this is especially true when considering some of the major brand names on the market today. Various costs for popular floor mirrors might include:

-MirrorFit: This full-length adjustable mirror offers easy assembly and comes in sizes ranging from 60” x 20” to 72” x 24”. Prices begin at around $157.

-Valeo: With an adjustable stand so you can use your mirror for sit-ups or doing other floor exercises, this mirror range starts at around $80 for the 36” x 24” option. The largest model (72″ x 48″) usually retails for around $510

-Bala: Bala offers several models in a variety of colors, with prices beginning at about $205 for their 50″ x 30″ floor model. The largest model (60″ x 36″) typically sells for about $400.

-Full Length Mirror by Willceal: Low cost yet highly rated by customers, this full length standing mirror measures 42″ x 17″. It retails on Amazon for only $35.

DIY Workout Mirror Options

For those looking to save a few bucks, there are many DIY workout mirror options available. These include purchase of pre-cut mirrors, using a regular mirror and using a projector to cast a mirror image onto a wall. In this article, we will be discussing all the different DIY options available to you on how to make a workout mirror.

Using a Regular Mirror

Using a regular mirror in your space is the most economical option, but depending on the specific size and product you work with, you may not get to see the whole picture. A full-length wall or floor mirror can provide a great visual of your body during a workout, while also serving as an aesthetically pleasing home accessory. Before purchasing a traditional mirror for working out, assess if space allows and consider what size is necessary to ensure that you can see all areas of your body and double-check that there are no surrounding objects in the way of your view. Additionally, it’s important to note with this option that adjusting the perspective or angle of the mirror can be difficult due to its rigid design.

Using a Mirror Sheet

Using a mirror sheet is a simple solution for creating your own DIY workout mirror. Mirror sheets are cut to size and then applied directly to the wall, offering a low-cost solution to installing a mirror. Prices will vary according to the size of the sheet purchased and any frames that you choose to add for cosmetic purposes, but in general it is an affordable option. These mirrors are easy to install, serving as an unbreakable alternative to traditional glass mirrors. It’s important to be aware that this type of mirror is not optically perfect, meaning that it may have some distortion, which could impact your workout efficiency. However, with certain brands offering distortion optimization features along with anti-fogging technology, this potential downside can be mitigated against.

Using a Mirror Tile

Using a mirror tile is an economic and creative way to give your home gym the feeling of a professional fitness facility. Unlike full-length gym mirrors, which are often very expensive, individual 8-inch mirror tiles can be installed in various formations depending on the size of your workout area and your mirror preference.

Mirror tiles are designed to withstand temperature changes, intense vibration and direct sunlight — making them ideal for your home gym. Hand-cut with cornered edges, they reflect light evenly throughout the room while providing distortion-free images. Generally made from float or plate glass with highly polished edges, mirror tiles are resistant to scratches and have enhanced durability due to their multiple layers of coating and backing material. They come in variety of shapes and sizes with beveled or flat frame options available for added sophistication and style.

A well-placed mirror tile can help you see proper technique during workouts that require critical form assessments – such as weight lifting or Yoga postures – which ultimately helps improve performance over time and reduces the risk of injury due to incorrect form. Plus, it adds a glamorous touch to your private exercise space! When considering cost, it’s important to remember that the more tiles you order in bulk, the more money you save when buying direct from a vendor or factory outlet store.


When it comes to choosing the right workout mirror for your home gym, there are a lot of factors to consider. From size and style to installation and price, there’s a lot to consider. The primary consideration when deciding how much to spend on a workout mirror is your budget.

You can find mirrors in a wide range of prices starting around $50. However, the more you invest in quality materials and features such as installation, the higher the cost of the mirror will be. You will also want to factor in additional costs like accessories, mounting equipment and installation fees if applicable.

Ultimately, how much you spend will depend on what type of mirror you are looking for and how important quality is when it comes to your home gym set-up. To get started on finding the perfect mirror for your needs, you can visit online retailers like Amazon or specialty stores near you to get an understanding of pricing before making any big decisions!

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