How Much Are the Mirror Workout Classes?

How Much Are the Mirror Workout Classes?

The cost of a single class at Mirror is $34, and a five-class pack costs $155. The cost of a ten-class pack is $280.

Overview of Mirror Workouts

Mirror workouts are a great way to get into shape and stay motivated. They combine an engaging home fitness experience with innovative technology to provide a unique workout experience without the need for a gym or fitness studio. Mirror workouts offer a variety of different classes from weight-training to HIIT, and the cost of each class can vary. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Mirror Workouts?

Mirror Workouts are the latest workout trend to hit the fitness industry. Mirror Workouts are small group classes that are done in front of a mirror that create an immersive environment with high-energy music, personalized data tracking and guidance from an instructor. Mirror Workouts focus on HIIT circuits, boxing, cardio, barre and other strength-based exercises and are designed to accommodate people of all fitness levels.

Mirror Workouts is based on the philosophy of ‘smart fitness’ — where technology is used as a tool to create an interactive and multi-sensory experience. Mirror Workouts use wireless heart rate monitoring, digital tracking across users, visual coaching cues and progress feedback throughout each session. This gives users the ability to track their progress in real time while providing a fun and effective workout session.

The goal of Mirror Workouts is to provide individuals with an enjoyable yet effective workout experience while being able to track their performance data in real-time. Plus, with its growing popularity across North America and Europe, users can access this technology right at home using either Apple or Android devices as long as they have a strong internet connection. As more people look for convenient ways to stay active without having to commit to crowded gyms or pay expensive membership fees, Mirror Workouts offer an ideal solution for individuals looking for an engaging yet cost-effective way to stay fit.

Benefits of Mirror Workouts

Mirror workouts are high intensity, full-body workouts that allow you to see yourself in the mirror as you exercise. This type of workout combines speed, precision, and high-intensity moves in order to target all areas of the body while providing a fun and challenging workout. Some individuals may choose mirror workouts to help reach specific fitness goals while others may use them to increase motivation during their regular exercise routine.

The benefits of mirror workouts are numerous, including increased strength and endurance, enhanced muscle tone and definition, improved coordination, better posture, enhanced balance and proprioception, improved flexibility and mobility and reduced tension levels in the body. Mirror workouts also provide an opportunity for individuals to learn more about their body’s mechanics and how it works with exercise movements. Viewing yourself in the mirror can also help individuals stay motivated by watching themselves make progress with each workout; this helps keep them encouraged when maintaining a regular work out routine. Additionally, those who cannot participate in traditional group classes due to time or financial constraints can still benefit from these types of classes with minimal equipment needed. With these great benefits combined together it is no wonder why so many people have begun incorporating mirror workouts into their weekly plans for overall health and wellbeing!

Cost of Mirror Workouts

Mirror Workouts are a great way to stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home – and it can be done at an affordable price. The cost of a Mirror Workout class can vary depending on the size of the class and the length of the session. In general, Mirror Workouts typically range from $25 to $50 per class. Let’s dive deeper into the costs of a Mirror Workout.

Cost of Mirror Workouts Subscription

Mirror Workout’s monthly subscription fee is designed to make the overall workout experience affordable. Subscribers can access a routine library with over 50 daily classes, including pre-recorded classes or one-on-one instruction with an expert trainer. Subscribers have the freedom to schedule any workouts they like and have many workout preferences available in terms of intensity, time of day, and purpose.

The cost of a Mirror Workouts subscription varies based on the type of subscription you choose; there is an All Access Pass that provides all workouts in a comprehensive package including live sessions with trainers and exclusive equipment discounts, as well as an individual plan that allows for more customizeable options such as picking one-on-one virtual training or just streaming prerecorded classes at your own leisure. All subscriptions come with access to nutrition tracking and advice from on-staff Registered Dietitians to help provide better results from your workouts. Prices are reasonable starting from $14.99/month for the All Access Pass and $9.99/month for the Individual Plan.

Cost of Mirror Workouts Classes

Mirror Workouts are an innovative way to workout in the comfort of your own home. When you sign up for a Mirror Workouts class, you get access to world-class trainers, live classes with personalized feedback sessions, and the ability to tailor your workouts to meet your individual goals.

The cost of a single class session ranges from $20 – $60 per class depending on their location and the duration of the class. You can also purchase a subscription which offers discounts for multi-week classes or monthly packages ranging from $150 – $400 USD/month. In addition, Mirror allows you to purchase individual classes that can be spread over multiple weeks or used for one time sessions.

Whether you choose to take a single class or commit to a subscription plan, Mirror Workouts offers personalized instruction and motivating workouts right at home that will help sculpt your body and give you an overall healthier lifestyle.

Cost of Mirror Workouts Equipment

The cost of Mirror workout equipment is dependent upon what type of system you are purchasing. Generally, the cost of Mirror hardware and software can be broken down into two categories: hardware price and subscription fee.

The Mirror’s Essential hardware package includes the device, a power cord, and touchscreen remote. The Essential hardware costs between $1,399 – $1,599. For the Pro upgrade (which includes an external camera and Heart Rate Monitor), the cost increases to around $2,199 – 2299 USD.

In addition to these upfront costs for hardware and software packages, there is an ongoing monthly or annual subscription fee that accompanies Mirror’s preprogrammed classes and personalized fitness plans. These fees vary depending on your subscription choice; for instance, if you choose a yearly subscription for unlimited classes and access to personal trainers it will cost around $39/month (paid annually). This makes the total cost around $488 per year for a complete fitness solution with all options enabled.

Ways to Save on Mirror Workouts

Mirror Workout classes have become a popular way to stay in shape, and they come with a hefty price tag. However, there are several ways to save money and still get a great workout. In this article, we’ll look at how you can find discounts and other ways to save money on Mirror Workouts.

Take advantage of free trials

Mirror workout classes are a great way to stay fit and healthy, but they can be quite expensive if you don’t know the tricks to save money on them! Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can use to take advantage of discounts and free trials so that you don’t have to break the bank.

One such strategy is taking advantage of introductory offer trials, which many fitness companies offer for new customers. When signing up for a mirror workout class, many companies will have a trial period where you pay little to no money for their services for a certain amount of time. This is usually around 7-14 days, which is plenty of time to sample the service and decide if it’s something you want to continue investing in long-term.

It’s also important to take advantage of mirror classes that require commitment upfront such as 3-month or 6-month membership packages. These packages often come with special rewards including discounted rates, free equipment or additional classes per week. Subscribing ahead of time can end up saving you quite a bit in the long run and make committing to regular workouts more financially feasible than just paying per class.

Furthermore, look out for promotional offers from your favorite studios or online retailers! Many fitness companies will offer discount codes from time-to-time so be sure to signup for their newsletters or follow them on social media. Additionally, if there are any special discounts around holidays such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday be sure not miss out on those opportunities either!

Look for discounts and coupons

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to save money on Mirror Workout classes is to look for discounts and coupons. Major retailers often offer various coupon codes and discounted rates when purchasing a subscription to the Mirror Workout system. Furthermore, some stores also regularly offer promotional discounts and sales on Mirror Workouts throughout the year. If you can plan in advance and commit to taking multiple classes, you may be able to save substantially. Additionally, it is a good idea to follow social media accounts and newsletters from the store offering these services as they are likely to advertise available deals not available anywhere else.

Buy used equipment

Buying used Mirror workout equipment is a great way to save money. In many cases, you can find the same exact Mirror for a fraction of the price. The device will often come with all the accessories and components still intact, allowing you to get started right away. Often times, you can even find refurbished units that come with warranty coverage in case something should go wrong later down the line.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more flexibility in your purchase you can opt to buy individual components as needed instead of buying a complete set at once. For example, if you already have some gym equipment at home and just need one component from the mirror setup like an exercise bike or mount then this could be a much more cost-effective approach for your situation.

Finally, if you live in an area where there are lots of similar businesses selling mirror workout packages then it’s worth taking some time to look around and compare prices before making your final decision. Many fitness retailers are competitively priced and will be happy to work with you on possible discounts or bundle deals that could save you money in total.


The Mirror Workout classes are a great way to stay active and stay fit without having to go to an actual gym. The classes are very affordable, allowing you to get a great workout without breaking the bank. The classes vary in price depending on how many classes you purchase at once and the type of class you choose. In conclusion, the Mirror Workout classes are a great way to stay active and have a great workout without spending a lot of money.

Summary of Mirror Workouts

Mirror Workouts provide an independent and effective approach to achieving fitness goals. With digital personalized fitness guidance and mirrored feedback, users receive individualized feedback from an AI-powered coach. Facilitated in a relaxing atmosphere and free of cost, they offer a great way to stay motivated and progress in achieving your exercise goals. Mirror Workout classes focus on strength training with different types of movement including Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Cardio and more. These classes are designed to help you get into shape while having fun at the same time.

Mirror Workout classes are typically offered on both a group or individual basis and vary in price depending on the location and type of classes chosen. Group class packages generally range from $50-$100 per month and individual class passes cost anywhere from $20-$30 per session. However, Mirror Workouts do offer special discounts for college students and veterans that can reduce these prices significantly.

Tips for getting the most out of Mirror Workouts

Mirror Workouts are an exciting and convenient way to exercise from the comfort of your own home. To get the most out of these types of classes, here are some tips for you to consider:

1. Set achievable goals and track your progress: Leaving yourself room for small successes can help create bigger life changes. Make sure that you set achievable goals that you can work towards at your own pace. Additionally, it’s important to keep track of your progress so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment with each milestone.

2. Choose the right level class: It’s important to choose a workout class that is tailored to your individual fitness level. If a class is too easy, then it won’t provide enough challenge, and if it’s too difficult then it could be discouraging. Do some research into the different classes available in order to find one that meets your needs best.

3. Have proper equipment on hand: It’s best to have all of the equipment needed for a class available prior to beginning your workout session; this way, you won’t be interrupted by any last-minute errands or searches for equipment during the session itself. Make sure you have adequate space and any necessary accessories like weights ready-to-go before starting each session so there is no wasted time or excess frustration!

4. Modify exercises when needed: Don’t be afraid to modify exercises or intensity levels in order to meet your personal needs and objectives! The Mirror offers many variations on exercises so make use of them if this helps make training more comfortable or interesting for you over time – plus don’t forget about ‘rest days’ as recommended by most professional trainers!

5. Reward yourself once goals are achieved: Reaching milestone goals isn’t always easy – rewarding yourself when they are achieved will help motivate and encourage further successes in the future! It doesn’t need to be something elaborate – even small things like going out for dinner or treating yourself with new workout clothing works just as well!

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