How Many ‘Open’ Workouts Are There?

A quick search on shows that there have been 164 “Open” workouts released since the first one in 2011.


The ‘Open’ is an annual CrossFit event starting in February and running through March, allowing people to compete in the sport of CrossFit from the comfort of their own homes. It consists of five different workouts over a 5-week period where athletes can track their progress on leaderboards and compare themselves to others around the world. The workouts range from running and rowing to various types of lifts, gymnastics, and strength tests—all aiming to measure individual functional fitness.

These five workouts are all different, challenging individuals to perform the best they can across all disciplines. For beginners, this can sound intimidating as not all movements are easy or accessible to everyone. Fortunately, CrossFit Games have released scaled variations for each workout so no matter what level you’re at you can participate. This is a great way for upcoming athletes to practice their skills while getting evaluated by elite athletes on a global platform. At the end of it all, you get an overall score representing how fit you are relative to everyone else in your age category or skill level.

In total, there are 15 ‘Open’ workouts ranging from easier versions featuring lighter weights and less complex movements (the scaled versions) up to full versions with heavy weights and difficult movements that require more advanced experience (RX). Every workout has its own capabilities beyond testing your strength: length (AMRAP & FOR TIME), CAPACITY & REPEATABILITY (HEAVY), DURABILITY & STABILITY (ENDURANCE), POWER & SPEED (ISOMETRIC/ISONETRIC & SPC/BERP). All these work together as part of a comprehensive fitness journey that prepares each athlete for every competition they may enter in the future!

What Is an Open Workout?

An Open workout is a type of physical exercise that is designed to test an individual’s overall fitness level. Open workouts can incorporate various elements including cardio, strength, agility, core stability and more. While the format of an Open workout can vary greatly, they are often designed to be challenging and can be used as a benchmark for progress. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Open workouts and discuss how many of them are available.


An Open workout is an annual CrossFit competition that takes place over five weeks. Each year, athletes from around the world sign up to compete and prove their fitness levels against others. Workouts are released every Thursday and can be completed any time until Monday night in order to qualify for the next stage of competition. Open workouts are designed to test athleticism, endurance, technique and overall strategy in an effort to crown one athlete as being the fittest in the world.

The goal of each Open Workout is simple: to be able to complete a set number of exercises in a certain order within a given time frame. Each workout must be submitted online with a video recording and time stamp so that judges can accurately score each exercise attempt. Points will be awarded for each successful exercise completed within the allotted time window as well as points deducted for incomplete or failed attempts at an exercise. Scores are compiled on leaderboards that rank each athletes performance based off their aggregate score across multiple divisions (men/women/age categories). After five weeks, athletes with the highest scores move on to regional events before competing against others at The CrossFit Games which take place annually.


An Open Workout, commonly referred to as “The Open”, is a worldwide CrossFit-hosted event that consists of five workouts over a five week period. This is followed by a playoff weekend where the top competitors compete for an invitation to the CrossFit Games. The Open provides athletes with an opportunity to see how they compare to other athletes and helps them push themselves mentally and physically by challenging their capabilities. It also gives them the chance to see where they stand on an international level.

The main benefit of participating in the Open is that it gives individuals a great opportunity to measure their progress over time. Not only can you compare yourself year-over-year, but you can also track your performance week-to-week if you so choose. It also provides athletes with access to detailed online comparison tools which allow them to compare their results against other competitors in their home country, as well as internationally, with global rankings available for every workout during The Open.

Not only does The Open provide athletes with physical benefits, it also allows them to connect with other likeminded individuals and create meaningful relationships within the CrossFit community around the world, often resulting in opportunities for travel and collaboration. Additionally, this type of competition engages athletes’ minds and encourages problem-solving skills when competing alongside others or trying strategies such as sports psychology techniques or nutrition plans that could optimize performance during workouts.

How Many Open Workouts Are There?

As a CrossFit athlete, you may have heard about Open Workouts and been wondering how many of them there are. Open Workouts are CrossFit-sanctioned workouts that take place during the annual CrossFit Open. These workouts are designed to test the fitness level of all CrossFitters, regardless of their experience or ability. In this article, we will discuss how many Open Workouts are out there and answer any other questions you may have about them.

CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games, an annual athletic competition between qualified CrossFit athletes. The Open consists of five workouts that are released each week throughout a period of five weeks. Each workout must be performed at a certified CrossFit gym and can only be completed once by each athlete. The total number of ‘open’ workouts across all five weeks is 25; two known workouts per week for five weeks in total.

Often referred to as “the Super Bowl of Fitness,” the Open has become a major international event with millions of people from around the world participating in workouts released weekly by CrossFit HQ. It’s designed to test each athlete’s physical fitness, stamina and strength, often pushing them to their limits. The athletes who achieve the best combined results within their region will then be invited to take part in Regionals, where they will compete against each other in front of a live audience and select media outlets before qualifying for the final stage – The CrossFit Games.

Functional Fitness Open

Functional Fitness Open (FFO) workouts are designed to test your overall fitness level, challenging you with a variety of strength, high-intensity and cardiovascular movements. FFO workouts are organized within five categories: CrossFit Games Open, Corporate Fitness Open, Collegiate Fitness Open, Affiliate League Open and Individual Open. These events test athletes of all ages from around the world and allow them to measure their progress over time. Athletes must be registered in order to compete in any FFO event and may enter as individuals or as part of a team. Each workout consists of a combination of fundamental CrossFit movements such as weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, running, rowing and gymnastics; however some events require competitors to complete specific skill or lift tests. The range of movement required varies depending on the event but typically includes muscles from all areas across the body including the feet, legs, back, chest and shoulders.

The workouts provided by FFO are designed to be performed at home in order to allow athletes not only the competitive challenge they need but also the flexibility they desire when it comes to participation. All workout results can be submitted online via an approved affiliate league website which allows for efficient tracking and rankings amongst competitors throughout each event cycle. Currently there are more than 150 officially sanctioned Open workout events available from Functional Fitness Open which take place both online as well as regionally throughout the year.

Spartan Open

The Spartan Open is a challenging fitness series open to anyone. The idea is that you can compete in one or all of the events in order to find out how fit you are and to push yourself further.

The Spartan Open workouts are designed differently each year, but typically comprise of three elements – strength, endurance and skill. The focus varies from year-to-year, but usually gives athletes comprehensive insight into their physical capabilities and fitness level.

Spartan Open workouts usually include functional movements such as crawling, jumping, sprinting and carrying heavy objects. They may also require participants to climb obstacles or pull off stunts in addition to completing several timed exercises in a row without breaks.

Each competition is made up of multiple rounds with different focus points and expected performance levels for each round that test different physical skills like power endurance, grip strength, agility, speed and coordination. Each workout is unique in its composition which allows experienced athletes as well as newcomers to take part in the series measuring their performance against the other “Open” competitors across the world while learning new skills at the same time!

Other Open Workouts

In addition to the five main Open workouts that are held each year, CrossFit also hosts additional workouts for Divisional and Regional competitions. These workouts may include multiple elements and are often timed.

Some of the most popular other Open Workouts are:
-The Triplex Workouts: This is a series of three events, usually one based on strength and two based on agility. One example might be a Squat Clean ladder followed by 100 Double Unders then a Bodyweight WOD (workout of the day).
-The Endurance Workouts: These movements tend to involve running, rowing, biking and swimming. An example could be 400 meters run, 10 burpees and a 10k bike ride.
-Gymnastics Workouts: These tend to be more challenging as they involve many of the more advanced bodyweight movements such as kipping pull ups, pistols and bar muscle ups. An example could be 100 double unders followed by 15 pistols each leg then an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 5 handstand push ups and 10 burpees with remaining time in plank position.

Overall, there are many different types of Open Workouts available for athletes who want to train for CrossFit competitions or just test their fitness level in general!


In summary, there are six ‘Open’ workouts that are likely to be used in official CrossFit competitions. These include the Airbike Open, the Benchmark Series, Filthy Fifty, and the Open Workouts. CrossFit competitors should familiarize themselves with all of these different workouts in order to prepare for any competition they may encounter. Furthermore, each workout requires a different approach and strategy that must be considered in order to perform at a high level. As such, it is important for athletes to practice and refine their skills for each specific ‘Open’ workout. By doing so, athletes can ensure their best performance during the official competition.

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