Does Workout Anytime Allow Minors?

You’ve probably seen the commercials for Workout Anytime and wondered if they allow minors. Here’s what you need to know.


Workout Anytime is committed to delivering a world-class experience to its members. As part of this mission, the company has outlined specific rules related to who is allowed in their facilities. The goal is not only to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for everyone, but also to provide an enjoyable experience for members of all ages. To that end, Workout Anytime does allow for minors under the age of 18 to use their facilities with certain restrictions in order to ensure the safety and security of all members and staff.

Minors 16 and under may only use Workout Anytime facilities if they are accompanied by an adult (18+) at all times while in the facility and while accessing any equipment or service therein. This can include an adult family member, responsible friend, school coach or group leader, or an employee of Workout Anytime instructed by the parent/guardian of said minor. Adults accompanying minors must follow any additional guidelines associated with the facility they are visiting such as rules pertaining to guest passes and designated areas youth may access onsite. Additionally, it is still necessary for minors 16-17 years old to show proof-of-age when signing up for any services or using any equipment at Workout Anytime locations across North America.

Workout Anytime’s Policy on Minors

Workout Anytime is a chain of fitness centers with locations across the US that offer members an array of workout and fitness features. The question of whether or not minors are allowed to use the gym is an important one. Luckily, Workout Anytime has a clear policy on minors. In this article, we will explore Workout Anytime’s policy on minors and what rules and regulations need to be followed.

Age Restrictions

Workout Anytime implements age restrictions to ensure the safety and comfort of all members, guests and staff. With our youth-friendly policy, we allow minors to visit our facilities as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian at least 18 years of age.

Minors must also adhere to all of Workout Anytime’s policies, including observing proper gym etiquette and following the safety rules outlined by our knowledgeable staff. We also request that both parents/guardians show identification when signing in with their child.

In order to maintain a family environment and respect the privacy of adults using the fitness center, children under 14 years old are not allowed on the gym floor but may use designated lobby areas if supervised at all times by an adult in accordance with local laws. Our mission is to keep everyone safe while providing a positive atmosphere where kids can learn health-promoting habits alongside their parents.

Workout Anytime has a policy regarding the participation of minors in its facilities and any amenities or services offered by the facility. In order for a minor to take part in certain activities, an adult must provide written authorization. The parent or legal guardian must complete an application form and authorise membership for a minor. This includes signing the membership agreement and ensuring that all other obligations such as waivers, releases and age restrictions are met.

Minors may participate in club activities under the supervision of an adult who is responsible for their conduct at all times while they are at Workout Anytime. Parental or guardian consent is required prior to participation, which may be provided by a written document accompanying the signed membership form, either signed by hand or electronically. All members of Workout Anytime must abide by our terms & conditions as well as local laws at all times.

Supervision Requirements

Workout Anytime has specific policies and procedures in place that help to ensure that minors are safe while using our facilities. All minors must also follow our Minor Usage & Supervision Requirements policy. All minors, ages 17 and under, who desire to utilize Workout Anytime must be supervised by their parent, legal guardian, or an adult 18 years of age or older designated by the parent or legal guardian at all times while in any Workout Anytime facility.

The adult responsible for supervising the minor must provide current government-issued photo identification with date of birth indicated at check-in each time the minor enters a Workout Anytime facility for use and remains on premises at all times during any & all visits. Use of walking/washing/choreocking machines are strictly prohibited (meaning saunas & hot tubs). If a minor is found using any walking/washing-machine unsupervised they will be removed from the premise immediately.

The adult responsible may be removed from the premises if their supervision requirements are not met, such as unable to react adequately when necessary. Furthermore, if the minor is approached by an associate or another member and determined to have been left unsupervised there are consequences which may include being permanently banned from all locations without refund.

Benefits of Exercise for Minors

Exercise has many benefits for young people and is an important activity for their physical and mental development. Regular physical activity can help minors maintain a healthy weight, build strong bones and muscles, improve mental health and reduce stress. In this article, we will take a look at the benefits of exercise for minors as well as an overview of Workout Anytime and its policies on minors.

Physical Health Benefits

Exercise has many direct physical health benefits for children and adolescents, including improved cardiovascular health and muscular strength. Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, helps maintain normal cholesterol levels, controls weight, reduces stress, and increases muscle strength. Furthermore, exercise helps to prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes in later life. Regular exercise has been found to contribute to higher grades in school as well as greater self-esteem.

Research shows that regular physical activity plays a significant role in helping children achieve an appropriate body weight and balance the number of calories they take in with those they use up 1 . Brisk physical activity at least three times per week can reduce anxiety and help induce relaxation 2 . Exercise also helps prevent diseases through better circulation of oxygen and nutrients that protect cells from damage; boost immunity; increase energy levels; improve bone density; strengthen muscles; enhance coordination balance; reduce risk factors for conditions such as asthma and other illnesses common among teens 3 .Finally exercises also helps enhance teens’ mental capacity by improving their ability to focus attention on completing tasks 4

In conclusion exercise has multiple direct physical benefits for minors helping them physically emotionally mentally develop until adulthood when those good habits should be kept going.

Mental Health Benefits

Exercise at any age has significant benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. For minors, early start to regular workouts can have a profound affect in leading a healthy and active lifestyle further on in life.

Physical exercise provides certain hormones that leads the mind and body to relax, thus reducing levels of stress and tension. By working out routinely, physical activities lead to an increase in serotonin production which could boost a child’s self esteem, mood level and relief from symptoms of depression or anxiety. Exercise also helps maintain cognitive skills by utilizing problem solving processes while challenging the brain during high intensity workouts. Regular exercise can help improve sleep as well as provide new opportunities for social interaction which is especially important with children who might otherwise be isolated or feel lonely due to their age.

While each child is different when it comes to how active they should be or how much activity they need based on their age, weight or health there is no doubt that getting kids moving can increase them well-being and mental health within any setting. At Workout Anytime gym centers have trained professionals who have extensive experience working with various populations including minors. The staff are always visible just in case someone needs help with a machine or some encouragement during their workout session – no matter what age!

Social Benefits

Exercising provides a range of social benefits for minors and has been associated with an increase in self-esteem, improved mood, improved academic performance, reduced risk of substance use, and greater peer acceptance. Children and adolescents become more physically fit through exercise and physical activity which can enhance their self-esteem. Physical activity also leads to better academic performance, as it can have a positive impact on cognitive ability, concentration and attentiveness. Studies have also found that teens who participate in physical activities are less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as tobacco use and substance abuse. Additionally, working out can help to foster good relationships with peers. Regular physical activity will allow teens the opportunity to gain personal satisfaction while simultaneously building relationships with other children their age who they may otherwise not get the chance to interact with. Exercise also provides unwinding after school or work which helps teens get into a positive mental state before participating in any other activities. The social benefits of exercise for minors should not be overlooked — physical activity plays an important role in fostering mental health while decreasing risks of risky behaviors by providing an opportunity for them to build bonds with others their age.


In conclusion, Workout Anytime does allow minors to utilize their facilities; however, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times or have a written waiver that permits them to work out unaccompanied. Additionally, a signed agreement must also be presented and they must not exercise during evenings alone. Although some locations may have stricter regulations in regards to minors visiting the facility unaccompanied, making sure these guidelines are followed will ensure no complications arise. Whether the minor is participating in physical activity or simply observing another person’s workout, it is essential to be aware of the requirements set by Workout Anytime.

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