Does Workout Anytime Allow Guests?

Workout Anytime gyms are open 24 hours, every day of the year. You can workout at any time that is convenient for you. Does Workout Anytime allow guests?


Workout Anytime is a convenient and comfortable fitness center offering 24-hour access to its members. The goal at Workout Anytime is to provide the highest quality fitness experience possible in a convenient, personal setting. Whether members use the facilities for weight training, cardiovascular fitness or both, they have access to everything needed for a successful workout. But does Workout Anytime allow non-members, such as guests of members, to work out?

The answer is yes! Current members of Workout Anytime can bring one guest per day with them when they visit with a three-day advance notice. This offer allows friends and family , who may be curious about joining but are not quite ready yet, are free to come in and enjoy the workout facilities available at Workout Anytime. Guests must follow all facility rules including those regarding dress code and proper etiquette while in the gym.

When you sign up for membership at Workout Anytime you are able to take advantage of its great services and benefits without having to worry about inviting guests working out alongside you in the facility. Allowing your family and friends the chance to experience it too makes joining an even better decision!

What is Workout Anytime?

Workout Anytime is a health club chain offering 24-hour access for members and guests who purchase daily passes. Depending on the location, Workout Anytime may provide different amenities including group exercise classes, cardio equipment, strength-training machines and free weights. Many of its facilities also offer childcare areas.

A key feature of the Workout Anytime model is that all locations are staffed with experienced personal trainers to offer help to members or guests in need of exercise direction. All locations are climate-controlled and equipped with video surveillance for added safety and security. Depending on the facility, some locations are available for use as early as 4:00 a.m., while others open later in the day to provide extended hours of service until 1:00 a.m., seven days a week.

Workout Anytime does allow guests to visit their facility if they purchase either a single visit pass, day pass or month pass at the front desk upon arriving at the facility. Guests must sign a waiver upon visiting that includes contact information, emergency contacts and other important information regarding health issues or restrictions that could put individuals at risk during physical activity sessions supervised by staff members at Workout Anytime locations.

Does Workout Anytime Allow Guests?

Many gyms and fitness centers have different policies when it comes to allowing guests. Workout Anytime is no different. It may be difficult to know what their policies are and if you are able to bring a guest with you. In this article, we will discuss the different policies of Workout Anytime, and if guests are allowed.

Guest Passes

Yes, Workout Anytime allows guests. Guests can purchase single visits or multitrip passes. For local guests (within 30 miles of the gym) the process is simple and secure. When signing up online they provide credit card information to validate their age and agree to the safety rules of the gym and Code of Conduct.

At check-in, guests need to bring a valid ID that states they are at least 18 years old (or 13-17 with a parent/guardian present). They also need to complete a signed waiver before using any equipment or area in the facility. Members must be present for their guests during the duration of their visit. All guest passes give the user access to all Workout Anytime locations across all states however extra fees may apply depending on location.

For more information on guest passes and pricing, please contact your local Workout Anytime where a team member can answer any questions you have about purchasing guest passes for friends and family.

Day Passes

Day passes at Workout Anytime allow you to enjoy access to all of the facilities of a premium gym or health club, without the commitment that comes with signing up for an annual membership. You can purchase a single day pass for yourself, or buy several as gifts for friends and family.

When you purchase your day pass, you will be given access to our full suite of gym amenities—including cardio machines, strength-training equipment and even group fitness classes. Depending on which location you visit, you may also have access to saunas and steam rooms, free weights and more—all included in the cost of your day pass.

At Workout Anytime we also allow guests — friends and family members who come with those who purchased their day pass — but we do require them to check in at the front desk when they arrive. In most cases, they are able to use the facility without any additional cost. However, some locations may charge a small fee so it’s always best to check first with your local gym before bringing any guests along.

Monthly Passes

At Workout Anytime, we offer a variety of options with the intent of finding an option that best suits your needs. For customers wishing to use the gym facility on a semi-regular basis, we offer monthly passes. Whether you wish to use the gym a few times in a month or every day for one month, our monthly pass grants you access to all of our locations and gives you the chance to full explore all that each gym has to offer.

Monthly passes are available for both basic and premier memberships and may be purchased at any of our locations as well as online on our website. A basic membership provides access to all gyms with no additional fees or contracts required. A premier membership provides access to fitness classes along with amenities like towel service and tanning access at select gyms..

Additionally, members who purchase a monthly pass are eligible to invite guests into the facility at no extra cost! Guests must be 18 years or older, sign in upon arrival, and abide by all state laws relevant at each individual location’s age restrictions on certain amenities such as tanning beds. When bringing along guests, it is important for them (and for you!) To keep safety in mind when engaging in any physical activities – consult your doctor prior if necessary!

Benefits of Working Out at Workout Anytime

Working out at a gym can have many benefits. It’s a great way to stay in shape, manage stress, and even socialize with others. At Workout Anytime you can enjoy all of the benefits of a gym, plus the convenience and affordability of working out close to home or wherever you may be.

Workout Anytime is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable experts who are there to help make your workouts enjoyable and effective. Working out doesn’t have to be boring – it can be fun! With convenient hours, easy-to-use machines hundreds of group classes available, it’s easy to find something that works for you. Plus, Workout Anytime allows members to bring guests for any visit for a nominal fee. That means your friends and family don’t need Memberships in order to join you at the gym – they can pay per visit!


In conclusion, Workout Anytime is a great place to exercise, with a wide range of facilities available to members. Whether you are joining as an individual member, or bringing someone as a guest to enjoy the company and motivate each other, the staff at Workout Anytime are always on hand to help. With plenty of equipment and machines available and the option of paying for your session by the day or committing to multiple visits with their membership packages, there is something for everyone. Enjoy getting fit with all the benefits that come along with working out at Workout Anytime!

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