Does Workout Anytime Accept Silver Sneakers?

Workout Anytime gyms accept Silver Sneakers, a fitness program for seniors that provides free membership and access to exercise classes.


Workout Anytime is a franchise of 24-hour gyms focused on providing a quality workout experience to members through cutting-edge equipment and innovative exercise options. One of the conveniences that Workout Anytime offers is participation in programs like Silver Sneakers, which help make fitness affordable and accessible to the senior population. The following article will provide information about whether or not Workout Anytime accepts Silver Sneakers.

What is Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is a fitness program for seniors that uses physical activity, healthy lifestyle guidance, and social connectedness to help members take control of their physical, mental and emotional health. The program is designed to help individuals stay active in a fun and safe environment. This is possible through a variety of resources offered through the Silver Sneakers program. Members get access to locations nationwide with staff that specialize in creating an encouraging, personal atmosphere. Locations are also equipped with top-of-the-line workout equipment tailored specifically for senior citizens. In addition to providing access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities, the program also offers opportunities for members to participate in classes such as strength training, walking clubs, yoga classes, and more — all at no additional cost! Silver Sneakers also helps members stay connected with other members through an online platform that includes support groups and discussion boards. With Silver Sneakers, seniors are given all the tools they need to reach their personal health goals!

Does Workout Anytime Accept Silver Sneakers?

Workout Anytime is an affordable and convenient gym that accepts Silver Sneakers, a program aimed at providing older Americans with access to over 14,000 participating fitness centers nationwide. Silver Sneakers provides free or subsidized memberships at participating health clubs and exercise facilities where they can enjoy access to quality equipment and group classes.

At Workout Anytime, Silver Sneakers members pay no enrollment fee or monthly dues, just a nominal processing fee of $49 that applies even if you don’t opt for classes. If you do choose to attend classes, the cost is $9.95 per month plus $5 for your first class visit — far cheaper than the regular drop-in rate of most gyms. Workout Anytime also offers specialty programs for senior citizens such as Balance Classes and stretching/yoga/Pilates classes to improve overall body strength and flexibility.

In addition to low cost or free membership options, Silver Sneakers participants at Workout Anytime have access to personal training services from certified professional trainers who will help them refine their fitness routine and make regular exercise part of their lifestyle. With 24-hour access from well equipped modern facilities with advanced exercise technology like cardio monitoring amongst other features makes joining Workout Anytime with a Silver Sneaker membership a great value without sacrificing convenience or quality.

Benefits of Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers is a program sponsored by health insurance organizations and aided by fitness centers nationwide. The goal of the program is to incentivize those on Medicare or other health plans to become more active and maintain healthy lifestyles. Through this program, individuals gain access to many fitness centers where they can exercise for free and benefit from social engagement, classes, services, and activities.

Specifically for Workout Anytime members, seniors enrolled in Silver Sneakers can enjoy exciting benefits like access to special classes, trained professionals who help with nutrition-based goals as well as health assessments that help keep track of their progress. With Silver Sneakers basic membership at Workout Anytime locations, members get access to a wide variety of exercises courses such as strength training machines, sandbells and yoga classes at no charge. Additional benefits extend beyond the gym and include discounts on healthy products such as medical equipment or vitamins/supplements.

Overall, Silver Sneakers is an excellent program that provides seniors with easy access to physical activity principles which boost overall morbidity-mortality rates while also providing numerous health benefits that increase quality of life while preserving independence over time.

How to Use Silver Sneakers at Workout Anytime

Silver Sneakers is a national health and fitness program supported by many of the major insurance companies. Designed to help members age 65 and up get healthy, it provides access to hundreds of fully-equipped fitness locations, including many Workout Anytime gyms nationwide.

Silver Sneakers members can take advantage of their membership by using the Silver Sneakers FLEX app or website to book an indoor class or an outdoor pool session at a participating Workout Anytime location. Silver Sneakers classes offered include low impact aerobics, yoga and stretching, muscular strength and range-of-motion exercises, as well as aqua classes held in heated pools. Many gyms may also provide additional classes not included in the Silver Sneakers program for added variety.

For those choosing to exercise on their own at Workout Anytime locations, Silver Sneaker access includes all the fitness equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, weight machines, benches, free weights and more. The cardiovascular section also includes bikes for both home and commercial use.

Silver Sneaker members who visit any participating Workout Anytime locations have access to personal training staff who are available for members with any questions or instruction needs they may have while working out. The friendly staff is available during business hours to provide nutrition tips as well as practical advice on how best to experience your workout based on goals set with trainers either one-on-one or in a group setting.


In conclusion, Workout Anytime does accept Silver Sneakers for members who are 65 and older. Silver Sneakers is a great way to stay active and healthy as members enjoy free access to more than 600 participating locations, personalized health tracking programs, no contracts or membership commitments, and even discounts on any retail items. With the numerous benefits available through the Silver Sneakers program, seniors can enjoy a healthy lifestyle at no cost. For those interested in joining Workout Anytime that currently have Silver Sneakers, be sure to bring proof of your membership along with a valid photo ID to one of their locations.

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