Can You Use Oxiclean on Workout Clothes?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few go-to items in your laundry rotation. But what about those workout clothes? Can you use Oxiclean on them?


Are you looking for an effective way to keep your workout clothes fresh and clean? If so, Oxiclean may be just the answer. Oxiclean is a popular brand name laundry detergent product that contains oxycalcium percarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, substances known for their powerful cleaning properties. It has a reputation as a powerful stain remover and deodorizer, but can it be safely used on your favorite athletic gear?
In this guide, we’ll explore the potential benefits of using Oxiclean on workout clothes, as well as some of the potential hazards you should be aware of when doing so. We’ll also provide some helpful tips for keeping your activewear clean without damaging it in the process. Read on to learn more about using Oxiclean to treat sweat stains and remove odors from your workout clothing.

What is Oxiclean?

Oxiclean is a brand of laundry detergent. It is made with active oxygen, which is an extremely powerful cleaning agent that is said to eliminate over 101 stains. The most common form of Oxiclean used for laundry contains sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate, although some varieties also contain various amounts of other ingredients such as polymers. It can also be found in powder form, as well as liquids and crystals.

This detergent has become popular because it can remove difficult-to-treat stains yet still remain gentle enough to be used on all types of clothing, including delicate fabrics like workout clothes and yoga wear. By eliminating odors and removing sweat, dirt, and oil from fabrics, Oxiclean helps keep workout clothing looking its best while reducing the need for frequent washes or deep cleaning sessions. Moreover, its use drastically reduces fading caused by accidental spills or sweat stains in brightly colored items.

Benefits of Oxiclean on Workout Clothes

Oxiclean is a versatile cleaning product that can be used for a variety of different purposes. One of the most popular uses of Oxiclean is on workout clothes. It is an effective way to get rid of sweat stains and odors, as well as any dirt that may have accumulated while exercising. In this section, we will discuss the benefits of using Oxiclean on workout clothes.

Removes Stubborn Stains

Oxiclean is an oxygen-based cleaner that is specially formulated to remove stubborn stains from fabrics. The product’s main ingredient, sodium percarbonate, works by releasing oxygen into the water to form tiny bubbles which lift away dirt and stains. Oxiclean is great for removing sweat, mud, grass and other blemish-causing dirt from soft fabrics like those used in workout clothes. Because of its powerful cleaning action, Oxiclean can even take on the toughest of stains without leaving any residue or fading the fabric. The detergent also works to remove odors that are often housed in fabric fibers due to sweat and hard use. Though its cleaning ability may be potent enough to handle heavy-duty jobs such as removing grime from auto or outdoor furniture upholstery, it is gentle enough for use on delicate fabrics such as those used in sweaty activewear.

Keeps Colors Bright

Using Oxiclean on workout clothes can help keep their colors bright and cheerful. Washing machines agitate clothes in order to clean them, and this causes fading as your activewear gets tossed around. Colors stay brighter when you use Oxiclean because it helps reduce color fading while cleaning any sweat or dirt off of your items. Plus, the baking soda found in most varieties fights bad odors that come with wearing workouts clothes too many times before washing them! Tossing a scoop of OxiClean into the washer when you do a load of activewear is an easy way to preserve their colors and fight off any unwanted smells.

Prevents Odors

Having active and sweat-proof clothing is important for any gym enthusiast. Regular washing with a quality detergent is particularly important for workout clothes since sweat, body oils, and other residues from outdoor activities can cause buildup. While regular soap does the job, a product like OxiClean can be even more beneficial for preventing odors.

OxiClean is an oxygen-based laundry additive that helps to remove tough stains and odors. It works in cold water and doesn’t require hot water or pre-soaking to get the job done. It uses hydrogen peroxide as its active ingredient, which has been shown to provide superior cleaning power when compared to standard soaps or detergents. Its odor-fighting properties make it particularly effective at removing sweat-related smells from workout apparel.

To maximize the benefits of using OxiClean on workout apparel, it should be added to your regular laundry routine (not used as a replacement). When added directly into your washer’s detergent compartment, it will mix with the water during the wash cycle and help break down soil as well as sweat-related odors. It also keeps fabrics soft and pliable, helping them stay comfortable during long workouts. In addition, using OxiClean in combination with a regular detergent helps keep your otherwise clean clothing free from any residual odors that may have accumulated in between washings.

How to Use Oxiclean on Workout Clothes

Oxiclean is a popular laundry additive that is often used to clean and brighten clothes. But can you use Oxiclean on workout clothes? The answer is yes! Oxiclean is a great option for removing stubborn stains and odors from your workout clothes. In this section, we will discuss the best way to use Oxiclean on your workout clothes so that you can keep them looking and smelling their best.

Prepare the Solution

Whenever you use Oxiclean to clean your workout clothes, it is important to use a safe and reliable cleaning method. To begin, prepare a solution composed of one scoop of Oxiclean powder with one gallon of cool water in a laundry sink or bucket or the washer if you are using it. Use the gentle cycle setting and allow the garments to soak in the Oxyclean solution for approximately 30 minutes before rinsing them thoroughly with cool water. The next step is to launder using hot water and regular detergent. Then, dry as normal for complete cleaning.

Soak the Workout Clothes

When you need to clean workout wear made of synthetic or natural fibers, OxiClean can be an effective and gentle option. To begin, start by soaking the workout clothes in a solution that contains a scoop of OxiClean. Fill a sink or bucket with cold to tepid water and add the scoop recommended on the package for the size of your load. Let the garment soak for at least 30 minutes, and if it’s still quite soiled, leave it for at least two hours. If there are any stains remaining – such as sweat marks – apply a paste made from powdered OxiClean if necessary; this should be safe even if your garment is extremely delicate. Rinse the article thoroughly after soaking in order to remove any traces of powder or paste residue.

Wash the Workout Clothes

Before you begin the OxiClean cleaning process, make sure that the workout clothing can actually be laundered with detergent. Check the care label for instructions on how to clean and for any special instructions. It’s best to wash workout clothes before attempting to use OxiClean, if possible, and select a regular detergent for the task. Use regular loads according to the directions on the garment label.

Select the appropriate temperature of water based on the type of fabric used in your clothing and double check any special instructions outlined in the care label. Try starting off with a gentle cycle at a lower temperature, like cold or warm water—skip hot water. Sort your colors as usual and follow all special instructions given by manufacturer’s tags.

Tips for Using Oxiclean on Workout Clothes

Oxiclean is a popular cleaning product that many use for a variety of purposes, including washing and cleaning workout clothes. But is it safe to use Oxiclean on your activewear? In this article, we will provide you with some tips for using Oxiclean on workout clothes and explain what to do– and what not to do– to make sure you don’t damage your gear.

Use Cold Water

It is recommended that when using Oxiclean on workout clothes, you should always use cold water. Using hot or warm water can actually break down the active ingredients in the detergent and lessen its effectiveness. Cold water helps ensure that your whites stay whiter longer and that the active ingredients are allowed to work as intended. Additionally, if you are soaking items for longer than 30 minutes, it is best to use cold water for even more effective cleaning.

Don’t Over-Soak the Clothes

When using Oxiclean on workout clothes it is important to avoid over-soaking them. Wetting the clothing as little as possible and ensuring that any clothing treated with Oxiclean is kept inmoving water and not left to soak for an extended period of time will help reduce the risk of damage and deterioration. Depending on the workout fabric, it’s possible for the fabric’s threads to be weakened by over-soaking, resulting in an undesirable increase in stretchiness, tears or fading fabric. It is also important to ensure any pre-conditioners, detergents or softeners are rinsed thoroughly when washing workout apparel—residues can cause damage if they remain on the fabric after being washed. Another tip with regards to soaking times should be given general activity level: if you’re going to be sweating more than usual during a workout or exercise session, it’s best not have your clothes soaking in liquid oxygen bleach longer than 20 minutes beforehand.

Avoid Sun Exposure

When you’re looking for ways to keep your workout clothes as clean and fresh as possible, it’s important to consider the entire process of laundering. As you may already know, proper care of your workout clothing goes beyond utilizing the right detergent – including liners and heat exposure can both have an influence on the ultimate effectiveness of your washing machine treatments.

One particularly important factor to consider is exposure to natural sunlight. While many people might not immediately thing of UV exposure when considering solutions for getting their gym clothes cleaner, too much sun can actually degrade fabrics faster — resulting in items with increased wear and tear much sooner over time. To avoid this kind of outcome, it’s best to avoid sun-drying your workout attire whenever possible. Hang these items inside or inside out when they are air drying so they get maximum protection from the rays. Take extra precautionary efforts in areas where direct sunlight makes its way into laundry rooms or other places where such garments might reside before being used again.


In conclusion, you can use OxiClean on your workout clothes. It is a safe, effective option that will help you remove tough stains while protecting the fabric and its color. When using OxiClean on your workout clothes, be sure to follow the product instructions carefully and use sparingly – too much could cause fading or discoloration. Additionally, some materials may require spot testing before use. If there are any signs of damage after washing, it would be wise to discontinue use of the product and look for a better cleaning solution for your items.

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