Can You Change Your Workout Goal on Apple Watch?

You bet! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just get more active, Apple Watch can help you meet your fitness goals. Here’s how to change your workout goal on Apple Watch.


When you own an Apple Watch, setting realistic and achievable fitness goals can help motivate you to stay on track. Tracking your progress and tracking your calories burned can help keep you motivated. You may be wondering if there is a way to change your workout goal on Apple Watch? The answer is yes! Changing your workout goal on Apple Watch is easy and will allow you to modify both your calorie and exercise goals. Below, we will provide step-by-step directions for how to change your workout goal on Apple Watch.

What are the Different Workout Goals You Can Set on Apple Watch?

An Apple Watch is a great tool to help you stay active and track your progress. With the right settings, you can customize what type of goal you’d like to accomplish with your workouts. On the Apple Watch, there are a variety of different types of goals that you can set, including the number of calories, steps, and minutes of activity per day. Let’s take a closer look at the different goals you can choose.

Active Calories

One of the core elements of your workout metric tracking on the Apple Watch revolves around the Active Calories setting. Active Calories, also known as Active Energy Burned, are a measure of how much energy you expend while doing various activities throughout your day. This goal can be personalized to accurately reflect both your activity level and fitness goals.

Setting the active calorie goal so that it is tailored to your individual needs is easy and can be adjusted at any time. When choosing an active calorie goal, it’s important to account for both your daily lifestyle and fitness goals. A higher goal will indicate you wish to attempt more rigorous exercise than a lower goal would indicate – it helps to calculate daily activity in combination with planned workouts in order reach a complete set of goals.

Once you reach or exceed your active calories goal, this will be indicated by a green ring around the progress screen where your calorie count is shown – it’s an easy way to gauge progress over time and make sure you’re on track towards achieving those ambitious health and fitness objectives!

Exercise Minutes

One of the workout goals you can set on your Apple Watch is to increase your daily amount of exercise minutes. This can be a great starting point for those who are just beginning a workout routine and looking to ease into it. Setting this goal will measure how many minutes of moderate or intense activity you do per day. Studies show that adults should aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity most days of the week, which can be achieved by setting an exercise minute goal on your Apple Watch. Reaching this goal not only helps to improve your overall health, but it also makes it easy to stay motivated in the long run.

Stand Hours

The Stand Hours goal on Apple Watch is designed to encourage users to move around and get their heart pumping. This goal requires you to stand, and move (not necessarily run or exercise) for at least 1 minute in 12 different hours in the day – a total of 12 active hours per day. Doing this helps lower resting heart rate and calorie burn throughout the day, improving overall health. To reach this goal, open the Workout app on your Apple Watch and choose Stand Hours as your workout type. Once selected, you can adjust your goals for time, calories burned, distance and more. You also have the option to receive notifications from your watch when you’re close to reaching a goal or have gone over it.

How to Change Your Workout Goal on Apple Watch

If you’re using an Apple Watch to track your workouts, you may want to change your workout goal from time to time. Many people use the Apple Watch to set goals and keep track of their progress. Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to change your workout goal. In this article, we’ll explain how to do it.

Open the Activity App

The Activity app is the central hub for tracking your progress and achievements. Open up the Activity app on your Apple Watch to get started. You will be able to view your current activity goal along with any awards achieved in the Move, Exercise and Stand goals.

At the top of the app, you will see a gray option titled Change Goals. This is how you change your workout goal on Apple Watch. Tap this option and it will take you to an editable version of three different goals — Move, Exercise and Stand — so that you can make adjustments as desired.

You can then enter a new value for each goal that fits your personal fitness routine best. The goals are shown in red numbers which indicates that there is still space between what has been achieved so far for that day’s exercise and what is currently set as a goal. After adjusting each activity type’s value, click Done at the bottom of the screen to apply your new settings; doing so ensures that all data collected from each workout activity follows the updated plans from now on.

Select the Workout Goal You Want to Change

When you open the Workouts app on Apple Watch, tap on the “My Goals” option at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then see a list of your existing workout goals. To change one of them, either tap on it or scroll to it and press firmly to open your options.

Depending on which goal you’re modifying, you may have different options available. For example, when editing your “Active Minutes” goal you can choose from 30 minutes per day up to 90 minutes per day; for “Calories Burned” you can select between 200 and 2000 calories; and for “Time in Zone” you can enter target heart rates that range from low to high. When selecting targets and goals, focus first on creating something achievable but still challenging — we want your goals to be attainable while still helping push you!

Once you make all your changes, select the “Edit Workout Goal [x] ” at the top right-hand corner of the screen in order to save all changes you’ve made. That’s it — now your new Apple Watch workout goal has been set!

Select the New Goal

Once you have decided on the exercise goal that is right for you, it’s time to make the change in your Apple Watch. Before you begin, it is important to understand that there are two types of goals: one for number of minutes exercised and another for calorie burn.

To select the new goal:

1. Unlock your Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown to open the app selection screen.
2. Scroll through Apps until you find “Workout” and tap on it.
3. On the Workout page, tap on “My Goals & Achievements” located at the top center of the page.
4. Select “Change Goal” located near the bottom of this page and then choose between “Minutes Exercised Goal” or “Calorie Burn Goal.”
5. Select one of these options and then enter in your desired goal amount in either Minutes or Calories per day next to “Goal Per Day” which appears below the type of exercise goal selected.
6. Once finished, make sure to save your changes by tapping “Save Changes” at the bottom of this page and then return back to Workout App Homepage by tapping “Done” located near upper left corner next to back button “<" . With your new workout goals set, this will be displayed prominently when accessing "My Goals & Achievements" page so you can remain motivated while achieving them!


In conclusion, it is possible to change your workout goal on Apple Watch. With the Activity app, you can set specific targets for calories, exercise minutes, and stand hours. These goals can be customized based on your physical activity needs and adjusted as needed. The Apple Watch also allows you to enter and track various challenges, such as completing an outdoor walk or participating in an active 30-minute workout. With its intuitive user interface and motivational leader boards and achievements, the Apple Watch provides a great way to stay active and track progress towards reaching your fitness goals.

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