Can You Change Workout Type on Apple Watch After You Start?

You can change the workout type on your Apple Watch after you start your workout.


The Apple Watch is a great tool for helping you become more physically active, track your progress, and reach your fitness goals. One of the great features it offers is the ability to switch between different types of workouts during exercise. If you’re looking to mix up your routine or just trying something new, learning how to change workout type on Apple Watch can help you get the most out of your Apple Watch. In this article, we will discuss how to change workout type on Apple Watch after you start a workout. We’ll also consider different types of workouts and some tips for getting more out of each one.

Can You Change Workout Type on Apple Watch After You Start?

It is possible to change the type of workout you are doing on your Apple Watch after you have started. This can be done by simply tapping on the Workout app and selecting a different type of workout from the menu. This can be very helpful in changing up your workout routine or adapting to different environments. Let’s look at the specifics of how to make this change.

What Types of Workouts are Supported by Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch supports a variety of different workout types, including indoor and outdoor walking, running, cycling, weights, swimming and more. You can use the Workout app on your watch to start a variety of different workouts or set up personalized workouts with GymKit or Apple Fitness+ streaming videos.

When you’re tracking a workout on your Apple Watch, the type of workout that it records is determined by the activity that you choose when you begin tracking the workout. Depending on the type of activity you choose, data such as heart rate zones and calorie burn are tracked more accurately in order to give you better results.

In addition to choosing from pre-set activities such as running or swimming, you can also select from four other customizable activities: Open Water Swim, Lap Swim, Outdoor Walk/Run Interval and Indoor Walk/Run Interval. These activities allow you to customize your workout by changing intensity levels (including heart rate zones), target distances and times or number of intervals — giving you even more control over your fitness goals.

You can change the type of an active Workout after it has already started at any time by pressing firmly on your watch face and tapping ‘Change’. From here you will be able to select a different activity for tracking — but please note that data recorded prior to changing will be lost if this is done mid-workout.

How to Change Workout Type on Apple Watch After You Start

Once you have started a workout on an Apple Watch, it’s possible to change the type of workout you are doing without losing any data that has been collected by the Watch. But, depending on what type of activity you switch to, some data may be lost if it wasn’t relevant for the workout you chose. In order to change the type of workout on your Watch during your session, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the Workout app on your Apple watch and select the current active Workout
2. Press firmly on the display and then tap “Change Workout” at the bottom right of your screen
3. From the list, select which new Workout type you would like to switch to and tap “Start New”
4. The time elapsed for this updated segment will reset but all previously recorded data will still be available in Health app or Activity app as before.

Note: Not all workouts are compatible with each other when it comes to switching between them mid-session, so be sure to double check that your desired combinations are available before starting out!


In conclusion, it is possible to change the workout type after you start on your Apple Watch. However, it is important to be aware that doing so will cause some data from your original workout before the switch to be lost and cannot be regained. To avoid this, try planning ahead and selecting the desired workout type before you begin exercising so you can make sure you record all the information about your progress. Additionally, if necessary, try setting specific goals or tracking certain metrics so that your workouts are purposeful and effective.

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