Can I Workout After a Keratin Treatment?

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What is a Keratin Treatment?

A keratin treatment is a procedure to reduce frizz and improve the overall appearance of hair. It works by applying keratin, a protein that naturally occurs in hair, to the hair shaft in order to coat and smooth it out. It can leave hair feeling silky smooth and more manageable. But before we get into whether or not you can work out after a keratin treatment, let’s first discuss the basics of the procedure itself.

Overview of the treatment

A Keratin treatment is a cosmetic procedure used to make hair smoother, shinier and even out frizz. This treatment is typically done in a professional hair salon, with the process taking between one to three hours depending on the type of treatment or the thickness, length and condition of your hair.

During a Keratin treatment, a stylist will apply an ammonia-free solution onto your scalp and through your strands which breaks down protein bonds in the hair shaft to reduce volume and create more manageable locks. The solution may contain glycolic acid, hydrolyzed proteins and ingredients like collagen or coconut oil which will remain in your hair during the entire application process. Once those ingredients have been applied, the stylist will blowdry the solution into your hair followed by ironing it at high heat onto each strand to seal it into place.

At this stage you can decide on getting extra applications such as glosses or conditioners to help extend time in between Keratin touch-ups. Depending on how often you wash your hair – most treatments last up to four months with monthly touch-ups providing longer-term benefits – so if you are looking for long-term smoothness then a regular maintenance schedule is recommended from homecare products that prolong lasting effects of keratin treatments.

Benefits of the treatment

A Keratin Treatment is a type of hair care process that helps to restore and strengthen damaged hair. It works by coating each strand of your hair with proteins that are similar to those found in skin and nails, essentially “filling in” the gaps between the outer layer of your hair with a protective shell. This helps to seal cuticles, lock in moisture, and protect against future damage caused by heat styling and environmental factors. The benefits of a Keratin Treatment may include:

-Reduced Frizz: The proteins used in the treatment help to reduce frizziness, making it easier to achieve smooth styles with less effort.
-Added Shine: This treatment can add shine back into dull or damaged hair, making it look healthy again.
-Improved Manageability: With less frizz and more shine, combing and styling your hair is generally easier after a Keratin treatment, giving you smoother results without having to use as much product.
-Protection from Heat Styling: The added layer of protection provided by a keratin treatment helps protect your locks from heat styling tools like blow dryers or flat irons.
-Faster Drying Time: A keratin treatment also helps reduce drying time after shampooing and conditioning because the protein formula encourages water evaporation faster than untreated locks.

Can I Workout After a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments have become very popular in recent years because they can instantly transform your hair and make it look smoother and more manageable. But while these treatments may give great results, they can come with some restrictions on your lifestyle. A common question is whether or not you can workout after a keratin treatment. Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Potential risks of working out after a keratin treatment

It is important to understand the potential risks associated with working out right after a keratin treatment. Many people worry about damaging their hair if they exercise directly after the treatment, as sweat and movement may cause the treatment to not take properly. Additionally, friction from clothing on your head may cause problems as well. It is best to consult your hairstylist before engaging in physical activity and discuss any special instructions you may need to follow.

Sweating can actually reduce the effectiveness of a keratin treatment because it can break down some of the proteins that are used in treating your hair. Additionally, sweat and moisture can soften the texture of freshly-treated hair, making it more prone to damage from rubbing against clothes or even your skin when working out. When exercising after a keratin treatment, it is advised to wear an absorbent bandana or hairnet while engaging in physical activity to reduce risk of damage to your treated hair.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are chances of developing product build up on your scalp if you don’t limit exposure to sweat directly after a keratin treatment since most products are designed for single applications only. Furthermore, sweating heavily or showering immediately following a workout has been known to eliminate some of the benefits associated with this kind of procedure, so it is recommended that you allow sufficient time for an air-drying period before doing so.

Tips for working out after a keratin treatment

It is essential that proper care be taken when working out after having a keratin treatment done on your hair. After the keratin process, your hair can be extremely fragile, so taking care to maintain its health and structure is important. Below are a few tips that can help you keep your hair healthy while also avoiding any complications associated with exercising post-keratin treatment.

1. Keep your hair away from sweat: Sweat is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to working out after a keratin treatment. To help protect your hair, tie it up in a loose ponytail prior to starting your workout routine, and make sure that it gets fully dry before you allow sweat to come into contact with it.

2. Avoid heat and humidity: If possible, avoid exercising outdoors or in areas where there may be high levels of heat and humidity such as saunas or steam rooms. The temperature and moisture may cause damage to the delicate strands of hair and significantly reduce the longevity of the treatment’s effects.

3. Use protective products: If you must exercise outdoors or in high-heat environments, using products such as leave-in conditioners or aerobic protein gels can help protect against heat damage while also replacing lost moisture and strengthening the cells within each strand of hair.

4. Wait 48 hours before washing: After exercising, it’s best to wait at least two days before washing your hair in order ensure maximum protection for the keratin treatment fibers within each strand of hair; this will also ensure that all dirt is removed properly without potentially damaging or stripping away any existing treatments applied to your locks prior to exercise such as dyeing/coloring or perming solutions etc..

How to Maintain the Treatment

A Keratin treatment can help to smooth and straighten your hair, but it’s important to maintain it regularly. One of the key factors in maintaining a Keratin treatment is knowing when and how you can work out after the treatment. This article will discuss the proper care and precautions to take before, during, and after exercise when you have a Keratin treatment.

Tips for maintaining the treatment

Keratin treatments are a popular way to add shine and reduce frizz for a sleek finish. Although the treatment is designed to last for several weeks, specific maintenance steps should be taken in order to maximize the longevity of your smooth hair. Following these tips can help you keep your keratin-treated tresses looking their best:

-Avoid shampooing as often as possible. Shampooing too often can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Aim to shampoo your hair every 2 or 3 days.
-When you do shampoo, always use a sulfate-free product which is suitable for keratin treatments or color treated hair. Sulfates may strip away the keratin layer, so use a gentle cleanser instead.
-After rinsing shampoo, dry your tresses with a blow dryer on a cool setting and then finish blowing out with a round brush for maximum style control and smoothness.
-Refrain from using styling products that contain alcohol as these can dehydrate hair further and reduce the effects of your treatment.
-Use heat protection if you plan on using styling tools like flat irons; this will help protect against additional damage after the keratin treatment has been applied.
-Condition and deeply hydrate your hair weekly by applying specialized serums formulated specifically for preserving the benefits of keratin treatments like shine, volume control and lasting effects against frizz .

Products to avoid after a keratin treatment

In order to extend the longevity of your keratin treatment and maintain its effects, there are certain products to avoid after treatment. It is critical to abstain from harsh or sulfate-containing shampoos post-treatment as they can possibly undo the effects. Products like salt sprays are also advised against, as salt deposits disrupt keratin bonds in the hair. Additionally, try to steer clear of styling gels and pomades due to their high wax content, as this can also affect your locks’ overall look and feel.

When choosing styling products after a keratin treatment, always opt for one specifically branded for keratin treated hair or labelled ‘sulfate free’; such products help protect the integrity of the hair cuticles and make sure that the product is less likely to strip away any underlying treatments. If you want to go all-natural in trying out new products you could use Argan Oil or Coconut Oil — both natural treatments help protect against environmental damage and keep your hair looking soft and healthy!


After considering the effects of a Keratin treatment, as well as the best practices to follow during and after the treatment, it is safe to say that working out after a Keratin treatment is generally safe. However, it is important to note that working out too soon after the treatment could lead to negative consequences, such as frizz and hair breakage. Therefore, it is best to wait at least 48 hours before engaging in any physical activity.

Summary of the article

Keratin treatments are a great way to improve the condition of your hair. As with all beauty treatments, you’ll want to avoid doing activities that could put your hair at risk. The key points to remember are that swimming and exercise can be done after keratin treatment, however, it’s best to wait 48 hours before any heavy or intense activity. If you plan on sweating hard during workouts or going for a swim in the ocean or pool, it’s best to wait until after the Keratin has been washed out of your hair first (3-4 days). In addition, avoid using tight headbands, hats or other items that may rub against your scalp as this can cause disruption and damage on newly treated hair. Taking care of your Keratin treatment is essential if you want to maintain the results for longer periods of time.

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