Can I Use Strava and Apple Workout at the Same Time?

You can use Strava and Apple Workout at the same time! Here’s how to do it and what you need to know.


It is possible to simultaneously use Apple Workout and Strava when completing a workout. Both apps have unique benefits that many athletes find are useful in reaching their fitness goals. Before using both apps together, it is important to understand how they differ in order to maximize your potential benefit. This guide provides an overview of how to use these two applications in tandem for improved performance tracking and analysis.

Can You Use Strava and Apple Workout Simultaneously?

The ability to use two fitness tracking solutions at the same time has become increasingly popular with fitness enthusiasts. One of the most popular fitness tracking solutions is Strava, which is used by millions of people around the world. Apple’s Workout app is another popular solution for tracking fitness data for Apple users. Is it possible to use both of these solutions at the same time? Let’s take a closer look at this question.

How to Connect Strava and Apple Workout

The rise of smart watches, fitness trackers, and data-driven health apps have made tracking exercise progress easier than ever. Numerous popular apps like Strava and Apple Workout are available, but many users are unsure whether they can be used together. If you want to access the features of both programs at once, there is good news: you can connect Strava and Apple Workout to share your progress across both platforms.

To connect your accounts, open the Settings page in both apps and confirm that connections are allowed between the two applications. Once each app has granted permission, you can easily link them together by finding the “Connect with Other Apps” option on one of your programs. Choose Strava from the list of available connections, then confirm this sync in your other app when prompted. You will also need to enter a valid login for each service if you haven’t done so already; by entering this information correctly on either side, your linking process should complete quickly and easily.

Once linked successfully, Strava should automatically send updates about new workouts straight to Apple Workout when you sync it with a tracker or watch device. As long as these applications remain linked in your settings menus, any insights gained using one program’s dashboard should appear neatly organised on the other in real time. Whenever Apple Workout shares exercise data with Strava’s platform — as well as any connected devices — it will count towards overall fitness goals on both services.

Letting these applications run at the same time gives users an opportunity to store detailed workout highlight logs in one location while exploring interactive fitness dashboards designed for motivational support with another service — all without ever having to see separate login screens for each program again! Downloading original activity files into either app will still require some manual entry into their respected home pages; but now that users know how to connect Strava and Apple Workouts together they will no longer have to choose between using both services at once or having valuable workout progress duplicated across platforms unnecessarily!

Benefits of Using Both Services

Using both Strava and Apple Workout has its benefits, allowing for a dual-approach when tracking your exercise, running or biking performance. With Strava and Apple Workout, you’ll be able to take advantage of the comprehensive and detailed tracking that each app provides.

Strava is well suited for tracking long-term performance to map out distance and elevation data from your exercises. This can be useful for athletes who have specific goals they are trying to reach with their workouts. Additionally, Strava offers users a competitive edge by allowing them to compare their workout performance against others on the platform.

Meanwhile, Apple Workout is excellent at providing real-time data during an exercise. From calorie output to heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, Apple Workout can provide a comprehensive view of how your workout affects your body in the moment. Additionally, some models offer haptic feedback alerts when you reach certain goals or checkpoints during a workout which can keep you motivated even after intense sessions.

Overall, using both Strava and Apple Workout simultaneously creates an unprecedented view into training workouts as well as establishing an outdoor base for tracking athletic progress over time — something that is invaluable for serious athletes training for races or events throughout the year.

Comparing Strava and Apple Workout

Strava and Apple Workout are two of the most popular workout tracking apps out there and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Comparing them can be difficult and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we’ll compare the two apps to help you make an informed decision. We’ll take a look at the features of each, their pricing models, and more.

Features of Strava

Strava is a fitness tracking app that focuses on running and cycling as well as competing with friends and others who uses the app. It is designed for people who enjoy pushing themselves to be their best, the app caters more towards those looking for a sense of community and competition amongst their peers. It offers various tracking features including:

– A variety of ways to track activities such as Runs, Rides, Swim, Hike, Yoga or Gym workouts.
– Challenges or segments in which you can see how you rank against others on your routes and leaderboards.
– An intuitive dashboard to track gear (footwear, bikes) mileage/hours usage through its life cycle.
– Offers extensive insights into your training history such as calories burned, heart rate zones etc.
– Allows you to follow friends’ activities or join clubs memberships to kickstart motivation with positive peer pressure.
– GPS performance metrics like elevation gain/losses and distance splits that offers detailed data analysis.

Features of Apple Workout

Apple Workout is the in-built health and fitness app that is available to all iPhone and Apple Watch users. It offers a range of features tracking running, walking, swimming cycling and more throughout the day. It stores detailed workout summaries after each session like pace, laps, speed and heart rate.

The app also uses Machine Learning to identify distinct workouts when you start exercising and asks for it to be categorized into one of the built in activities like Run, Walk etc. It then creates a workout profile for each type of exercise which can be used to track your progress over time. The app also has a sharing option which allows you to share your performance with contacts via iMessage or any other compatible messaging platform available on your phone. Lastly, Apple Workout also has an integration with Apple Music where one can stream music via personal playlists when exercising.


In summary, it is possible to use both Strava and Apple Workout at the same time. Both Strava and Apple Workout offer different features and advantages that can be beneficial depending on the type of workout. It is important to note that GPS-enabled wearables such as a fitness tracker might be required to accurately track activities with either app. When using both apps together, it is important to keep track of the settings in both apps so they don’t conflict with each other, potentially resulting in erroneous data or inaccurate readings.

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